Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 59


Hey guyzz i guess u all r satisfied with my episode nd u all might be confused read this episode nd u will know that… nd thank u soo much kavina, aarti, alisha, sonali, sidmin, sam, ahana, rashi verma, ria, zayb_zikr, nataksha, cutie pie, ritzi, abc, callmenazu, aliza nd thank u for u support again… i love u all ????

The episode starts with twinj hugging twinkle breaks the hug she touches kunjs face he moans in pain twinkle gets teary eyed
Twinkle: kunj sit here i will just come
Kunj nods he goes to the bed where pari nd purvi r
Kunj: hello my princesses?? How r u?? Sorry daddy came late
Twinkle comes back with first aid box
Twinkle: kunj!!!! Dont wake them up
Kunj nods
Twinkle: come here
Kunj comes twinkles makes him sit on the bed twinkle starts to clean the blood on his face she blows his wound kunj looks at her lovingly (sajna ve plays) twinkles tears falls from her eyes kunj stops her he kisses her eyes nd nods her in no twinkle smiles she cleans it kunj cups her face nd coming close twinkle closes her eyes they r just a mili meter away there lips almost touches just then pari cries twinkle hurridely gets up nd tries to make her quite kunj takes pari he moves her up nd down she becomes quite nd sleeps he keeps her back in bed twinkle smiles kunj holds twinkles hand nd they both go to the balcony they both r standing hugging each other from side nd looking at the sky
Kunj: being away from u all is like a year even tough im away only in the day
Twinkle: u know i miss u when u r not here with me
Kunj: i know i miss u too but what to do we have to know the truth
Twinkle: i wish to kill that maya if i havent understood what is wrong with u… u would have left us

Flashback starts
Twinj returns home from the hospital having pari nd purvi in their hands they enter the room twinkles sees a suitcase
Twinkle: what is this kunj??
Placing pari nd purvi gently on the bed
Kunj: umm this… i… i am going to london for some sort of meeting
Twinkle: this much big bag??
Kunj: umm yeah
He goes towards the bag nd touches it twinkle comes nd back hugs him
Twinkle: i will miss u for how many days u r going??… kunj dont go na i just returned from hospital nd u r leaving (still hugging him) look kunj our life is complete now our children with us u me nd our sweet home plzz dont leave
Kunj is shown having tears in his eyes they r continuosly falling he controls himself
Kunj: im sorry twinkle i have to go… im going to washroom
He leaves while twinkle is standing there confused
Twinkle: uff comeon let us see what packing he did
She opens his bag nd starts to see the stuff she is shocked as they dont have any cloths of kunj just two three pants nd 3 shirts nd the bag is filled with her nd everyones pictures twinkles dupatta her gifts everything that belongs to twinkle she gets confused kunj comes out having towel in his hands he looks at twinkle who is surprised he hurridely goes to the bag nd closes it
Kunj: why do u have to open it??
Twinkle: what wrong kunj?? Where r u going??
Kunj: i told u im leaving for some meeting… nd stop asking me stupid questions
Twinkle makes him face her
Twinmle: kunj tell me whats wrong??
Kunj: i told u nothing
Twinkle: i feel that something is wrong tell me plzzz
Kunj screams
Twinkle is shocked at his behavior
Kunj: im sorry im leaving today nd going for a month
He takes the bag nd is leaving twinkle pulls him to her nd holds his collar nd kisses him on his lips kunj closes his eyes as he feels her touch he forgets everything he leaves the bag nd pulls her close by her waist twinkle moves back for a breath she again kisses him kunj looses his control he moves his lips on her neck twinkle speaks
Twinkle: what is wrong kunj??
Kunj stops he leaves her waist nd moves back
Kunj: i should leave
Twinkle: i wont let u go
Kunj turns to leave
Twinkle: i will wait for u… for my whole life (it echoes)
Kunj stops he gets teary eyed he turns nd hugs her tightly she too hugs him back twinkle breaks the hug kunj narrates everything that maya told twinkle smiles
Twinkle: that maya is not going to change do as i say…. u have to be away from me until we find the truth
Kunj: what no i dont want to stay away from u
Twinkle: we should
She tells him his idea nd he agrees
Flashback ends

