Tashan-e-ishq Love for TWINJ (episode 3)


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Third part

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Everyone was shocked to see the message.. Kunj was teary eyed.. Suddenly Leela drops her mobile..

Twinkle: Maa what happened.. what is in it… Kunj what is in it… Plzz someone tell me what is in it… and snatches phone from Kunj…

There was a video of her with a man.. Twinkle was drunk… and was hugging that man and getting close.. This was the same man whom she found at road and admitted to the hospital…

Twinkle: Believe me.. it is not me…

Kunj: Do u knw this man…

Twinkle: Yes…

Kunj was shocked listening that..

Twinkle: This is Karan Sharma… and narrated the whole story to the family..
She, her jagrata, the unknown man and the whole incident…

Kunj: Okk.. 1 percent i believe which was that hospital… will u plz tell me..

Twinkle: That was the desolated area so i admitted him in a local hospital..

Twinj Anand reached there and found it closed…

Kunj: was this ur hospital..

Twinkle was crying vigorously and asking them all to believe…

S. H.

Anita and Usha continues with their taunts..

Twinkle: I havnt done anything.. Kunj believe me… I cant do this.. It can be fake also…

Kunj: Okk if this is fake than why were out the whole night.. why did u lie to me about jagrata… about that man hospital… enough of u… Maa was right about u but i was so stupid that i believed u… Just go out from here and i dont want to see ur face in my lyf…

Twinkle is shocked to hear this and so is Leela..

Leela: Kunj.. Twinkle cant do this.. she is not that typ of girl…

Usha: U will always support Twinkle only.. bcz of ur love she is like this… God knows how many affairs she would be having…

Leela: Stop it… From the day one i am listening to ur taunts.. I know my daughter better than u all… and Kunj u hv misunderstood her she cant do all this…

Kunj: Ma i respect u alot but i m only telling wat i hv seen..

Twinkle once again seeks forgiveness from all but in vain… Kunj holds her hand nd thrws her out if house.. and says i dont wanna see ur face in my life

Taneja House

Leela was pacifying Twinkle… but in vain she was crying vigorously.. Few months pass… Door bell rings…

Courier boy: Mam are u Twinkle Sarna. Here z a courier for u…

Twinkle: For me..

Twinkle opens the parcel and is shocked to see divorce papers which have Kunj’s sign…

Leela: Who is it Twinkle

No reply came so she herself came down and saw Twinkle as a lifeless body.. Twinkle didnt reply so she snatches the papers and sees divorce paper nd she too is shocked…

Leela: Twinkle I think we should talk to them.. how can they do this…

Twinkle: No ma.. if Kunj wants this then i will sign this…

She signs the papers and asks Leela to give it to Kunj… Its night..

Twinkle is sitting like a lifeless body and suddenly she starts packing the bags.. She decides to leave the Taneja house and may be last tym she sees the house and leaves…

Its mrng..

T. H.

Leela goes to S. H. and gives them the divorce papers..

Leela: Kunj u wnted this na… If u r still nt satisfied.. she hasnt done this.. she has signed the divorce papers.. take it..

Kunj: We were not meant for each other… anyways leave it i ll submit these papers and it will take tym for compltng the procedure so its okk…

Leela cant believe this that was the same kunj whom she regarded as her own son..

T. S.

Leela dosnt finds Twinkle there and tries searching for her sunddenly she finds a note on the table in garden…

Note read:


Leela read this and was crying vigorously.. Listening to her Sarna’s came out and sa

Credit to: Anaita

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