Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 9


Omg omg omggg…. 27 comments im soo lucky thank u thank u thank u soo much… im glad u all liked my story i cant mention so many names thank u all i love u all here is a veryyy big kiss from me to u all… i love u???????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ok back to my episode

The episode starts with twinkle in kunjs arms they share an eyelock (sajna ve plays) kunj comes close to twinkle while she clutches kunjs shirt he comes close nd whispers gently in her ears while she closes her eyes
Kunj: twinklee plz eat less u r getting fat
Twinkle opens her eyes she pushes kunj nd gets up
Twinkle: kunj im not fat ok

She leaves from there kunj self talk: haayyee siyappa queen i think im going to fall for u… but no i wont… but what if i fall for u
He smiles nd blushes

Next scene
Anita is talking on the phone
Anita: really!!! When will she come?… today..!!! Wow thats amazing i will prepare everything for her nd yeah dont worry about her i will take a good care of her she will have a lot of friends here
She ends the call
Anita self talk: wow maya my niece i missed u soo much finally u r coming
She smiles brightly

Next scene
Twinkle is ready nd working in the kitchen she is looking so innocent she have some light on her face which makes her look so beautiful it can be seen she is both beautiful inside nd out she is wearing yellow simple suit with dupatta on her head nd flower earrings kunj comes nd glances at her (sajna ve plays) kunj becomes conscious nd hits himself on his head nd leaves
Twinkle: i should go nd check all the decoration last time
She leaves nd watches everyone sitting nd making haldi including the guests she smiles she is looking at the decoration anita comes to her
Anita: come twinkle sit

Lady: yes dear y r u standing alone come
Twinkle: no aunty im fine
Lady: why r u feeling shy come sit
Twinkle comes nd sit the ladies r playing dhol avni mahi deepika paro r clapping while other ladies r singing kunj comes there with rakesh nd raju
Lady: u boys r not allowed here… go
Lady 2: they r very handsome but u r not allowed here
Girl: umm if u dont mind can i give u company (she flirts with kunj)
Kunj too starts to flirt with her twinkle fumes

Twinkle soul talk: this person only knows how to flirt… hmphh y do i care
The girl gets up nd holds kunjs hand they talk while standing twinkle clutches her suit tightly mahi notices this she smiles mahi gets a call she leaves she answers the call
Person: hello janeman missing me??
Mahi: excuse me who r u??
Person: ur secret admirer
Mahi: what who r u… nd dont call me again otherwise i will call the police
She is about to hang up
Person: arey wait wait im uvi
Mahi: ufff uvi i will kill u

Uvi: hahaha it is so fun to tease u
Mahi smiles they engage nd talking

Next scene
Twinkle is fuming in anger looking at kunj nd the girl talking
Lady: the ritual is going to start plzz bring the haldi
Twinkle: i will nd get the haldi

She gets up nd ignores kunj when he is looking at her kunj is surprised twinkle brings the haldi the ritual starts everyone is putting haldi on girls face nd hands the lady asks twinkle mahi avni deepika and paro to put haldi they go one by one after that they go nd sit nd enjoy twinkles turn she goes nd put the haldi nd smiles while kunj glance at her….her hair r flying kunj takes a heavy breath nd keeps looking at her twinkle looks at him nd ignores him again he is surprised she goes to wash her hands she passes by kunj he holds her elbow
Mahi nd the girls look at them nd smiles

Kunj: y r u behaving so weird??
Twinkle: im behaving normal… u talk to that girl she is soo pretty right
Kunj: (smirks) well her name is tina… i know she is pretty nd she is talking to me as im handsome my face is so ufff what do i tell u about me
Twinkle: yes u r very handsome but one thing is missing
Kunj: what??

