Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 58

Hey guyzz as expected i know u all will be mad at me as i always seperate kunj im sorry for that as i dont get anything in my small brain… i came up with a nice story line which i hope u all will like it… nd thank u everyone for u comments probably rotten tomatoes it was expected but still thank u soo much nd i love u all ????????

The episode starts with kunj comes to twinkle in the hospital he eyes his two daughters who r peacefully sleeping in twinkles arms she looks at him nd smiles he smiles back with hurt eyes kunj comes nd sits beside her caressing the babies tear drop falls from his eyes twinkle wipes it kunj holds her hand
Kunj: thank u… i love u
Twinkle: i love u 2… but all of the sudden??
Kunj gets teary eyed he controls them
Kunj: nothing like that… i cant express my feelings

Twinkle: sure u can… i love u mr kunj sarna
Kunj hugs her tightly (sajna ve plays) he is not letting her go as he know he wont be able to see her again twinkle is confused but hugs him also just then one of the baby cries kunj moves back he holds her in his arms nd is making her keep quite twinkle smiles
Twinkle: u r going to be a nice dad
Kunj looks at her nd smiles
Kunj: i wish… umm i have to go i will just come
Twinkle nods kunj leaves kissing all three of them

Next scene
leap of 9 months
Twinkle is shown standing in the balcony wearing a sari just then usha comes from behind
Usha: twinkle beta dinner??
Twinkle: yes mummyjii i will just come
Usha comes nd keeps her hand on her shoulder
Usha: im sorry twinkle… if i knew where kunj is u wouldnt suffer this
Twinkle: no mummyjii i moved on in my life nd i know what kunj did is wrong i wont forgive him for that
Usha: how did u manage to live 9 months without him
Twinkle: his love gave me the strength but i hate him he left me when i needed him when we needed him

Usha: im sorry… come lets have dinner
Twinkles nods they comes down mahi uvi r sitting on the dining table the bacha party doesnt live with them as they have shifted to anita house because she came back but they all keep meeting each other twinkle sits on her regular chair nd looks at the chair beside her she moves her hand on the chair recalling how kunj used to sit nd eat here mahi nd uvi sees this
Uvi: ahem maa the food is soo good this palak paneer yummmyyy
Twinkle comes in her senses
Twinkle: what palak paneers i also want
Mahi: no my dear behen u wont have it…
Uvi: ohoo dont tell like that… by the way twinkle where r pari nd purvi?? (Twinkles twins)
Twinkle: oh bhaii they r sleeping as….
Before she continues someone rings the bell

Twinkle: i will see
She gets up nd goes towards the door she keeps her hand on the handles nd stops wind blows twinkle opens the door she gets the shock of her life she moves back
Usha: who is it twinkle??
Just then someone enters the house his shoes shining a black coat with white shirt nd blue jeans he is revealed to be kunj uhi nd usha r shocked twinkle gets teary eyed uvi gets angry nd comes to him nd holds his collar
Uvi: how dare u enter this house?? How dare u ruin my sisters life??
Kunj with full attitude
Kunj: well my wish my dear brother in law
Twinkle is standing there full shock usha comes nd chaataaakkk he gets a tight slap on his face
Usha: how did u play with someones feeling kunj… how dare u… i cant even believe that u r my son do u know how much twinkle suffered for u how much ur children suffered for u…. i dont…..
Before she continues kunj interrupts

Kunj: oh come on stop it maa… i dont care anywayzz i just came here to inform u all that thi……
Again chaataaakkkk from mahi
Mahi: i always used to be proud of u that u r my brother but from the day u left twinkles side i was cursing u that y were u even born… i never thought that u kunj u can do this… look at her look at the face ur wife (twinkle was crying) she missed u each nd every single day… she hates u now i cant believ……
Kunj interrupts
Kunj: sssshhhh i didnt come here to listen to ur bakwass i dont care what nd how she lived i just came here to inform u that this house belongs to me now
All r hell shocked
Twinkle: what nonsense is this… i dont mind what u did with me… but if this continues i swear i will call police get lost
She pushes kunj with hurt eyes kunj holds her hand nd tightens the grip
Kunj: dont push me ex wife
They get more shocked the shock of their life

