Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 60


Hey guyzz thank u for ur lovely comments apart from that thank u for supporting me i love u all ?????

The episode starts with kunj waking up in the morning nd looks at twinkle who is sitting nd sleeping he sits nd is just looking at her (sajna ve plays) kunj comes close nd kisses her forehead nd whispers
Kunj: we will be together soon… i love u
Twinkle wakes up due to the whisper she looks at kunj nd hugs him
Twinkle: plz dont go… stay with me for a little time
Kunj nods they hug nd sit for a while
Kunj: chalo twinkle i have to leave
He breaks the hug nd stands twinkle looks on sadly she gets teary eyed kunj turns nd cups her face
Kunj: twinkle i promise we will be together just some days
Twinkle nods still having tears in her eyes kunj hugs her tightly
Kunj: ayee u know i love u right?
Twinkle: hmmm
He breaks the hug nd cups her face
Kunj: then show me ur million dollars smile
Twinkle smiles kunj kisses her cheek he then goes to pari nd purvi
Kunj: i love u both… daddy will come soon
Purvi wakes up kunj holds her in his arms nd kisses her forehead
Kunj: i love u baby
Just then pari starts crying twinkle holds pari in her arms
Twinkle: dont worry baby… mamma loves u leave daddy
Kunj: no baby daddy loves u both
Twinkle: no mamma loves them
Kunj: no daddy
Twinkle: no mamma
Kunj: no daddy
Just then they realize pari nd purvi r staring at them twinj looks at each other nd giggles kunj keeps purvi back he gives a side hug to twinkle nd is leaving towards the balcony twinkle stops him she keeps pari nd comes running to him hugging kunj tightly he hugs her back
Twinkle: i love u
Kunj: i love u 2
They break the hug twinkle cups kunjs face nd gives a gentle peck on his lips kunj smiles her cups her face nd they both share a slow nd romantic liplock twinkle breaks it
Twinkle: i will wait for u
Kunj: i will be back soon
Kunj leaves from the balcony

Next scene
Everyone is sitting in the hall mahi having rahul (uhis baby) in her hands usha having purvi nd uvi playing with pari twinkle is talking nd chatting with everyone the bell rings uvi gets up nd opens the door he comes back nd sits angrily everyone looks on just then maya with a baby nd kunj enters with full attitude twinkle looks on with teary eyed usha holds her hand nd nods in no twinkle nods
Kunj: wow back home right darling??
Maya: yeah… this house is so big
Kunj: anything for u darling (he holds her waits
Twinkle looks at kunj nd maya who r so close she fumes in anger kunj looks at twinkle nd leaves mayas waist twinkle ignores him kunj feels bad he comes back in his attitude
Kunj: so r the rooms clean
Twinkle stands up
Twinkle: what do u mean by “rooms”??
Kunj: well one for my sweetu sa chota sa adii (mayas baby)
Twinkle: im sorry we dont do cleaning for others
Mahi: twinkle leave who u r talking to… the one who is a betrayer
Twinj feels bad
Twinkle: yes di u r right?? I will never forgive u mr kunj sarna
Maya: oh hello mind ur own business ms twinkle taneja….
Twinkle: u keep quite who told u to speak… well i forgot interferring in others life is ur hobby… u will suffer for this maya i swear
Maya: u have no right to talk to me like that… u cheap woman
Kunj gets hell angry on this
Uvi: who the hell u called cheap hah?? Not a word against my sister or else u will be dead from my hands
Maya gets scared adii starts crying she hands over adii to one of the servant
Maya: lets go kunj to our room hmphh
She makes some faces nd leaves to their room twinj looks at each other twinkle recalls how kunj pulled maya from her waist she ignores him nd sits
Kunj soul talk: im doing all this for her nd she is showing attitude… this is not done
Kunj follows maya

Next scene
Maya nd kunj enters the room which is having dusts, spider webs, the furniture here nd there maya coughs kunj smiles looking at her condition
Maya: oh my god kunj not a single thing is clean i will show that twinkle (angrily)
Kunj: arey baby y r u getting so angry we will clean our self nd by the way if u will go to twinkle she will insult u more nd will think u cant do anything would u want that?? No right so??
Maya: yes i would not want that kunj thank u soo much after all i have done to u… u accepted me because u were also at fault kunj thank u soo much
Kunj fakes a smile
She hugs him he hugs her back with a disgusted face
Kunj soul talk: i will not leave u maya because of u my family is seperated from me u will get punishment for this
Maya breaks the hug
Maya: chalo kunj start cleaning
Kunj: what do u mean??
Maya: haa na u will clean the room i cant u know na i have dust allergy
Kunj: maya but how can i…..
Maya: plzz kunj plzz
Kunj: fine but just for u ok??
Maya: aww i love u baby u work i will just come
She leaves kunj looks at the room
Kunj: awww i love u baby… u work i will just come (mimic maya) god who told this day will come i have to work… i miss u twinkle chalo kunj lag jao kaam per
He then starts cleaning the dust removing the webs his nose becomes brown because of the dust he doesnt bother to look after it he cleans the whole room till night maya comes back nd is shocked to see the room full neat nd clean
Maya: omg kunj baby u have done it so well u r my hero
Telling this she hugs kunj he again makes a disgusted face maya breaks the hug he fakes a smile nd looks at the time it is 10:45 he should go to twinkles room by 10:30 he gets tensed
Kunj: maya sleep naa u must be tired??
Maya: yeah…!!!
She lays down on the bed
Kunj: where is adii??
Maya: he is sleeping with the servants its good na we will sleep peacefully
Kunj nods
Kunj soul talk: what kind of mother she is dont even care for his son
He lays down beside her
After an hour maya dozes off kunj takes the choloroform nd makes maya unconscious he then leaves for twinkles room

