Tashan-e-ishq Love For TWINJ (episode 11)


Hello!! According to ur comments new entry will be Karan wahi… Salma a nyc suggestion of Ankit Gera but u know he is serious type of actor.. I want a cool dude type of actor… so dont mind… by d way its an ff u all can consider any actor…

Bear with my typing errors and grammatical mistakes…

S. H.

Leela stops Twinkle from going out..

Leela: Puttar i know u r vry angry wid all of us…

Twinkle: No maa.. I m not angry wid u… infact i am happy dt u r nt angry wid me… u have trusted me believed me in my hard tyms… i am not angry wid u…

Leela: Than do one thing come wid us… come to Taneja House (T. H.). Plzz for my sake plzz come..

Twinkle nods..

T. H.

Its night

Leela: Puttar go and sleep its already night suddenly they hear a knock at the door…

Leela opens the door and finds mahi and RT

Twinkle goes towards her room.. suddenly Mahi calls her..

Mahi: I know di u r vry upset wid me.. i was compltly blnd in love.. i never trusted u… Plz forgive me..

Twinkle comes towards her and says: I am not angry wid u… i knw its not ur fault… After all i was new to u and uv met u frst so u would have trust him… Leave it.. now we are sis cum best buddies…

They both hug each other happily.. Twinkle forgives every1 except Kunj… (Friends.. i knw its vry boaring… thats why i have decided to run the ff in fast forward mode)…

Few days passes..

Twinkle gets a call of Chinki… She receives the call..

Twinkle: Hello… Chinki how r u… calling after a long time…

Chinki: Hmmm… I m f9… hey i listened about ur and Kunj divorce… Yaar plz give him another chance… U have forgiven evry1 why nt him…

Twinkle: U know what Chinki in my life i only used to trust maa and Kunj but wat Kunj did is not forgiven… If maa can trust me than why cnt he…

Chinki: He may be pressurised by his family… u know his mom…

Twinkle: U have called me to tell about Kunj thn i m not at all intrstd…

Chinki: Wait… i forgot to tell… hmm its my marriage after 2 weeks.. u all are invited… its a destination wedding in Goa… u have to come.. No ifs and buts.. i want my best frnd to be their…

Twinkle: Ohk.. i ll try my best to come their.. and she cuts the phone..

She lays on the bed..

Twinkle’s pov:
I think i should go there.. At least i will be away from Kunj for some days… I will meet some old friends also… Mahi will also get a new environment… I ll inform evry1 that we have to go to Goa..

In Leela’s room.. Leela dials a no.

Leela: Hello Kunj puttar..

Kunj: Ji maa.. how is Twinkle…

Leela: she z okk… and puttar dont worry evrythng will be fine… i ll always support u to make u and Twinkle one… keep trying..

Kunj: Yes maa… I m glad that u r on my side… now i ll surely impress Twinkle…

Leela: can i ask something…

Kunj: Yes maa.. ask me watevr u want..

Leela: I wanna ask do u love Twinkle??

Precap: Wedding rituals in Goa… A new entry… romantic moments btwn TWINJ..

Guyzz i know i promised u for nok jhok btwn them but i didnt got any idea regarding it… so in nxt epi i ll try to show…

Credit to: Anaita

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  3. itna chota epi…. yeh epi tu suru hone se phele hi katam ho gya…… sry dear if i hurted u …….. nd dear take ur time n think then update….write long one….. nd plz write abt twinj cute fight

    1. I ll try uploading a big one… i am not at all hurt.. as i said initially that both positive and negative views r welcomed.. we learn from our mistakes… I ll upload a big one.. thanks for reading

  4. nyc episode….

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  6. It’s ok idint feel bad coz Karan is also my fav so it’s fine and yes nice episode keep it up

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  7. Eagerly waiting for the next episode loved it

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  8. Its awesome ♥ ♥. plz make kunj jealous. .let the new entry be twinkles bestfrnd nd they would be very close to each other nd sarnas nd taneja should also be present over der

    1. thank u??? well well well… this will be known in the upcoming epi whether new entrant will be Twinkle’s Best friend or he will make troubles btwn TWINJ…

  9. nice episode……..loved it soo much♥♥♥

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