tashan e ishq (love forever) epi 4


RECAP: twinkle apologizes to kunj and tey become friends.yuvi fumes at twinkle ignoring him for kunj.chinki’s entry.leela’s love for her and chini is CHINKI SARNA.


chinki and leela have a cute time
chinki:i must go right now to mom and dad.
leela:ok take care and dnt forget to take admission
chinki:ok maa….bye

manohar:chinki saud she is coming today but she hasn’t srrived yet
usha:she must have gone to leela.u know she loves her a lot
manohar:oh yes
nikkie:but when will she come?
chinki:i have come
all are happy to see her.
she takes her parent’s blessings and hugs them.
anand hugs her.nikkie poses that she had worked a lot for her arrivel.she has prepared very delicious food.srevant comes and says is there anything else to be made
all laugh.nikkie is embarrassed
chinki:bhabi I know u dnt know how to make food
she hugs her

chinki goes to her room and calls twinkle
twinkle:hey wts up
chinki:dumbo where r u?
twinkle:in college and u?
tinkle:wt do u mean
chinki:i m back madam
she jumps and hugs kunj:yes chinki is back


she looks at him and they share an eyelock

yuvi sees this:oh new lovestory….
he makes faces and leaves.teinklw tells chinki that she will come by evening
she cuts call
twinkle:sorry I couldn’t control my excitement.chinki is back
kunj:want to meet her??
kunj:but first attend the classes.
twinkle makes apouty face and both laugh.

its home time.yuvi leave safter meeting twinkle.twinkle goes to her car and sees the tyre punctured.she gets frustrated and kicks her car and feels pain in her foot
kunj comes there:any problem
twinkle:no…who said it?
kunj:why r u holding ur foot??
twinkle:its a new dance step
kunj:oh…ok bye
twinkle:idiot I m hurt
kunj:then why didn’t u tell before stupid.
he holds her foot and massages it.she looks at him lovingly

HUMDARD plays….

kunj:u ok
kunj:wt happened?
twinkle:tyre is puvtured and I ve to go to meet chinki
kunj:i can drop u if u want but on bike as I dnt have a car
twinkle:i ve no problem
twinkle:yeah…I m not yuvi
kunj smiles.
twinkle sits on bike

kunj:hold tight else u will fall.
twinkle holds his shoulders stealthily and he turns and both have an eyelock.he drives.
on the way twinkle and kunj are continuously talking
twinkle:concentrate on road else I will fall
kunj:ok sorry queen
twinkle pinches him and he screams
kunj:r u mad

bike disbalances and they are about to fall but kunj saves them.twinkle gets scared
kunj:u ok?
twinkle nods
kunj:sorry.sit and hold tight
twinkle sits and this time twinkle holds kunj’s waist and puts her head on his shoulder

SAAJNA VE plays…..

kunj drives agin after a while and they reach saran house.kunj feels strange and says guess I ve seen this place before
twinkle:thnk u.come in
kunj:no u go and take care.
twinkle continuously look at him and he too does same

TU HAI K NAHIN plays…….

kunj leaves and she goes in.ywinkle goes and hugs usha
usha:oh my daughter came after so long
twinkle:so sorry
manohar:thank God u came.i was missing u
chinki comes down.
twinkle gets stunned
twinkle:wow chinki.u look awesome.yuvi will be shocked
chinki:yuvi!!u told him?
twinkle:yeah and he was making fun that u will be the same oily geek bu t look at u
chinki:thnk u thnk u….I will see him tomorrow

they have a tight hug
twinkle:i missed u soooo much
chinki:me 2….why u came late
twinkle:car’s tyre got punctured.thank God kunj was there.he dropped me.


next epi:yuvi gets mesmerized seeing chinki but she doesn’t pay heed.kunj saves twinkle…..

Credit to: Angel

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