tashan e ishq (love forever) epi 3


recap:twnkle and kunj’s nok jhok.yuvi insults kunj and twinkle feels bad


twinkle is running behind kunj.twinkle put a hand on his shoulder.he turns around.
twinkle:listen… I know yuvi has mistreated u.i m sorry for that.it was both of us mistakes.he is like that.he can go to any extent for his friends.he has no control on anger.plz forgive him and me too.plz
kunj keeps looking at her innocent face and smies
kunj:its my name.kunj.its ok…
twinkle:lets be friends then…
she extends her hands and they shake.

air blows.both have strange feeling

SAAJNA VE plays in bg……….

twinkle excuses herself and leves and kunj looks at his hand and smiles.

all enter class.kunj twinkle and yuvi share the same class.kunj is about to sit at a place when yuvi comes and stops him.
yuvi:its a plzce for stars not losers so get off
kunj:is your name written on it??
yuvi:dnt try to be oversmart and get off.i m yuvraj.yuvraj luthra.got it??and I can do anything.

yuvi pushes him but twinkle comes and stops him.
twinkle:yuvi r u out of ur mind??is this the way to talk to anybody??
yuvi:u r fighting with me bcz of this new comer
twinkle:no yuvi.i m not fighting but I m asking u to behae only
she requests kunj to sit at another bench.
kunj goes and sits and holds his eyes after shutting them.twinkle senses his depression.she instead of sitting with yuvi goes to kunj.yuvi is shocked.

twinkle:may I sit here??
kunj:wt r u doing??
kunj:u did friendship with me,u fought with ur friend for me now u r sitting with me leaving ur friend in anger
twinkle:dnt think sth else.i am just repenting for yuvi’s mistake.i know ur self respect got hurt when yuvi threw money on ur face and now again he insulted you.he always does stupid things.
kunj:is he ur best friend??
twinkle:yeah he and chinki.actually chinki is like my sister.she is just the best.she had been living in new York since a year for her study but she will be abck within sometime
kunj:u talk too much

both laugh.

a car stops in front of leela’s house.a girl steps out of car wearing pink coloured sleeveless dress upto her knee.she removes her glasses and shows her beautiful eyes.she goes inside and calls leela.she is CHINKI.
leela turns around and is happy.she instantly goes and hugs her.both share a cute time.

twinkle keeps on telling kunj about chinki.
twinkle:actually chini’s mom and my mom are best childhood friends.when chinki was born hr mother got ill.so my mom took care of her.my mom fed her.my mom is chinki’s foster mother.so chinki calls her maa.
kunj:who are chinnki’s real parents???
twinkle:its the SARNA family.
kunj:saran family??
twinkle:yeah chinki’s full name is CHINKI SARNA.she is the daughter of manohar saran and usha sarna…..

Credit to: Angel

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