Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 7


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The episode starts with twinkle smiling kunj gets up to leave twinkle sings dil ki bazi laga hum sey ankh mila merey yaarr merey yaarr…. tu kue hai bekhabar pyaar ki hai umar
Kunj turns nd is shocked mahi comes nd pushes kunj he falls near the bed twinkle continues to sing kunj to sings the male part twinkle tries to make kunj smile he acts to ne serious he turns the other side nd smile while others dances on the song in the end twinkle finally makes kunj smile infront of her
Twinkle: hmm is there any work twinkle taneja cant do??
Kunj: enough enough dont fly… i was just feeling pity for u that is y i forgived u warna never
Twinkle: itnaa to mat jhoot bol kunj sarna acha nahi lagta (dont lie this much kunj sarna it doesnt look good)
Kunj: it is not a lie siyappa queen
Twinkle: kharoose sarna stop it
Kunj: stop calling me that
Twinkle: first u stop calling me siyappa queen
Kunj: look it is a rule for teacher we have to call teacher to doctor we have to call doctor only so for this also to siyappa queen we have to call siyappa queen only
Twinkle: oh that is y i was wondering y do i call u kharoose sarna because it is a rule
The bacha party mahi nd twinkle laughs while kunj makes a serious face but then laugh afterwards
Mahi: acha now enough of talking… we have to do preparation for tomorrow also haldi right?
Twinkle: no dii tomorrow no work haldi is after 3 days
Mahi: so means we r free for 3 days… yaaayy
Rakesh: dii y dont we make some plan like going out
Deepika: arey how will twinkle di go then she is not able to walk also
Paro: simple kunj bhaiyya will carry her in his arms
Twinj r shocked they feel awkward
Avni: wow what a brilliant idea so we r going out right?
Mahi: yeah nice idea we will go im ok with it
Twinj together: NOO
Everyone looks at them
Twinkle: umm wo… i.. cant go… like.. it will pain… more so it can get more serious right kunj?
Kunj: yes right absolutely right she is not well maybe next time (he runs out of the room after telling this)
Mahi: acha ok bacha party plan cancelled… next time we will make a plan we will call uvi also
Twinkle looks at her in a surprised way
Paro: umm dii uvi bhaiyya why
Mahi realizes what she told
Mahi: i…i mean twinkles brother will also be happy to u know be with her for sometime
Twinkle: oh!! How caring of u di… i thought it is something else (teasing)
Mahi: no wayzz that akru uvi i will think of him… pleasee… i have better things to do (she leaves hurridely)
Twinkle smiles self talk: something is fishy
Raju: what fishy di?
Twinkle: nothing… nd u guyzz come here
The bacha party comes near to twinkle avni sits beside twinkle everyone stand twinkle holds avnis ear
Twinkle: now tell me what r u guy doing?
Avni: ouch di ouch leave my ear
Twinkle: first tell me what r u guys doing nd why r u people doing this
Avni: ouch ouch ok ok i will tell plzz leave my ear (twinkle leaves her ear)
Twinkle: now tell me
The bacha party r silent
Twinkle: tell me
Noone tells her
Twinkle: deepika merii jaan plz tell me u wont lie to me right?
Deepika: we r just trying to make u nd kunj bhaiyya as a couple because we know u love eachother nd this idea was of avni di
Twinkle is shocked she looks at avni who is feeling guilty she asks everyone to leave except avni… avni sits with her head down
Twinkle cups her face
Kunj was about to enter twinkles room but stops
Twinkle: avni this is not possible nd i dont want this to happen… u know about my past right everyone left me whom i love my parents my friends my fiance for just little misunderstanding they dont even care to listen to me (she starts crying) nd now opening my past i dont want to loose anyone not even u not anita aunty not deepika noone i consider u all as my family
Avni starts crying
Avni: im sorry di… im really sorry i just wanted to see u happy nd i thought u r happy with kunj bhaiyya he was so nice with u
Twinkle: he is very nice avni he is really very nice… but if he gets the know my past im afraid i will loose him too he has become my friend a very good friend but he will leave me too i have this feeling… my parents dont even want to listen to me i have no idea how did that happen (she starts crying badly)
Avni: dii plzz dont cry… i cant see u crying u have to be brave
Twinkle: im brave avni im very brave but i still dont know how did that happen… opening my eyes nd finding urself in arms of someone u never saw… u dont know how it feels (she cries vigorously)
Kunj is shocked to hear this it echoes in his ears he gets teary eyed
Avni: dii i cant stop u talk plzz talk ur heart out dont stop urself u have told me this but plzz talk
Twinkle cries
Twinkle: finding urself in the arms of someone… my parents didnt even trust me they thought i spent a night with that man… i didnt even see that man in my life….. how will i forget all this my parents throwing me out of the house, i cant live without them they know this clearly i cant just………
Twinkle cries more badly avni hugs her twinkles eyes r closed she feels some touch on her head she opens her eyes nd finds kunj she is hell shocked she moves back avni gets confused she turns nd she is also shocked twinkle gets tensed nd shocked
Kunj: i wont leave u… no matter what happens
Twinkle understands he listened everything she cries nd hugs kunj tightly avni also cries kunj opens her arms they three hug each other screen freezes

Precape: twinkle becomes fine haldii day

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Credit to: Sweetie

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  1. Sweetie what a surprise i just came across this FF now…..
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    Its AWESOME di…loved it to the core!

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  7. Meenat Abubakar

    wow wow wow! wht an episode sweetie luv it!

  8. Awesome epi ..
    My god she had to bear soo much..
    My god ..
    Her parents should have trusted her..

  9. So sweet like u sweetie

  10. Awesome yrr sweetie

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