Tashan-e-ishq Love For TWINJ (episode 10)


Thank u for your comments and suggestions as well… here is the nxt part.. plz comment as they encourage me.. I have decided to make Kunj realisw his mistake.. i ll unite them after some episodes..

Bear with my typing errors and grammatical mistakes…


Twinkle was laughing…

Twinkle: (in a laughing tone) Do I look like a mad to u….. You think I will marry u after knowing ur truth.. The truth is that We were never married..

All were shocked..

Yuvi: If u r not married to me than wat was that which we did in registrar office… Our marriage certificate..

Twinkle: Evrythng was fake… Afterall there should be some advantage of being India’s best lawyer… You know when we have money power evrythng is possible… u might be knowing it bttr than me… I made Registrar on my side… So In these months we were not husband and wife yet we were husband and wife… So any other query.. Take ur tym… If its over than there is the exit…

Yuvi: (in an aggresive tone) I wont leave u… U dont know whom u have messed with.. I am Yuvraj Luthra.. I promise i ll destroy you..

Twinkle: I know u r Yuvraj Luthra who is now a poor fellow.. no money no power.. u have nothing wid u.. No property everythng z now on my name..

Yuvi turns to leave suddenly Twinkle shouts..

Twinkle: Yuvi… where are u going… u hve done so many sins… atleast now do some good work do some charity… Take ur mother wid u… we dont need her anymore…

Anita stands their still… Twinkle comes to her and drags her and throws her out of the house…

Inside the house… everyone is seeing her teary eyed… Twinkle goes to her room and comes bck to the hall with a bag.. evryone is tensed..

Twinkle starts going towards her house.. suddenly Kunj stops her holding her hand.. Twinkle turns back and tries to free her hand but in vain…

Kunj: I know Twinkle u r hurt… I am sorry i know i dont deserve ur forgiveness but plzz Twinkle plz forgive me plz forgive ur husband…

Twinkle: Hurt… Kunj am very hurt… I thought that u will support me trust me but wat u did.. u thrw me out of this house… U call urself my husband but look at urslf ask urslf that aftr all this drama u r worthy of being called my husband.. No Kunj Sarna no.. Infact now we are divorced… Forgot.. those papers that were send by you… You know what Kunj… their is a limit of evrythng.. I care fr my dignity my self respct than any relationship.. Our marriage was just a compromise… U and me r over…

Kunj gets teary eyed…

Precap: Wedding… Twinkle still angry with Kunj… Nok jhok btwn Twinj..

I am gonna introduce a new character… Plz vote for one:
1. Karan Wahi
2. Pearl V Puri
3. Shaheer Shaikh

And suggest me some more actors and i will add them in my ff after 1 epi… keep commenting…

Credit to: Anaita

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  3. Pls introduce karan wahi…..and whose wedding…..make ur episode longer pls pls…..really nice episode …..yuvraj truth out….

    1. U ll get to know it… i ll try my best to make it long.. thnx.. yeah

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  4. Gud twinkel should be angry from kunj..i loved twinkel dialogue nd waiting 4 d nxt epi try to update soon

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    Just nailed it always plzz upload d next epi soon and plzz introduce karan wahi

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  7. Is there any other options for the next hero other ways it was awesome episode

  8. If there is please make ankit Gera the new character

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    i love them both introduce any

  10. Its awesome ♥ ♥ introduce karan wahi nd plz make ur episode longer

  11. awesome epi ….. pls update d nxt one soon….

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