Tashan-e-ishq Love for TWINJ (episode 1)


Hello guyzzz!!! Thankz for ur support… There is gonna be a change in my ff i.e. I have decided to firstly expose Yuvi than show a seperation track as i got some new ideas… And for the love – hatred saga u have to wait for some time…. So sorry to hurt you… My ff will start when Twinkle re-enters in Sarna’s house for business.. and this epi is gonna be a saas bahu typ only as a starting for my ff…

Bear with my typing errors and grammatical mistakes…The first episode is here…


Sarna’s house: (S.H.)
Twinkle enters Sarna’s house. Everyone is shocked to see her especially Yuvi and Anita. Bebbee and Anand are happy.

Usa: Why the hell are u here.. Go from here I dont want to see your face.

Twinkle: Papa ji wanted me to handle this business.. so i have decided to handle this business.

Bebbee: She is right. Usha wont u welcm my bahu.

Twinkle sees Yuvi and thinks that I will expose u and this is the promise of Twinkle Sarna.

Some days passes and there are many misunderstanding growing between Twinj.. Kunj is more angry on Twinkle and Twinkle is more upset.. Yuvi sees this and celebrates…

Yuvi: Kudos Yuvraj Luthra… I was knowing that u wont fail.. See Twinkle in these days u were able to be a part of this house but not of Kunj’s heart..I promise you that u will get the biggest surprise of ur life tmrw… And Kunj himself will throw u out of this house..

Twinkle goes to temple.

Twinkle: sorry bhagwan ji i havnt done anything deliberately.. I just wanted to make evrythng fine between papa ji and kunj..

Suddenly a priest comes and keeps his hand Twinkle’ s head and says

Priest: Beti.. I know u r in a big problem.. only one can help u that is GOD… keep calm and pray for urslf.. and yes today at night there is mata ka jagrata in temple so plz come and take her blessings.. ur problms will be fine..

Twinkle: Yes pandit ji I will surely come at night .

Twinkle goes. Priest smirks and calls someone..

Priest: Hello!! Yes sir.. that madam has agreed to come at night.. Your work will be done..

Precap – Yuvi executes his plan.. 10 months leap.. Twinkle establishes herself…. AND….


Sorry guyzz for hurting u and that also for a short update.. ?? I know this epi was full on boaring and also a typical saas bahu typ so plzz wait for smtym u ll get it… Guyzz keep supporting me and suggestions are needed…??

Credit to: Anaita

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  1. Wow….loved ur ff…pls update fast cant wait for the suspense

  2. Nice..continue it

  3. Loved ur ff very much & thiz epi was also awesome like ur other episodes

  4. Anaita nice idea of changing the story line….keep writing…..next episode should be longer…. Pls post next part asap….

    1. Thank u!!! keep reading… I will update as soon as possible..

  5. Muskan{News report er

    Liked ur idea of changing storyline anyways episode was nice

    1. Muskan{News reportrr

      Sorry its muskan{news repoter} i dont understand y this text dont come properly.

  6. Its awesome ….plz update the next part today only plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. supperb continue it dear , waiting for next episodes…..

    1. Thank u!!! I will update as soon as possible… keep reading

  8. nice epi and waiting for next part

  9. Meenat Abubakar

    nice storyline keep it up

    1. Thank u!! keep reading

  10. woow nice idea….plzz post longer ones its a req..plzzz

    1. Thank you!!! I will post a long epi…

  11. Guyzz I have replied to everyone’s comment.. I think it didnt got posted…

  12. Nice start dear

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