tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon intro (episode 1)


Hey guyzz im back… guess who sweetie aka star anna gonna keep my name to star anna… im really sorry for the previous ff as I wasn’t getting anything to do with it so I ended that nd I was having a great story running through my mind when I started the ff but soon I just went with it… im really sorry that u guyzz had to bear that boring ff hope u forgive me… so about this ff this story will be really different from other story so I will just start… hope u guyzz like it…!!!

I will start with the introduction
Twinkle taneja: a very shy girl, innocent as well, will obey anything u tell her nd will sacrifice her life for any stranger, works in a house which is a house with 5 orphans
Kunj sarna: a handsome guy, flirty, obsessed with girls, has many girl friends, good at heart, lives in london
Uvi taneja: brother of twinkle loves her dearly nd can do anything for her, lives with parents
Mahi sarna: sister of kunj loves him dearly nd can do anything for him
And the characters r same nd they will enter one by one so here I go with my first episode of TASHAN E ISHQ – ISHQ KA JUNOON best of luck to me :P… hope u guyzz like it…!!!
The episode starts with a girl in gurudwarey she is shown praying nd then serving other people her face is shown she is none other than twinkle taneja an old lady comes to the gurudwaarey nd is having difficulty climbing the stairs twinkle helps her the priest comes to her
Priest: beta u serve all people here what do u get?
Twinkle: I just get peace… I cant see anyone in pain
Priest: babaji will be so happy… I hope what u dream for comes true
Twinkle smiles and the priest goes

Next scene
A guy is shown roaming with girls nd flirting who is none other than kunj sarna
Girl: omg kunj sarna is soo hot
Kunj smirks nd comes to her they talk nd kunj hand over her his number she smiles kunj winks at her nd leave
Next scene
Twinkle is shown walking on the road nd remembers her past
Leela slapping twinkle nd RT cursing twinkle that she is their daughter twinkle protests she didn’t do anything nd they throw twinkle out of the house twinkle cries she walks on the road and finds this house nd starts working there uvi comes to visit her every weekend nd takes care of her as he loves her nd trusts her
Flashback ends
Twinkle reaches the orphanage twinkle self talk: I don’t care if my family doesn’t consider me as their family member but I have a family now. After telling this she opens the door 5 people comes running nd hugs her she too hugs them back
1 child: deepika, 15 years old
2 child: avni, 19 years old
3 child: paro, 16 years old
4 child: raju, 18 years old
5 child: rakesh, 19 years old
Avni: where were u dii u know we waited for u for soo long
Raju: yes di… I was about to cry
Everyone looks at raj und laughs twinkle comes to him she smiles
Twinkle: raju grownup people don’t cry… nd especially men but that doesn’t mean u will make a girl cry understood??
Raju: yes di… u told grownups don’t cry but y do u cry every night???
Twinkles smile fades away avni notices this
Avni: ummm… di im hungry can u cook something for me
Everyone: yes dii plzz we r also hungry
They all go to the kitchen
Next scene
Kunj sees some kids on the streets he goes to them nd talks to them as they r sad
On the other hand deepiks is sad as she is missing her parents when they died avni signals twinkle while she is cooking everyone makes a plan
Twinkle starts to sing itnii si hasi itnii si khushi itnaa tukra chaand ka khuwabon k tinko sey chal banaye ashiyan on the other hand kunj sings and continues the song both of them r singing twinkle is trying to make deepika happy and kunj is trying to make the children’s on the street happy in the end deepika and the children’s laugh twinkle nd kunj smiles looking at them

Next scene
Kunj comes home at night everyone is sleeping he tries to go to his room quietly someone holds his ears which is revealed to be mahi
Mahi: where were u?
Kunj: aaahhh dii… leave my ear
Mahi: tell me where were u?
Kunj: I will tell u when u leave it
Mahi leaves his ear nd drags him to his room
Mahi: now tell me where were u?
Kunj: umm dii wo I was with my friends
Mahi: acha now my young brother will lie to me… u were with girls right?
Kunj: (surprised) aah dii how do u know so easily
Mahi: im ur sister mr
Kunj: the worlds best sister
Mahi smiles they both hug each other mahi turns to leave but stops
Mahi: acha listen kunj we r going to India ma and papa called us
Kunj: what why?? I don’t want to go… there r no nice girls
Mahi hits him: stop it mr u better start ur packing we have to leave day after tomorrow and I have one more news to make u happy
Kunj: (excitedly) what?
Mahi: we wont stay with maa and papa we will be in anita aunt’s house (who is ushas sister)
Kunj: REALLLYYY!!! Omg im soo happy we will see them after a long time nd deepika avni raju rakesh paro omg I miss them soo much
Mahi: yes me too…. isn’t this strange kunj they all r orphans but they look like our family
Kunj: yes dii im so happy to meet them finally after 10 years
Mahi: comeon now start ur packing now we have to leave day after tomorrow
Kunj: yes maam (giving a salute)
Mahi hits him nd leaves by telling him badmaash

Next scene
Twinkle is in deepikas room she is cleaning it anita comes in
Anita: twinkle beta?
Twinkle: yes aunty
Anita: will u do a favor for me plz?
Twinkle: aunty plz u don’t have to ask me u just have to order me after everything u have given me I wont never be able to repay u
Anita: don’t tell like that u r like our family now
Twinkle gets teary eyed nd hugs her emotionally
Twinkle: tell me aunty what is it?
Anita: actually we will be having guests in our home for 3 months I want u to clean 2 rooms plz
Twinkle: aunty plzz u don’t have to tell plzz I beg u
Anita: ok ok beta (anita leaves)
Twinkle self talk: guests I hope they r nice

On the other hand
Kunj self talk: cant wait to go
Screen freezes on both of them

Precape: will be decided as per how many people liked my story
Hope u guyzz liked it… plzz do comment…   

Credit to: star anna

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