Twinkle puts haldi on his nose
Twinkle: this… after this u look like a monkey after all u r a monkey
Kunj: u…..
Nd starts to run behind her while everyone enjoys this mahi goes nd switches on the music which plays huaa hai aaj pehli baar jo aisey muskuraya hu tumhey dekha to jaana yeh k kue duniya mein aaya hu kunj runs behind twinkle while she runs up they reach the terrace the song is playing twinkle is having no where to go kunj comes forward she moves back he continues to come forward until twinkle is stopped by the wall kunj comes close to her she breathes heavily kunj comes close to her he rubs his nose on her cheeks she closes her eyes nd clutches her suit kunj moves back nd glances at her he looks at her lips he comes forward twinkle is breathing heavily they r just few centimeters away kunj moves back nd stares at her he smiles nd leaves twinkle opens her eyes nd finds him gone she touches her cheek nd finds haldi on her cheek she smiles brightly nd blushes
Twinkle self talk: what is happening to u twinkle

Next scene
Next day
Mahi is in the mandir uvi comes there nd puts sindoor in her forehead she is shocked nd wakes up she is tensed she looks here nd there nd smiles
Mahi self talk: what is happening to u mahi

Next scene
The house is decorated with mandap flowers nd lights twinkle smiles looking at this kunj comes there he sees her smiling nd finds her so beautiful twinkle looks at him she turns to the mandap
Twinkle: isnt this beautiful??
Kunj is staring at twinkle
Kunj: very beautiful
He glances at her twinkle turns she is blushing from inside but doesnt show
Twinkle: im talking about the mandap kunj sarna

Kunj becomes conscious
Kunj: even i was talking about the mandap
Twinkle smiles nd leaves someone rings the bell kunj goes nd opens the door she sees a girl wearing small red color cloth till thighs nd heels with so much of makeup but is looking cute kunj is surprised to see her
Kunj: maya u here??
Maya: omg kunj what r u doing here??
Kunj: umm i asked u first
Anita comes there she hugs maya
Anita: oh maya i missed u soo much
Maya: i missed u too anita aunty

Kunj: ummm anita aunty who is she to u?
Anita: arey stupid she my niece… do u know each other
Maya: of course we used to study in the same college in london
She goes nd hugs kunj he doesnt her back she whispers
Maya: i missed u soo much BABY
Kunj is disgusted screen freezes

Precape: the photographer is clicking a family photo nd asks twinj to stand together but maya comes in between twinkle fumes

Hope u guyzz like it…. plZzz let me know through ur comments… nd thank u soooo sooooo soooo much guyzz for commenting im blessed to have u all…. thanks again ?????

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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  1. Awesome epi
    Just loved it
    Update the next asap if possible, then plz within half an hour ..plz it is a request. .plz

  2. Nice……maya track….let’s see what will happen

  3. ughhh…that Maya again…but nice epi,luved it

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  7. It would be Maya or Alisha between Twinj ?
    Hahaha, I don’t know why they r after them….

  8. u deserve it dear..u r so good…bt y this maya??

  9. Meenat Abubakar

    no words 4 u sweetie, d episode is superb and dis maya is disgusting

  10. lovely update twinkle becoming
    awww sooo sweet twinj moments were

  11. No ways !!!!
    I’d already commented and I wonder how didn’t it get published !!!!! Freaq!!!!

    Well ur episode is fantastic, splendid, awesome
    and lots
    well eagerly awaiting 4 the next
    plzzzzz upload many episodes like u used to do b4
    just can’t wait anymore

  12. No ways !!!!
    I’d already commented and I wonder how didn’t it get published !!!!! Freak!!!!

    Well ur episode is fantastic, splendid, awesome
    and lots
    well eagerly awaiting 4 the next
    plzzzzz upload many episodes like u used to do b4
    just can’t wait anymore

  13. I just hope Maya makes twinj confess their love..intentionally or unintentionally.. Nice episode

  14. Wow Maya ! Writing a good ff is isn’t everybody’s cup of tea….

  15. wowww soooo nice……loved it


  17. Hii sweetie plz update the next epi yaar plz i m just waiting eagerly for it nd m checking after evrty 10 min if it is uploaded or not ..plz plz plz.

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