Next scene
Twinkle is having purvi in her hands nd is singing lullaby
Lalla lalla lori doodh ki katori
Lallla lalla lori doodh ku katori
Dhoodh mein batasha purvi ney kia tamasha
Just then kunj enters the room nd takes a deep breath twinj looks at each other twinkle ignores him she keeps purvi in her bed kunj looks on confused she starts cleaning the bed kunj comes nd back hugs her
Kunj: im sorry naa i came late
Twinkle: did i say something
Kunj: thats what u r not telling anything
Twinkle: go nd talk with ur maya
Kunj makes her face him
Kunj: r u jealous?
Twinkle: of course (she realizes what she told) of course not… lets sleep
Kunj: twinkle plzz im sorry
Twinkle looks at his pleading face she smile
Twinkle: its ok
Kunj hugs her happily she hugs him back they break the hug twinkle giggles
Kunj: what??
Twinkle: nothing (still giggling)
Kunj: what is it??
Twinkle: wait
She takes her dupatta comes close nd starts to wipe his nose he looks at her lovingly he moves her hair behind her ear he comes close nd kisses her neck twinkle smiles nd closes her eyes nd whispers
Twinkle: i was waiting for this touch
Kunj whispers while kissing
Kunj: i was too
He takes her in his arms nd makes her lay on the bed he comes top of her screen freezes

Precapa: mayas truth out

Hey guyzz i know everyone thought that this episode will be of mayas truth well i just wanted to add twinjs scenes before ending the ff i hope everyone is ok with that the next episode we will see what happens… just 2 episodes to go now…!!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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  1. Well it’s very nice episode but I am too sad because u r ending and okonly 2 epiosde is left ??????


    wow amazing awsome episodes I was a silent reader till now but I got amazed after reading this update very awsome an fabulous episode but please dont end ur episodes here pls continue atleast 100 episode its a humble request

  3. Oh god i can’t w8 fr d nxt episode pls update sun asap luvd it u r amazing sweetie aka star ana luv ur ff

  4. forever fan of twinj

    Sweetie aka star Anna I have a question in my mind
    Ven I was reading one of ur episode in which twinkle’s lookalike locked her in a soundproof room and she was wid Kunj in d same room I guessed dat u got dis idea from d movie murder 3.
    Can u tell me whether I m correct
    Sorry if I hurt ur feelings,I m just curious 2 know.
    Sorry once again.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Twinju(bhavika)

      Yes i also agree in ??murder3 3⃣there was same thing BTW nice episode as always??

    2. Forever fan of twinj no u dont hurt my feelings nd the soundproof idea yes i guess thats the movie because i watched it long back but im not sure if it is… !!!
      But that idea was from a movie i dont remember which!!!!

  5. it was awsm…n u r ryt we need sm twinj romance b4 ending..n m waiting fr ur nxt ff too…

  6. Oh god no nly 2 epis u can’t btw osmmmmmmmm can’t wait to see Maya’s truth out

  7. Nooooooo don’t end it soon
    But if u do start a new one soon
    Episode was just so fab

  8. wow awesome Epi … as u said sweetie each ff would end one day …i agree bt donot end ur ff plz at least extend it to some more Epi ….i want to see twinj romance after maya truth out….plz plz plz

    ….. its a humble request .

  9. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    wow…amazing…..really cute….

  10. Firstly I m a bit sad as only 2 episodes r remaining but I m sure u will make them a memorable 1…n ur 2days episode was just like u sweetie…osum…n I know that u will be back with a bang n yet another fantastic story line… Luv u loads??

  11. very nice 1…waitng fr next..ru on fb?

  12. it was just fantastic
    waiting for next one

  13. Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!! But pls don’t end it ….

  14. Awesome pls next episode fast and pls don’t end it

  15. Sidmin(twinj)

    Plz sweetie don’t end ur ff plzzzzzz its a humble request…wat u said s ryt every ff ends one r d other day bt plz nt sooo soon plz u cn atleast reach century na u r vry close to it oly 30 episodes fr century plz don’t end sweetie fr our sake cont n reach century instead of starting a new ff cont with dis n end it wen u reach century plz sweetie its a request don’t disappoint ur ff fans n cuming to ur tdy ff its as always awesome sweetie I hv no words to say hw gud ur ff s

  16. Hiii Sweetie, How r u ?……I am back after a long time actually busy preparing for exams……today I read all ur episode that I have missed seriously u nailed them……U r a great writter……but what I am listening u r ending it……plz yaar don’t do it…… its a humble request don’t do it……I love it a lot plzzzzzzzzz don’t ???

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