Tashan-e-ishq (Lacking of its charm..)

Hello guyzzz!!! I hope u remember me… I am Anaita… Today i am sharing my point of view… I want to share about Tashan e ishq and its on going track…

Story started on a good note… A bubbly girl who solves every problem smilingly… Twiraj loved each other… Yuvi betrayed her or should i say he was obsessed of her… That time i was a fan of both Zain and Yuvi and Twiraj…
Then Siddhant Gupta made his rocking entry on the show that time for me it was literally unexpected that he is gonna pair opposite Jasmine… When Yuvi’s truth was revealed I started liking Twinj over Twiraj… Sizzling chemistry of both Twinj was applauded by audience… Their nok jhok, fights was enjoyed by the viewers…
Both Sidmin gave their best to the show… I really admire the acting skills of Siddhant and Zain… Both are rocking despite of their characters on the show… They portray compltly different roles but unique in themselves…

The day Mahi made her way in Twinj’s life the show started losing its charm… We also got some Twinj scenes… I would regard that as compensation from team for torturing us with Mahi’s drama… Okk the ended on a good note… bonding of sis evrythng fit and fine… They could have showed us some Twinj scenes family time… What was the need to add “Kunj being ill” track… There is a limit of everything but no they again added Yuvi’s track in it…
They have replaced Anita’s character also… at least previous one was better (for me) Anjali Mukhi dsnt even suit in a negative role… I think now she is in a mood to be a negative character frst Ek Duje ke vaaste now Tashan e ishq…
This track sucks!!!!

Well guyz this was my pov.. Maybe u all might having different… I thought to share mine… U guyzz also share yours.. And plzz dont be angry if I said anything wrong…

Credit to: Anaita


  1. crazy

    Somewhat agree n somewhat not..
    BT yeah don’t worry dear..
    U know na TEI is known for not dragging the thongs..
    So with in 2 weeks this track ll end

    • Anaita

      hmm… But dear i hvnt mentioned that the soap is being dragged i m just criticizing the on going track..
      Well thanks for reading and agreeing…

  2. Manasa

    I totally agree wid u anaita….day by day tashan e ishq is loosing its charm and that uvi’s character is also very irritating now…hope they end uvi’s charcter soon or turn him into a positive character in the show

    • Anaita

      Well lets hope for the best as the on going track is very annoying… And about Yuvi being a positive character i think this will happen at the last when the show ll end…

  3. yes u are right..i totally agree with u…i also didnt like this anita….nd moreover this illness tarck is superb stupid…i always feared this to happen with our tei…that it will become like kkb…frankly speaking if it continues..i wont watch it anymore…bt will only rely on ffs..

    • Anaita

      To be frank… I have already left… I dont watch it anymore… A big waste of time… I only read the updates and if anything intrstng than watch the repeat telecast…

  4. Fatarajo

    Me too anaiTa I totally agree with u hating the current track every words in this article is correct
    No Twinj no Tashan e Ishq

  5. hina

    I love Twiraj than Twinj.. They r just awesome. N Yuvi’s acting is :* 💕<3 .. love u yuvi

    • Anaita

      Well it may be ur perspective… As I said I like Zain also but not Yuvi…. Zain and Jasmine rocks…
      Frankly m a fan of Twinj… So I cant imagine Twiraj over Twinj…

  6. Mitali

    i totally agree. i think that they r just dragging the show with yuvi part. do they that the show cant work without yuvi and therefore dragging it.

  7. Cutie pie

    I tolltally agree wid ur each n evry word der was no need 4 kunj s ill track now a days v gt sme twinj scenes disappointing yaar v jus wanted lot of romance nok jhok btw dem bt dis track dat doesnt contain i agree it has sme twinj scenes nt dat much as v expect yaar i feel aftr twinj confession dey shud hav put lot of romance n nok khok btw dem bt instead its less b4 confession der more nok kjok n romance bt aftr also its der bt nt as much v fans expect dey shud atleast reach our expectations i agree V WANT TWINJ SCENS LOTS OF ROMANCE N NOK JHOK

    • Anaita

      And I agree wid u… This track is such annoying and this is the high time they should show us some quality moments between TWINJ

  8. HBD sid-(tamanna)

    I agree with u by kunj illness track….I m totally hating this track…me too want twinj romance and cute knok jok….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.