Tashan-e-ishq Love for TWINJ (episode 4)


Hello hw r u guyzzz!!! I m back with the nxt part and thnk u so much for supporting me… Akanksha may I know the name of ff u wre talking about.. And yesterday i dont think the whole epi was posted so i ll continue..

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Leela read this and was crying vigorously.. Listening to her Sarna’s came out and saw her like this.. Kunj read that letter aloud was teary eyed..


Nothing was same as before…
Twinj were now Twinkle and Kunj.. They were divorced.. their divorce procedures were completed (I dont have knowledge about law so plz bear it)
Yuvi Usha and Anita were happy that Twinkle was out of of their life..
Leela was much disturbed about the incident that changed her life.. She doesnt liked to see Kunj’s face and never talked properly after that…She used to come at S. H. very often for the sake of her second daughter Mahi..
Mahi she used to see a new face of her husband every day…
Kunj was with both mixed emotions.. He wasnt knowing that he should be happy or sad…
RT was much angry about Twinkle and her MMS and doesnt wanna see her face in his life..

T. H.

Leela was praying to God

Leela: Plzz God send my Twinkle back to me… Where is she… How is she… God plzz send her back…

RT : Leela this is of no use.. she left this house wid her own choice and watever she is going wid she deserves it…

Leela: Stop it.. it has been 10 months Twinkle is not found yet.. I dont know any thing about her amd u r saying she deserves it no… she is a good girl and cant do this typ of thing…

RT: do wat u wanna do but remember she will not come inside this house.. we have a small family.. I you Mahi and her husband Yuvraj.. Thats it.. Nd he leaves..

S. H.

All were present there Luthras and sarnas xcpt Mahi.. RT and Leela came there to talk to Mahi.. Kunj came and tried to talk to Leela but she ignored him.. By that tym Mahi came to hall… leela was going to her and suddenly they all saw a news a Breaking news…

In news

we have made impossible possible.. the girl who has made a record by winning 50 cases in 5 months.. the girl who makes judge to take decision in her favour by her wonderful skills… the llb topper of her university… she has established herself as india’ s best lawyer… we have managed to get her photo wid great difficulty.. we have her photo right now and will show after a short break..(no knowledge about this too whatever was in my mind i wrote..?)

Mahi: who is this wonderful girl who won so many cases in such a short tym… We should at least see her photo..



when everyone saw the photo they were shocked to see the girl… Yes the photo of Twinkle flashes on the screen..

Leela: Twinkle… my daughter i can see her.. i want her back..

Yuvi usha nd anita were hell shocked.. A tear dropped from Kunj’s eyes….

In news:


Leela comes to RT and says:

Leela: Bring my daughtr back.. i want her.. and cries..

RT: I dont have any relation wid that girl… my daughter is dead..

Suddenly they all hear the car’s horns and Kunj and Leela can feel Twinkle’s presence…

Leela: My Twinkle came.. yes she is in that car..

They all came out.. Yes she was Twinkle… They were shocked to see her in black jeans white top… She was carrying a black coat in her hand.. Mny of thm were happy and many of them were sad with her arrival… (u are knowing who will be happy and sad by the arrival of twinkle.)..

Twinkle came out of the car and saw them and ignored them and walked straight to some other house..

They were stunned at her attitude and wonder whose house was that… And to their shock a handsome young man got down from the same car and followed Twinkle in the house..

Leela.: I am going to call my daughter..

RT: Leela wait there is a man inside the house wait till he comes out and than u can meet her…

Leela: I dont know anything am waiting from 10 months for this day and u r asking me to wait no i m going inside and those who wants to come inside can come wid me…

All followed Leela..

Precap: Twinkle talking to that man… Kunj talking to Twinkle… AND…

Who is this man… Guyz we are very close to the shocking news… And those who wants to see twinj back.. For them i can only say that a thing cant end widout the happy ending… Now Twinkle will rule over SARNA’S LUTHRA’S and TANEJA’S… Lets wait and watch..

Credit to: Anaita

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