Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 57


Hey guyzz firstly thank u soo much for ur support comments love etc i cant thank u guyzz enough nd second letting u guyzz know im gonna end this ff soon after that i will be starting a new ff the story came in my mind so yeah….. thank u all I LOVE U ALL ?????

The episode twinkle cutting vegetables in the kitchen she takes the glass nd is pouring water the glass falls down nd its breaks twinkle sits down picking up the glass usha comes there but doesnt see twinkle… usha comes there nd is about to come to the glass pieces twinkle keeps her palm under her feet twinkle screams
Twinkle: mummyjiii!
Usha gets shocked nd moves back twinkles hand starts bleeding kunj nd uhi comes there kunj is shocked to see her hand bleeding he quickly goes to twinkle nd takes her to the room but before that twinkle looks at usha who is standing there surprised mahi speaks up
Mahi: look maa this is twinkle… u dont like her but she is ful filling all the responsibility of being a bahu
Usha thinks
Mahi: i know u dont like her but maa u wont get a nice bahu then twinkle… think about it
Telling this uvi nd mahi leaves usha stands there confused she recalls every attempt of twinkle to gain her respect infront of ushas eyes she recalls how she saved her from getting hurt

Next scene
Kunj brings twinkle in the room nd is searching for the first aid box while twinkle is blowing the wound
Kunj: oh god where the hell is the first aid
Twinkle: kunj its ok i m fine
Kunj: u shut up twinkle… u r like a child only dont know how to take care of urself u could have warned maa but noo u have to be a heroine
Twinkle: enough kunj… i didnt know about maa is there nd i got hurt u r scolding me
Kunj: so what should i do… praise u ok fine omg twinkle u r a heroine
Twinkle: i hate u…!!
She looks other side kunj angrily looks at her nd again starts finding the first aid he gets it nd brings it twinkle who is avoiding him he takes her hand (sajna ve plays) twinkle jerks her hand kunj takes it again nd holds it tightly kunj takes the cotton nd starts cleaning the blood twinkle feels pain kunj blows her wound twinkle smiles kunj looks at her twinkle stops smiling nd ignores him kunj dresses her wound kunj cups her face
Kunj: im sorry
Twinkle smiles
Twinkle: its ok
Kunj: i love u
Twinkle: i love u 2
They both smile kunj kisses her forehead

Next scene
Twinj comes to the dining table kunj holding twinkle by her hand nd walking slowly till the table she comes to her seat usha comes nd pulls the seat twinj r surprised usha smiles nd signs her to sit twinkle sits surprisingly kunj sits beside her uhi nd bacha party looks on usha serves the food to twinkle nd asks her to eat
Usha sits beside her nd gives her milk
Usha: drink the milk twinkle it will be good for ur health
Twinkle: mummyji??
Usha holds her hand
Usha: im sorry twinkle i didnt find the true nd pure side of urs plzz forgive me
Twinkle gets teary eyed nd looks at kunj who is smiling
Twinkle: its ok mummyjii nd y r u asking apology elders only orders ok
Usha smiles she touches her head with her
Usha: thank u twinkle
Everyone share family moment

Next scene
Uvi kunj usha leela nd bacha party r waiting outside the two rooms doctor comes out from mahis room
Uvi: what happened doctor??
Doctor: congratulations mr uvi u r blessed with a boy
Uvi gets hell happy usha nd leela hugs each other the bacha party jumps with joy unj hugs each other uvi goes to the room nd looks at mahi who is smiling uvi comes nd sits beside her
Uvi: thank u mahi
Mahi smiles nd signs him to look at the baby he turns nd finds the baby cute nd small he gets teary eyed nd holds him in his arms he again looks at mahi who is smiling uvi kisses the baby on his forehead