Kunj: im sorry i was so stupid
Twinkle: u r stupid nd u will always be stupid
Kunj: not more than u… if i havent think of a way to meet u everyday we both would have living without each other

Kunj is sleeping with maya in her home one of the condition of maya he takes the chloroform puts in on some cloth nd makes maya unconscious he escapes from there nd meets twinkle he do this every single day
Flashback ends

Twinkle: afterall u got this brain by living with me
Kunj: oh please!!! U r getting intelligent by living with me
Twinkle: whatever… come lets sleep
She breaks the hug nd holds his hand nd is leaving towards the room but kunj stops her twinkle turns
Twinkle: what?
Kunj: me nd u will sleep together??
Twinkle: no u on the couch idiot… of course yes we r sleeping like that only
Kunj: chill my pathaka siyappa queen i was just teasing u
Twinkle: wow another name… i hate u
Kunj pulls her by her hand nd keeps his hand on her waist kunj smiles
Kunj: but i love u
Twinkle: i hate u
Kunj pulls her more close
Kunj: but i love u
Twinkle looses her control
Twinkle: i love u 2
Twinj smiles kunj touches her head with his he then carries her in his arms nd to the bed he makes her lay on the bed twinkle keeps her head on his chest kunj wraps his arms around her
Twinkle: kunj u know when bhaii was bringing rod towards u my heart stopped it was like i would never see u again
Kunj: oyee twinkle it will be nothing like that… uk i smiled when he brought the rod towards me because ik my wife will never let anything happen to me
Twinkle looks at him he smiles at her kunj holds her head from behind nd comes closer he kisses her forehead twinkle does her face up nd makes her lips meet with his kunj enjoys the moment the kiss was slow nd romantic enough to melt anyones heart they both break the hug twinkle comes back to her position
Twinkle: did u find about who is mayas childs father??
Kunj: im really close… for 9 months we r finding him he will not be hidden for so long once i find him then u me pari nd purvi will be together
Twinkle: i just wish this day comes soon
Kunj: it will my love
Kunj kisses her hair just then pari cries twinj gets up
Kunj: they r not letting me to romance with my wife
Twinkle giggles nd hits him on the shoulder
Twinkle: dont u dare tell anything to them… they r my babies
Kunj: mine too but just like u
Twinkle: dont worry my dear husband they will becomes like u when they grow up
Twinkle stands nd takes pari in her hands
Twinkle: maybe she is hungry kunj??!!!
Kunj: yes
Twinkle: take her i will be right back
Kunj: she is hungry feed her (smiling naughtily)
Twinkle: aapke irade naik nahi lagrahey janab… now shutup nd take her
Twinkles goes nd brings a feeder bottle twinkle takes pari from kunj nd keeps her in her lap nd starts to feed her by the bottle kunj looks at her nd smiles the bottle gets finished twinkle takes pari in her shoulder nd sings a lullaby

Chanda Hai Tu, Mera Suraj Hai Tu, O Meri Aankhon Ka Tara Hai Tu
Jiti Hu Main Bas Tujhe Dekhakar, Iss Tute Dil Ka Sahara Hai Tu
Chanda Hai Tu, Mera Suraj Hai Tu


Tu Khele Khel Kayi, Mera Khilona Hai Tu
Tu Khele Khel Kayi, Mera Khilona Hai Tu
Jisase Bandhi Har Aasha Meri, Mera Wo Sapna Salona Hai Tu
Nanhasa Hai Kitana Sundar Hai Tu, Chhotasa Hai Kitana Pyara Hai Tu
Chanda Hai Tu, Mera Suraj Hai Tu

Pari sleeps twinkle keeps her beside her twinkle looks at kunj who is peacfully sleeping on her lap twinkle caresses his hair she kisses him on the forehead nd sleeps in sitting position screen freezes

Precape: not yet decided

Hope u all like it… forgive me for any mistakes… i love u all ???
Nd about ending the ff…. every ff should end tomorrow or someday im really sorry if im hurting u guyzz by ending the ff… soon after ending this i will start a new one… A VERY BIG SORRY FOR EACH AND EVERYONE… I LOVE U ALL ???

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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