Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 8


Hope u guyzz r not finding my episodes boring… thank u for ur support i love u all ???

The episode starts with twinkle kunj nd avni breaking the hug kunj sits down as avni is sitting beside twinkle kunj cups twinkles face
Twinkle: kunj i……
Kunj: ssshh u dont have to explain anything i heard everything
Twinkle: so will u leave me after knowing my past
Kunj: twinkle i will never leave u i told right… dont worry… nd yeah u dont look good while crying
Kunj gives her the handkerceif as usual twinkle wipes her tears nd nose (funny tune plays) kunj makes faces twinkle notices this
Twinkle: im sorry i will wash nd give u
Kunj: why do u have to wipe ur nose
Twinkle: with tears nose comes out automatically
Kunj: u just blowed ur nose i saw that
Twinkle: so what
Kunj: thats my handkerceif
Twinkle: why did u give it to me then
Avnii: ohooo u both started again im going byee
Avni leaves twinkle gives the handkerceif to kunj
Kunj: no no this handkerceif belongs to u noww
He leaves
Twinkle self talk: thank u babaji u sent kunj im my life thank u soo much
Kunj is standing outside he heard this he smiles he leaves while walking mahi comes to him
Mahi: kuch to hoa hai kuch hogaya haii sab kuch alag hai sab kuch naya hai (she sings teasing kunj)
Kunj: why r u singing??
Mahi: y i cant sing this song
Kunj: u can… but suddenly what happened
Mahi: nothing my chotey bhaii
She smirks evilly while he leaves

Next day
Mahi is buying cloths in the market she collides with a person who is none other than uvi
Uvi: aaahhh u again… see nd walk plss
Mahi: u can also see nd walk
They both give each other angry look mahi thinks something
Mahi: umm im sorry
Uvi is shocked to hear
Uvi: what did u say??
Mahi: i said im sorry
Uvi: well its ok… chalo see ya later byee (he turns to leave)
Mahi: no wait (she holds his hand) i want to talk to u something
Uvi: mahi sarna wants to talk to me… u ok? Oh u didnt eat ur medicines i know well its ok
Mahi: its serious uvii its about twinkle
Uvi gets surprised nd agrees to talk to her they both go to the coffee shop
Mahi: actually uvii i was thinking about twinkle
Uvi: u told this at least 3 times go ahead
Mahi: wo actually i think…..
Uvi: what do u think??
Mahi: i think there is something between twinkle nd……
Uvi: twinkle nd…..
Mahi: twinkle nd kunj
Uvi is surprised he smiles
Uvi: i think the same
Mahi: what u serioussss omg thank god… i thought u will kill me if i told u about twinkle nd kunj uffff im relaxed
Uvi: so we have to do something
Mahi: but twinkle keeps telling she dont feel anything as he met kunj for just some days
Uvi: my sister went on me… well is like this only… i will think something nd let u know
Mahi: well ok byee (she is about to leave)
Uvi: wait i cant come to anita aunts house everytime to discuss about twinj give me ur number
Mahi agrees nd gives she leaves uvi looks at her going he smiles unknowingly

Next scene
Haldii day
Everyone is sitting in the hall decorating it twinkle comes down nd is standing on the stair everyone is shocked kunj runs to twinkle nd holds her
Kunj: i told u not to get out of ur bed u r not fine
Twinkle: kunj im fine… the doctor
Kunj: keep quite twinkle the doctor told to rest for two weeks only one week is over
He holds twinkle in his arms
Twinkle: kunjj…..
Just then the doctor comes down kunj is surprised while everyone looks on
Twinkle: doctor came nd removed my plaster he told im fine
Kunj: oh doctor thank u so much
Doctor: it is my duty kunj… so i will take a leave nd yeah plzz take care of ur wife
Kunj: (confused) which wife sir
Doctor: umm the one u r holding in ur arms
Kunj nd twinkle doesnt realize this he leaves twinkle immediately
Kunj: no doctor she is not my wife
Doctor: oh im sorry… i thought she was ur wife
Kunj: no its ok doctor
Doctor leaves twinj looks at each other awkwardly nd smiles
Bacha party comes to twinkle they hug her
Raju: wow dii u r fine… im so happy
Paro: not only u raju everyone is happy
Twinkle: im also happy… now let me see what y guyzz had done to the house
Rakesh: ufffooo dii… u became fine just now nd started working how do u do that
Avni: no di plzz
Twinkle: look i have been cooked up in bed for one week now let me work…. nd noone will stop me… nd how did i forget today haldi let me see the decoration
Kunj soul talk: this girl is so stubborn nd how does she work so much i have no idea… but cute nd adorable…. wait did i just told cute aaahhh what is happening to u kunj sarna (he hits himself on his head)
Twinkle climbs the ladder to hang the flowers while bacha party leaves from there kunj sits on the couch beside the ladder twinkle is putting the flowers she looses her balance nd falls on kunj they share an eyelock (sajan ve plays) screen freezes

Precape: twinkle puts haldi on kunjs nose kunj runs behind her while everyone laughs

Hope u all like it…!!!

Credit to: Sweetie

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