Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 6


Hey guyzz sorry for not posting the episodes… nd thank u soo much for ccommenting rashi verma, twinju, sanam, loveleen, akankhya, meenat abubakar, harshi, panchi, tara, tina, ritzi, ff reader thank u soo much nd forgive me if i havent mention any name… love u all nd the silent readers also… thanks again ??

The episode starts with uvi entering the anita house he is rushing towards twinkles room but collides with mahi who was having coffee in her hand which falls on uvi’s hand she falls in uvis arms they share an eyelock not noticing the pain uvi keeps looking at mahi while she too looks at him (janam janam plays) uvi breaks the eyelock mahi stands
Uvi: maybe u should stop bumping
Mahi: im sorry… nd btw y can also stop bumping
Uvi: u r wearing glasses u have two eyes but no use… double battery single power
Mahi: how dare u call me that… i know u saved me earlier but i didnt do any favor ok… as a human u should………
She sees uvis hand burned she gets tensed
Mahi: ur hand
Uvi looks nd gets shocked
Uvi: wow i didnt feel anything
Mahi: r u stupid come with me i will put ice
She holds uvis hand he jerks it off
Uvi: im fine i dont need ur help ms whatever u r
Mahi again holds his hand
Mahi: i have a name nd thats mahi… nd dont show attitude im doing this for twinkle
Uvi: oh yes twinkle, where is she is she ok?? How is her leg?
Mahi: u can go nd ask but first let me dress ur wounds
Uvi agrees mahi blows air on his wound while junoon terey ishq ka plays uvi stares at her mahi dresses his wounds uvi becomes conscious they leave for twinkles room uvi enters the room nd finds twinkle is not there he asks mahi about twinkle they hear someone fighting uhi turns nd finds twinkle in arms of kunj they both r arguing
Mahi self talk: i knew this will happen my chota bhaii will do this
Uvi: what?? What will ur chota bhai do??
Mahi hesitates: umm wo… this yeah umm helping someone right??
Uvi: u r completely mad

He goes for twinkle, twinj are surprised to see uvi
Twinkle: bhaiii
Uvi: twinkle u ok right?? What happened how did it?? (He cups her face not realizing she is in the arms of kunj)
Kunj speaks up: uvii bhaii if u dont mind can i keep her in the room she is really heavy
Uvi becomes conscious nd nods
Kunj heads for the room while uhi follows them
Twinkle: how mean kunj im not heavy im very thin
Kunj: i thought this topic was closed
Twinkle: if there is some problem leave me i will go by my own self
Kunj: oh really… i think we tried this before… nd u know what even if u tell me to leave u i wont as i cant see u in pain
(Sajna ve plays)

Uhi notices this mahi smiles uvi also smiles
Uvi soul talk: y do i feel that my young sister has found someone
Mahi soul talk: finally i just want to make sure that they r in love i will do anything for my brother
Uhi looks at each other while smiling they becomes serious
Uvi: ummm y r u smiling??
Mahi: same question goes for u
Uvi: no need to talk to u

Kunj enters the room he keeps twinkle gently on the bed he moves back uvi comes nd sit beside her he cups her face
Uvi: u ok twinkle??
Twinkle: bhaii dont worry im ur brave twinkle im fine
She notices uvis hand having bandages she gets teary eyed
Twinkle: bhaii what is this? What happened?? U dont take care of urself?? Why do u do that nd u tell me im like a child look what u did to urself
Uvi: twinkle merii jaan its nothing (he looks at mahi who is standing nervously) some accident
Twinkle gets shocked: accident what accident u met with accident u dont drive carefully or what
Kuhi nd uvi laughs uvi hits slightly on twinkles head
Kunj: arey paglii not that accident… accident like something happening
Twinkle: (embarassed) oh umm i knew it nd who asked u to talk
Kunj: why should i ask ur permission
Mahi: stopp u both started again
They four share some cute talks nd twinj fight with each other twinkle notices in between mahi nd uvi sharing eye locks she thinks something

Next day
Everyone comes to the dining table for breakfast kuhi the bacha party and anita they all sit for break fast kunj was sitting sadly as twinkle was not there
Kunj soul talk: why do i have to miss her i just know her for 2 days
Deepika: i will eat with twinkle dii she will be alone
Mahi looks at kunj she thinks somthing
Mahi: why dont we all eat break fast with twinkle in her room we will have fun
Mahi looks at kunj who was happy to hear unknowingly he agreed the bacha party noticed this nd smiles

Twinkles room
twinkle is sitting on the bed not knowing what to do
Twinkle self talk: if i will sit here i will die because of bore… i was cleaning the house my time was passing god knows what they all r doing together… y dont i try to walk… yes great idea
Twinkle moves her blanket she keeps her legs down nd tells her self that she can do it she stands up on the other leg she breaths heavily nd takes the other step she couldnt control the pain she was about to fall down but our hero kunj comes nd holds her by wraist they share an eyelock (sajna ve plays) everyone enters the room except anita they all see twinj in this state nd smiles thinking they r falling for each other mahi coughs twinj becomes conscious kunj makes twinkle sit
Kunj: what were u trying to do??
Twinkle: umm..i…wo… i was trying..t..to…wa..wal…walk
Kunj: r u out of ur mind… u cant even walk but u have to walk very good… u have sweared right u wont walk on the path what others say especially me right??
Twinkle: achaa naa y r u getting angry on me… i was bored
Kunj: u… u know what just forget it i dont even know y i am talking to u
He leaves in anger while everyone looks at twinkle
Twinkle: what i didnt do anything
Mahi comes to twinkle nd sits beside her
Mahi: u know twinkle… kunj is not like this normally he gets angry on someone who he likes or love
twinkle is surprised
Mahi: anyways come lets have break fast i will bring kunj
Avni soul talk: i dont even have to do anything (she smiles)
Mahi brings kunj is the room where everyone is sitting nd eating mahi intentionally makes kunj sit beside twinkle kunj looks at twinkle nd ignores her twinkle feels bad
Twinkle soul talk: y am i feeling bad if he is ignoring me i dont care what he do or dont do… but i should tell him sorry
Twinkle: umm kunn
Before she continues kunj speaks up
Kunj: dii tell everyone im not interested to talk now
Twinkle: dii tell someone over her here that there is a person who is trying to ask sorry
Kunj: dii tell someone here that im dont want to listen anything (he turns to twinkle)
Twinkle: dii tell someone here that i will talk nd he wont be able to stop me (she turns to kunj)
The bacha party laughs silently while mahi to joins them
Kunj: dii tell someone here that im not interested (looking at twinkle)
Twinkle: dii tell someone here that im sorry nd i will not repeat it again
Twinj r staring at each other kunj in anger nd twinkle with innocent face they realize what they were doing twinj turns to them nd feels awkward
Paro comes to twinkle nd whispers something in her ear twinkle smiles screen freezes

Precape: uhi meet again mahi tells about her thinking about twinj uvi is shocked

Hope u guyzz like it love u all ???

Credit to: Sweetie

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