tashan e ishq (love forever) epi 9


Recap: twinkle feeds kunj food.kunj allows chinki to call him bhai


Kunn is discharged.yuvj takes him home
Yuvi:its ok dude….twinki will come to take care of u
Kunj:what?? Why??
Yuvi:as if u dnt know??
Yuvi:cant u seriously see the love between u amd twinki??
Kunj:its nothing like that
Yuvi:kunj.u better be joking
K:no i m not
Y:liar…may be u dont know urself but i amd chjnki have seen it
Y:what happened??
K:nothing…ok i wil think about it
Y: u r stupid
K:u too.now go.ur mom must be waiting.
Y:yeah ok

Yuvi leaves

Twinkle goes home.his father who had come back from a business four hugs her
Father:u ok??
T:yes papa.i m ok.
Father:nd wt about that guy?
T:kjnj??je is better.in fact k was hpjust gonna gk to him
Fatherlet me come too
Twinkle smiles

They reach kunj place
Kunj greets them.twinkle’s father apologiczes him for the mishap but kunj asks him jot ot.kunj thinks about yuvi’s words and looks at twinkle who is thinking about chinki’s words.

Kunj and twinkle father have a chat and he ginds kunj amd extremely nice guy
Kunj:uncle is there any enemy of twinkle??why would smbody kill her??
Father:i know who did this…but dnt wry i will handle as he tried to weaken me badly by targetting my daughter,

Twinkle smiles.

Twinkle now takes a regular visit at kunj house to give him medicines and take care of him both are coming close fo each other unknowingly.

One day twinkle goes to meet kunj.kunj js sleeping.twinkle smiles and caresses his hair.kunj makes movement and ulls twinkle towards him who falls on him..kunj wakes up nd gets stunned.

Both have an eyelock….

SAAJNA VE plays….

Next epi : Kunj and Twinkle KISSI….??

Credit to: Angel

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