Tashan-e-ishq Love for TWINJ (episode 2)


Thank u all for ur support…?? I was overwhelmed by reading ur comments… ??So here z the nxt part…

Bear with my typing errors and grammatical mistakes…


S. H.

Twinkle: Should I go to temple or not… I will go there and return in an hour… I will tell Kunj…

Its night… Twinkle goes to Kunj

Twinkle: Kunj.. I am going to temple and there is a mata ka jagrata..

Kunj: There are alot of things happening in this house and u wanna go to temple..

Twinkle: Kunj it is temple only… and because of the recent happenings I want to go to temple… Thats it.. I will come i an hour..

Kunj: Twinkle whatever you wanna do, do but remember come early..

Twinkle: ohk…

Twinkle reaches temple and sees there is no jagrata going on… Twinkle searches for priest and finally finds him…

Twinkle: Pandit ji u told me that there is a jagrata in this temple..

Priest: I was talking about other temple that is 2 km away from here.. u should go there..

Priest smirks.. Twinkle goes to that temple and finds a man who met with an accident and head was bleeding… She ran to him..

Twinkle: Who are u… r u fine.. I ll take u to hospital..

Man: My… name…. K… Karan.. Sharma..

Man smirks.. She took him to nearby local hospital and admitted him…

S. H.

Kunj: It has been 2 hours and she told me to return in 1 hour… God knows where she is.. I have to find her in that temple..

Kunj informs family members about Twinkle.. Kunj reaches temple and sees that there is no jagrata… He goes to the Priest of that temple and asks

Kunj: Pandit ji there was jagrata here in this temple.. And this girl (shows Twinkle’s photo) came to this temple.. where is she..

Pandit : Jagrata there was no jagrata.. And I have not seen this girl here..

Kunj: see it carefully… she might have come here..

Pandit: No I didnt saw her..

Kunj: Is there any jagrata going on nearby..

Pandit: As far as I know there is no jagrata in this area..

Pandit leaves. Kunj cant believe his ears and starts searching for Twinkle.. Its 4:00 AM.. His phone rings and thats of Bebbee..

Bebbee: Kunj.. Twinkle has reached.. u also come fast..

Kunj was in a angry mood.. He was just like an angry young man..

S. H.

Sarnas Luthras and Tanejas were present there..

Yuvi: I told u na Twinkle baby that I will snatch all ur happiness and see I did it.. I did it.. and smiles evilly.. now no one cn save u 3, 2, 1 BOOM!!!

Kunj enters S. H. just then.. He sees Twinkle and becomes angry..

Kunj: Twinkle.. how was the jagrata was it nice..

Twinkle: Kunj… Actually…

She was stopped by Kunj..

Kunj: Stop it… Where were u the whole night… There was no jagrata in that Temple.. right.. actually there was no jagrata in the whole area..where were u…

Twinkle was hell shocked to listen that there was no jagrata in that area

Twinkle: Kunj..

Suddenly they all receive a message..

Precap: All were shocked to see the message… Kunj says Twinkle get out of this house… I dont wanna see ur face in my life… 10 months leap.. Twinkle establishes herself… AND….


In comparison to the previous epi I think this is longer… If u want more than plz tell..
So is there any suggestion..

Credit to: Anaita

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  1. Meenat Abubakar

    poor twinkle, hp d fight will not last long

    1. meenat this fight is gonna chng the lives of every1.. dont wrry every shw is incmplt widout happy ending…

  2. Muskan{News reporter}

    Good one.

    1. Tysm… keep reading

    1. Tysm.. keep reading

  3. Nice n I think it willl be a video or image

    1. Lets see… Tysm.. keep reading

  4. Ya I too think it’ll be an MMS or image of Twinkle

    1. Tysm.. keep reading

  5. Good1
    I think it’s a video made by Yuvi
    showing twinkle being physical wid sm1

    1. Tysm.. keep reading

  6. Anaita thanks for the longer episode …..loved it….amazing….???????
    Next episode will be really good …..make it as long as u can…..post asap….

    1. Tysm.. keep reading

  7. Sad ep

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