tashan e ishq (love forever) epi 8

Recap:yuvi helps kunj to hospital.they befriend.twinkle unknown kove power wakes him up.the person who wanted to kill twinkle is yuvi dad

Twinkle:maa i m going to hospital
Leela:why so much concern for him?
Twinkle:he is my friend
Twinkle:dnt give me that look ma.i have to go
Twinkle leaves

Twinkle passes by a flower shop
Twinkle:should i take it for him??no what will he think about me?but he is ill….its just a get well soon formality…yeah i should
She buys roses and gies to hospital
She sees him asleep and sets flowers in vase.she caresses his hair and thinks what m i doing??
She sits at sofa and falls asleep
Kunj wakes up after sometimes and sees her.he smiles
He SNEEZES and twinkle wakes up.he is sneezing continuously
Twinkle:what happened??

Kunj:who placed these flowers??
Kunj:i am allergic to them
Kunj:yeah….did u??
Twinkle stumbles:no not me…chinki….she must have….

Just then chinki enters
Chinki:hi how r u kunj??
Kunj:hi chinki
Chinki:why r u sneezing??
Kunj:ur flowers…
Chinki:which flowers??
Kunj:these one…u brought…
Chinki:r u crazy??i have hust come now….how could i bring??twinkle??
Twinkle hits her head and excuses herself as her lie is caught…

As she leaves kunj bursts out laughing
Chinki:what happened and how did u stop sneezing??
Kunj:i lied.i m not allergic
Chinki:what??then why did u irritate her??
Kunj:i love to see her like this.sje was so nervous.she looks even more beautiful like this
Chinki:hmm….u feel sth for her??
Kunj:what do u mean??
Chinki:live or sth??

Kunj:what love??no not at all
Chinki:r u sure??
Kunj is silent
Chinki laughs:think aboug it bhaiy..
She stops suddenly

Kunj:what happened??
Chinki:can i call u bhai??
Kunj:u ok??
Chinki:i had a bro wom i lost long ago…i feel a bro attachment with u…so…
Kunj smiles:now i m ur bro…
Chinki smiles and they hug…

Twinkle brings soup
Twinkle:drink this u will be fine
Chinki:i should leave u alone…by
Twinkle sits by kunj
Kunj:why r u caring so much
Twinkle:i m in guilt as this accident happened bcz of me…drink it
Kunj tries to drink but can not
Twinkle:let me…

She feeds him with her own hands


Both have an eyelock

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