Next scene
Doctor comes out from twinkles room kunj stands there tensed
Doctor: mr kunj… umm because of her high bp ur wife is unconscious
Kunj gets shocked
Kunj: b..but …is she.. ok??
Doctor: yeah she is ok
Kunj: what about the babies??
Doctor: im sorry mr kunj…… (kunj is shattered but the doctor continues) u r life is going to be a mess because the girls r fine
Kunj gets relieved nd hell happy he jumps up nd down nd hugs the doctor
Kunj: thank u soo much doctor… thank u soo much can i meet her
Doctor: yes but plzz bring these etc etc medicines
Kunj nods nd leaves

Next scene
Kunj is standing nd waiting in line for the medicines just then he spots maya over there who is having a child in her hand kunj is shocked maya is talking with some doctors he angrily goes to her nd turns her maya is shocked to see him
Kunj: u married nd got pregnant also… i cant forget what u did with my twinkle i will punish u for that
Maya: kunj… i didnt came here to see u
Kunj: what about the baby… is this someone elses baby u being pregnant nd roaming around
Maya: kunj behave urself yes i did bad with twinkle… but dont u dare tell me anything otherwise i will ruin ur life
Kunj: how?? By killing me?? Fine i dont mind
Maya: not by killing u… by telling the truth to twinkle
Kunj becomes confused
Kunj: what truth
Maya: that THIS BABY IS URS (it echoes)
Kunj is shocked but then smiles afterwards
Kunj: do i look like a fool to u??
Maya: im telling the truth i came here for the DNA tests nd i found the truth
Kunj: how can i believe u… u r a cheap woman who can cross her limits
Maya: really kunj… ok fine ik i am cheap but the reports wont lie… here take a look
Kunj angrily takes the report nd is shocked to see it maya smirks
Kunj: this is not possible i didnt even come close to u…!!
Maya: u did my ex bf u did… then what r these proofs
Kunj: this is all lie i dont believe u
Maya: fine then twinkle will
She turns to leave kunj holds her
Kunj: tell me the truth
Maya: ok my ex bf the truth is do u remember when i made u think that u r my husband thats when we came close
Kunj: i never came close to u… i never did
Maya: u did… dont u remember when first u came in ur senses i told u that im ur wife u kissed me
Kunj starts to recall it but doesnt he is not able to understand anything he is shattered maya smirks
Maya: ok… movie is over now the truth goes to twinkle
She turns
Kunj: plzz dont tell her anything
Maya: why not?
Kunj: plzzz… i will do anything u say
Maya smirks evilly screen freezes

Precape: twinj seperated leap of 9 months

Hope u all like it… nd im sorry for the seperation but they will reunite soon… as this ff is coming to an end… I LOVE U ALL ???

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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  1. are meri maa ek baat batau twinj se kuch problem hai kya ……….y u always seperate them……but yr ff is awesome….

  2. I hate this maya want to kill her….
    Bt epi was gud

  3. Again seperation
    Not fair

  4. again separation ……. dis maya jst hate her …..

  5. common sweetie its nt fair….again separation…?? bt it is awesm till nw…loved it..

  6. Not seperation again…..I can’t bear it bt as u told u will unite thm sooon n do cont soon plzzzzz

  7. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    awesome yaar ….u bought a good twist….but twinj separation….n will miss ur ff..but come with another great storyline..

  8. Sweetie plzzz not again this Maya but anyways its ur ff n is super interesting..Plzzz update asap

  9. Awesome loved it wonder what happens now

  10. I dont like this maya role…pls unite twinkle and kunj soon

  11. I just love your FF ?

  12. Awesome episode…..but yaar plz twinj ko zyaada time ke liye separate mat krna……and this maya I will kill her……but love u ????

  13. Kunj had memory loss though he get to know abt Maya n everything but how he knows that he didn’t go close to Maya as this was smthng personal which he n Maya knew only
    Sorry if u didn’t lyk my doubt
    But overall ur ff is very exciting n nice keep it up 🙂 🙂

  14. Nice yrr but again separation not fair yrr

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