tashan e ishq (love forever) epi 6



recap:chinki’s entry and yuvi is mesmerized.kunj saves twinkle from cupboard falling and both have a romantic moment.

Today’s epi:
Kunj picks twinkle in his arms and takes her to college medical room.he places her on bed and caresses her feet.she looks lovingly at him.
The girl examines her foot and gives her a tube to massage her foot.kinj takes it and massages her foot while twinkle is lost in her.


kunj finishes massaging and alerts twinkle.twinkle thanks him.
Kunj:its ok.but u r so stupid wt if I had not come in time??
Twinkle:then the cupboard would have fallen on me simple…
Kunj:u r crazy
Twinkle:why r u so over reacting??why r u so concerned??

Kunj:bcz I l….
Kunj:I,mean bcz I m,ur friend.amd I care for u
Twinkle:ok,then caring frnd drop,me home as I can’t drive
Chinki enters:twinkle…
Twinkle:chinki come.meet him.he is kunj

Twinkle:chinki wt r u doing here??
Chinki:I m here to dance.stupid obviously I m here to ask abt u.wt happened.
Twinkle narrates everything
Yuvi enters:r u ok??
Yuvi:it must have happened bcz of this kunj
Kunj:why r u after me??

Yuvi:u r a problem
Twinkle:stop it yuvi.u should thank him I he had not come in time then I would have gone today
Kunj:no twinkle.i won’t let anything happen to u
Twinkle looks at him surprisingly


Chinki smiles while yuvi is not bothered.
Chinki:I will inform maa.
Twinkle:I wanna go home
Chinki:not now…
Kunj:its ok Chinki.u attend classes I will be free after this class.i will drop her home
Chinki:so sweet thnk u.

Kunj leaves.
Chinki:u go too
Yuvi:dnt u like my company
Yuvi is stunned
Yuvi:u dnt like yuvraj luthra??
Chinki:excuse me??
Yuvi:i mean my company…
Chinki:it’s been a year and before that u only teased me and made fun of me.so….conclude uraelf whether ur company is likeable or not???
Yuvj is speechless
Yuvi:i have a class

After he leaves twinkle and Chinki burst out laughing.
Twinkle:why r u being rude to him??
Chinki:i wanna change him.he is just the same.arrogant egoistic guy.he gives no importance to anybody
Twinkle:yeah…did u see the way he talked to kunj??
Chinki:yeah i saw it and also Saw ur chemistry with him
Twinkle:what do u mean??
Chinki:i won’t let anything happen to u…kunj said it…why??

Twinkle:he is my frnd
Chinki:oh hello.if he is just a frnd why does he cafe so much??yuvi is also ur frnd.u have many other frnds bit kunj is ur special frnd.
Twinkle is set to thinking
Chinki pats her fa e and takes a leave.

Kunj comes after his class and lifts twinkle and places her in her car.
They reach home.kunj enters holding twinkle in his arms
Leela:twinkle.wt happened
Pinni:oh my God Ki kasam.twinkle in arms??
Raman:stop it.cant u see she is hurt.

Kunj places twinkle on sofa.twinkle narrates everything and introduces kunj.kunj touches leela’s feet and takes Raman and pinni’s blessings too.they thank him.he asks twinkle to take care.

Twinkle:but how will u go??
Kunj:by foot
Twinkle:no u go by car.
Kunj:no twinkle its ok.i m used to it.i will go
Leela:its ok beta.u take her car and park in college.chinki will come back in it.
Twinkle:wow my intelligent mom.ok,kunj??

Kunj greets them and leaves.
Leela:he is so nice.
Bubbly:and handsome too
Twinkle:i know.he is worth it,
She has a broad smile on her face.

A man talks on phone
Man:twinkle’s car is coming.hit it.
kunj is driving car when he sees a truck coming with full speed.he tries to make a way but the truck hits him hard and speeds off.kunj is met with a severe accident…..he crawls out of car and is totally blooded.he faints…..

Next epi:twinkle cries and asks kunj to wake up.twinkle’s unknown love power gets kunj to senses and she hugs him tight.

Credit to: angel

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