Tashan E Ishq: LOVE STORY…Episode 1


Hii I am here with the first episode . I started with an intro so here is the link if anyone missed

A girl is shown sleeping and the girl is revealed as twinkle.There leela comes and says twinkle puttar uth jaa [wake up] its 9:00am and ur college. Twinkle hurries. On the other side a boy is shown sitting in the car with his sister Aliya and the boy is revealed as Kunj . Sid [brother of twinki] has already gone to college . twinkle says to her mother how I will go ma vo sid tu chala gaya [ sid has already gone] Leela says to twinkle go by rickshaw twinkle .
Twinkle is waiting for auto. There a car comes and the car is of kunj. Aliya says to kunj Stop the car bhai. Kunj says why aliya she says she is my friend [twinkle] so we will drop her to the college any problem bhai . kunj says no. aliya says to twinkle come in our car we will drop u. Twinkle says who r u?? She says I m the friend of Sid . twinkle says ok and thanxx for the lift.. Kunj says HI to twinkle … twinkle says hi
Kunj: what do u study??
Twinkle: I m a business student…..

Kunj: ok
Kunj [ messages his friend ] who is twinkle I want all her info
They reached the college… Sid comes there and says twinkle di in which car have u come
Twinkle: in ur girl friend’s car
Sid: I have a gf I was not knowing
Twinkle : don’t tell lie
Sid : yeah dii u r rgt aliya is my gf but plz don’t tell to maa
Twinkle : k but I want to meet her
Sid : k
Sid comes to aliya and says my dii wants to meet u …..
Twinkle meets aliya …Kunj says to aliya she is not in ur batch how is she ur friend…..kunj’s friend told him everything of twinkle
Aliya to kunj: Bhai vo I have a bf
Kunj:oh I want to meet him and twinki is sister of ur bf
Twinkle hers this and says : how did u call me twinki
Kunj: I m talking with my sister twinkle taneja
Twinkle: How do u know my full name…

Kunj: vo……………
Twinkle : what?
Aliya : why r u fighting like bf and gf
Twinkle and Kunj[ both]: we bf and gf no……………..
Sid: I know nowu have also a bf ……….after saying this he goes with aliya
Twinkle {THINKING} : yei khadoose mera friend
UV comes there and see twinkle with kunj
UV: who is this twinkle
Twinkle : he is my best friend………
UV and Kunj shocked
Twinkle doesn’t like uv so she told this……………UV goes in anger
KUnj: u r not my friend we have met recently
Twinkle : I don’t like uv so I told this to him and don’t think we will be friends…….
Twinkle goes from there……….Kunj thinking but I like u and we will become best friends soon ………………………..

Precap : twinkle and kunj sees that they r partners in some project work…………


Credit to: Zaky

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  1. Superb start zaky….keep going dear….post the next 1 asap

  2. Awesome episode loved it

  3. Hey Zaky… Awsum start dear…:)

  4. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice episode yaar. Update soon.

  5. hey zaky…. amazing strt …. post d nxt part soon…

  6. Amazing epi dear loved it……

  7. Good start zaky keep it up

  8. Thannxxx for the comments but sorry to say I m quitting as I have to study If anyone wants to take my ff he she can take bYe

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