tashan e ishq (love forever) epi 5

RECAP:chinki at saran house.twinj hamdard and tu hai k nahin moment.twinkle too comes to saran house and talks about kunj.


usha is stunned to hear kunj’s name.
usha:kunj??who is he??
twinkle:aunti relax plz.he is not our kunj.he has an aunt who lives in Mumbai.
usha:when will I fin my lost son??
manohar:very soon
chinki and twinkle go to room
twinkle:u remember na u have to go omrow to college
chinki:yeah yeah I know
twinkle:chinki u know I missed u so much
chinki:thats why I ve come back….now we r gonna rck but 1st tell me about kunj
twinkle:kunj???oh je is very sweet and handsome.he is middle calss but his personality is awesome.he talks politely to everyone and is kd hearted.he loves to help others.tuvi insulted him but he didn’t show anger.if it were yivu then he would have beat the other man badly but kunj is so calm and he saved my life today.he cared for me and…..

twinkle sees chinki staring at her
twinkle:what happened
chinki:i dnt believe it.u were not stopping ur tongue train at the name of kunj.something fishy
twinkle:nothing fishy
chinki:u like him
twinkle:i dnt know him that much.its just been 2 days.
chinki:i have to meet the guy who has stolen my sister’s heart
twinkle:shut up.ok I m very sleepy and I m gonna stay here today
chinki:i will tell maa.

both sleep and twinkle thinks about kunj.
next day twinkle and chinki neter college.twinkle is wering white and maroon coloured sleeveless dress with maroon tight trouser and has thrown her lose ponytail at front.the dress of twinkle makes a cross at her neck and extends down till her waist.she is wearing heeled shoes of white colour(looking hot)
chinki is wearing black shirt with jeaned cloth mini skirt and lond black boots.her hair are open.

yuvi sees chinki and is mesmerized.
air starts blowing and yuvi cant take his eyes from her.kunj is stunned to see twinkle.

yuvi sings for chinki


he finshes song and gets on his kness
yuvi:can I know the name of this beautiful girl??
chinki:sure yuvi
yuvi:u know me
chinki:yes how can I forget the angry flirt friend of mine??
yuvi:r we already friends??
chinki:why??aren’t we??and I wonder if u forgot ur spectacled oily haired braced friend chinki

yuvi stands in shock:u r chinki??
chinki:yeah now excuse me….
she leaves and yuvi stands with his mouth open in shock
twinkle comes
twinkle:shut ur mouth yuvi.i knew that this is gonna be ur reaction after seeing the new chinki
yuvi:dude she is totally changed
twinkle:changed from outside but from inside she is the same old inncocent chinki of mine.

twinkle pats his face :all the best .bye bye

twinkle goes to her locker.she opens it and sees a file missing
she asks the care taker and he says that he has thrown it in college’s store room as it was lying on floor.twinkle rushes to the room.guard asks her to be careful.room is very old.twinkle goes to search for her project file
twinkle:i dnt believe it.i made it with so much difficulty and they have thrown it.
she searches for the file near an old cupboard and finally finds it.she sighs and is about to leave when she hears a sound.she turns around and sees that the cupboard is about to fall.she steps back in shock but her foot slips and falls.the cupboard is about to fall on her and she screams but kunj comes in between and holds the cupboard.he applies a lot of force.twinkle cries.kunj gets a little hurt.he asks twinkle to move away but she cant due to sprain in her foot.kunj finally succeeds and pushes cupboard back.he looks at twinkle who is scared and crying

he comes to twinkle to pick her.she hugs him.

SAAJNA VE plays…

he wipes her tears and kisses her forehead.twinkle shuts her eyes
kunj:i m with you twinkle
twinkle smiles.
he picks her in his arms and both have an eyelock……..

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