Kunj: i divorced u… nd i married maya
Twinkle is shattered she couldnt believe her ears from the one who she loved with all her hearts nd can do anything for her betrayed her which she never thought twinkle feels dizzy mahi holds her tears falling from everyones eyes uvi gets hell angry he starts to beat kunj
Uvi: what the f*** u r talking… how could u do this (beating kunj) u betrayed my sister for that maya i will kill u
Uvi hits him so hard that kunj falls down bleeding from his mouth head nd hand uvi takes hold of one of the rod nd is moving towards kunj he is about to hit him
Uvi stops

Uvi: twinkle??
Twinkle comes running nd holds the rod
Twinkle: whatever he did was wrong… i love him nd i will always love him i cant see him in pain… plzz dont do this
Uvi gets teary eyed he throws the rod away kunj gets up struggling twinkles back towards kunj she is crying

Kunj: hahhaa did u see that… she will always love me… i want to inform u all that u have clear this house within 2 weeks as my family will come here to live nd if anyone is having doubt u can take a look at these papers they r real (uvi takes them nd is shocked) well now u believe me… well i can be more good for u as u all were nd are my family u can stay with me… unless my ex wife wont mind… oh im soo sorry i forgot she loves me she wont handle me being near my dear wife maya
Twinkle gets angry she wipes her tears nd turns towards him
Twinkle: done
All r surprised
Kunj: done what?
Twinkle: we will live with u… nd i will show u how much u mean to me (angrily)
Kunj: oh then okay… we will be shifting here tomorrow make sure everything is neat nd clean nd i will take the room where u r living
Twinkle: im so sorry mr kunj sarna that room belongs to me because my husband used to stay there u wont know that
Kunj: fair enough of i will take the room beside that
Twinkle: okk… just come nd clean ur own room

Kunj nods with full attitude he leaves everyone stands there surprised
Usha: what was the need to fight with him??
Mahi: what was the need to say yes… u know that we cant see u in pain why did u do that
Twinkle gets angry nd screams
Uvi: no baby no
Twinkle: plzz bhaii i know what i have done it was for everyones good… i cant see him troubling u all again… its really late we should sleep
Telling this twinkles leaves
Uvi: this girl is out of her mind
Mahi keeps her hand on his shoulder
Mahi: she thought about us

They eyes her

Next scene
Twinkle is cleaning the bed whereas pari nd purvi nd sleeping in their small bed twinkle is putting the pillows a shadow comes towards her twinkle is unaware of it the shadow comes near nd near he holds her waist twinkle is about to scream but the shadow keeps the hand on her mouth twinkle turns she is relieved
Twinkle: ufff…. u scared me kunj
It is revealed to be kunj
Kunj: its ok my siyappa queen
Twinj smiles nd hugs each other screen freezes

Precape: not decided

As i told u guyzz i will be ending this ff i guess just 3 or 2 or maybe 4 episodes left plzz bear it with all ur hatred nd plzz support me in this…!!!
I love u all ??????

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  1. What noooooo!!!!!! Please don’t end this ff so soon. I loved this episode. I have an idea of what might happen but will keep it to myself. I feel like if I say update soon then the ff will end soon so take your time.

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  3. Amazing ?? Please upload daily it’s really good that I can’t even type how good it is. And I think that this was the plan on twinkle and kunj

  4. hey what’s this haa. its means its all Maya plan. I guess Maya has blackmail Kunj for some reason but I’m happy that twinkle had already known about it great episode. waiting for next

  5. Sidmin(twinj)

    Hii sweetie ur ff s one of the best ffs dr…i lyk it to infinity…plz don’t end dr…its vry gud no words to say hw gud ur ff s…plz don’t end dr…I tot ul reach century bt no ur planning to end it…y u wnt to end dr…plzzzzzz don’t end dr…plz fr our sake don’t end n continue n try to reach century… Ready ur ff HS bcom my hobby… It’s really one of the best ffs dr

  6. Awesome wonder what is this twist

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  10. No plz noooo u can’t end it plzzzzz btw osm epi dear loved it so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont soon

  11. Plzzzz don’t end it plzzzz…waiting for the nxt episode .. LUV U..

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  15. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    plz dont end it soon….plz …its amazing….todays episode was awesome….

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