Tashan-e-ishq Is losing its charm


Hii dear tei fans
remember me?? Rushi author of ff Milan do diloka n also two one shots
I just wanted to share my opinion n also know ur views on same
I dnt intend to offend or criticize anybody
if any part of this article hurts anybody in any way I apologize in advance

Tei was my most favorite show
According to me concept was new
chemistry n spark between twinj was awesome
I used to never miss a single epi
but now this show has lost its charm
I hardly watch it

This show depicted beauty of love kunj loved twinkle he used to understand her
their love could survive all odds
Kunj had blind faith on twinkle
whatever yuvraj did he miserably failed to separate them
twinkle too loved Kunj right?

I was ready to accept naman as new kunj too but plot
am just not able to take current plot of tei

If twinkle feels rockey could be Kunj the way she said that felt she never had any feelings for him
whatever rockey may have done to her but if she Truely loved kunj her first reaction should be happiness on seeing Kunj alive

The way twinkle had reacted after Kunj’s death was not good she was still her jolly self infact the way family took it was also a bit weired they engrossed themselves in wedding planning
there should have been more mourning

n twinj’s baby
they should have shown their child

twinkle could not sense Kunj’s presence by herself when rockey was around how is this possible if she Truely loved him she should have felt it right?

even Kunj has turn so negative his love for twinkle has completely been destroyed
he used to be so sweet, patient n calm person

Yuvi has changed family trusts him they have given him Kunj’s place then one incident n they lost all their faith

seeing current track I feel twinj will never unite

friends let me know do u all like the current track? what changes would u like to see?

am again sorry if I have hurt
any tei fan

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. Baby

    hey rushi of course i remeber u n totally agree wid u yr yah tei hv lost its charm actually if i say den its charm ws sidmin n now toh u noh its really ugghhhh uvraj ws marid 2 twinkle bcz of d baby n if she didnt hd a baby den dey shuld hv shown twinkle n uvraj on different ways it ws a true love it ws said dt its a luv stry made by god dey bth r made fr eo rite sooooooo y hnnn yyyyyyy it is really stupid i hv also stpd watching it aftr sidmin r nt dere basically aftr sidhant is nt dere smtimes i watch it bcz of jasmin bt feel betrayed aftr seeing uvraj n twinkle 2gtr smtimes i jst hate it how cn dey n i agree wid u fr dis also if it ws true luv den y did twinkle didnt fll d presence of kunj y dey show dt firstly i m a big die heart fan of sidmin i ws in luv wid dere luv stry u no abhi bhi wenevr i u no rmembr dem sdimin i jst cry i listen 2 sngs n jst shed my tears fr dem dont no y bt dey made a precious place in hrts of dere fans n if nt also dey made a place in my heart i jst miss him bt yah i say dey shuld hv shown it now uvraj chngd d thnking as well i agree 2 dt also bt now dey r showing smthing lyk srnas r nt wid uvraj dey lost d trust frm him n wt nt n den how cn dis silly twinkle jst lyk dt lie 2 her in laws fr uvraj it jst seems 2 b sooooooooooooooo stpid n else i dont no srsly wt 2 say i feel lk still dt sidmin r made fr eo yr pta nhi i tld u naa dey stole thousands n dont no how many beats of my heart dey r jst on bcz of d ffs n os d luvly 1ns which we u ppl post luv dem yr n agreed wt all u said rushi n yah misd u a lot haapy 2 c u bck

  2. Jisha

    True yaar..
    1) Kunj, the person who has seen his wife slept with Yuvi (although it was framed one), stood against everyone and trusted his wife. He suddenly turns out to be so negative just by hearing that doctor’s POv about Yuvi and Twinkle. He believes twinkle cheated him.. Wow Kunj, the ultimate husband, best son turns out so negative that he doesn’t feel while hurting his relatives.Tei destroyed Kunj’s character.
    2) Twinkle who was deeply in love with Kunj, is now so called happily married. If she loves him that much she would be happy that Kunj is alive. Her expressions are something else only.
    3) It was said that marriage is only to give a father’s love to Kunj’s kid. So when the kid is not alive, for whom they are faking?
    4) They could forgive all the bad deeds which was done by Yuvi, but still thinking of the mistakes which Rocky has done.
    Hope they make Twinj unite. I don’t watch it nowadays.. Just read the updates.

    I understand Yuvi has become a good person.. Very good.
    It is not about Sid leaving show…But you can’t ruin the character, Kunj. Tei is all about Kunj,Twinkle and Yuvi. Basic character of a person is changed all of a sudden.
    Sorry for this long comment…Just my frustration of seeing my fav serial loosing it’s charm..

    1. Kritika14

      I completely agree to your words. They have just spoiled the show. The serial has really lost its charm -.-

  3. I feel the same.because the show has definitely lose its charm,i hardly watch it.and naman don’t suit twinkle,hope Sid come back

  4. M seriously disappointed with this current track…i stopped watching tei after rockey started those revenge wala thing…?
    I am just hating it…and yes i completely agree wid you…cvs hv ruined it all..the way they showed everybodys reaction after kunj ka death was really not good…i daily watch tei k old episodes…?
    Sidmin,twinj oh god everything was so perfect…i miss those days…??

  5. Noo dear ..i dnt agree wit u..cz i lov twiraj frm 1st epi ..n dnt feel bad bt majority r on twiraj side nw..d story startd wit dem n shud end wit dem n yea v dint interupted in twinj fans hapines so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fr god sake let us to c r twiraj pair witout ur interuption..sory if i hav hurtd u..btw naman is actin gud compard to sid..

    1. come on yaar may be many hv shifted to twiraj but still twinj fans r more in no ,and u can see that out of 7 comments 6 vote for twinj yes naman acting was good but it cant be campared with sid as their roles wer different like opposite poles and i dont mean to hurt you

  6. Shatakshi

    Hey rushi
    Good to see u again
    N about the article
    I agree with each n every word of urs…it really seems that the tei…the love we were watching between twinj was fake…the CVS have made us to think so…
    N if u saw today’s episode…. The was leela reacted…that was shocking
    No one needs kunj??

  7. Sayeeda

    I agree with each nd every words of ur …
    TEI was the serial which I loved the most but now I hate this serial more than anything else..
    CV’s has done their best job in spoiling Kunj’s character ….how much efforts they can apply to do it they did it ….

    1. SidMin

      I too agree with you Sayeeda di They have spoilt Kunj’s character whom they have developed for almost an year and within few episodes the ideal Husband character Kunj is turned into Rocky who only thinks of Revenge Hate this serial now 🙁

  8. I also feel it correct but naman shaw is a gud actor but this correct track is not at all gud i also just hope tht sidhant should be back in the show and should change the correct track

  9. Kritika14

    i completely agree with you rushi! They have just spoiled the whole character of kunj. The guy who blindly believed twinkle is now doubting on his love. Twinkle instead of being happy is confused knowing that kunj is alive. The writer have spoiled the whole plot. Accepting naman isn’t the point here … the point is the changed nature of kunj. Honestly, i loved the serial but as per now the serial has changed and in a very bad way.

  10. Hlw evry1! Im vinnie..i hv acptd new kunj..abt the plot i wnt say that kunj ka jo rude behavior h pllvi k wajah se..i feel pallavi ka pura sach samne ana baki h..uske baad shyd sari misundrstndg clear ho nd hmara loving kunj wapas aa jaye nd i flt sad 4 uv bt tw ne uv ko dhoke me nhi rakha tw ne shadi k phle hi sart rakhi thi ki wo knj se pyr krti h..aur kisi na kisi ka dil toh tutega..i jst hope kunj ka chrtr spoil na ho..i wnt twinj..wht say..btw im very new to cmnt

    1. Bhavika

      i agree vinnie this pallavi’s mysteries R not recealed….she told kunj about twiraj without even knowing the correct matter…she even kept a detective for eyeing twinj..and she also had falled for kunj…she is simply stupid everything is spoilt in TEI no sid now sidmin no twinj no good kunj no twinj’s child(which was my only hope for watching TEI )
      whatever I dont care coz I dont watch TEI at all

      yaar it was my fav show

  11. As you can see I am a Yuvle/twiraj fan … I’m kinda okay with the track .. I liked sidhant as kunj and not naman .. He doesn’t suit twinkle and I always prefered twinkle and yuvraj (sorry no offense to twinkle and kunj fans) just hope twinkle ends up wid yuvi and rocky ends up wid pallavi coz rocky doesn’t suit kunj’s character at all .. If sidhant was still kunj then it would have been kinda different ..I highly doubt sidhant will ever be back and the writers should just pair twinkle and yuvi !! Atleast the show will regain the charm .. Anywayz I just lve twiraj (twinkle and yuvraj) … The family need to trust yuvi and accept that he is twinkles husband coz kunj is presumed dead for 5 years and he will automatically not be twinkles husband so yuvi is .. If I were twinkle it would be very hard to accept rocky as kunj … Looks too different .. She had a connection wid yuvi way before so no probs there .. It will take her time to realise yuvi’s love but atleast he is not forcing her

  12. I jst only want some miracle happn sidhnt come back as kunj only then new story began hope so finger cross this is television anythng cn hapn here only death alive surgury al is i wnt sidhant to cme bck

  13. twinjfan (tamanna)

    I agree with u….I hv many things to say….bt If I will start then there is no ending to it …bt just I can say is tei was my fav lovd it ..bt d crrnt track is… I ht it…

  14. Baby

    yr guys look i m nt saying anything to hrt u bt if said dis is a luvv stry of 2 ppl n wt we need in luv is trust n somona sry dont feel bad ohk bt we r nt seeing dem as naman n jasmin n zain bt as rocky kunj twinkle n uvraj so if we c dat i agree 2 it dt kunj is only sid bt rocky is naman n if he is kunj den twinj shuld definately unite as its a luv stry of 2 who use 2 trust eo n still i hp hlka sa

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