Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 56


Hii guyzz how r u all?? Im fine well im sooo soo soo glad that i started writing the ff because of that i got many friends… thank u everyone nd enough of my bak bak… i just love u all ?????
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The episode starts with twinj hugging each other they break the hug
Twinkle: soo… is this the surprise
Kunj: what do u mean by this is the only surprise u didnt like it??
Twinkle: no…. i loved it… but u know i thought u planned something else for me
Kunj: really siyappa queen first i sang for u second i propose third…. wait third thing didnt happen
Twinkle: what third thing??
Kunj smirks naughtily nd comes towards twinkle who moves back until she is stopped by a wall kunj comes to her nd pulls her close by her waist
Twinkle: kunj…we…we should go
Twinkle pushes him slightly nd i going kunj stops her by pulling her sari (soch na sake plays) twinkle breaths heavily kunj comes to her nd moves her hair otherside he then keeps his one of the hand on her stomach twinkle closes her he moves his hand sensually twinkle clutches her sari kunj then kisses her neck twinkle feels shy she turns nd hugs him kunj smiles he moves back while twinkle is still hugging him they both fall on the bed twinkle top of kunj still hugging him twinkle blushes badly she breaks the hug nd looks at kunj who is smiling at her he then turns her nd comes top of her twinkle holds his collar kunj comes close to her for a kiss
Twinkle: stop it kunj!!
Kunj: why r u nervous??
Twinkle: no but what will they both think??
Kunj: who both?? (Still coming close)
Twinkle: arey kunj our twins
Kunj moves back
Kunj: oh yeah i forgot
Twinkle: u always forget
Kunj smiles nd thinks something nd comes close to her
Twinkle: kunjjj
Kunj: i thought about this they will feel that their papa loves their mother a lot
Twinkle smiles
Twinkle: I LOVE U
Kunj: I LOVE U 2
The song continues kunj comes close nd kisses her neck twinkle clutches his shirt he moves the other side nd kisses her neck he turns twinkle comes top of him twinkle smiles nd kisses his cheek followed by his neck she unbuttons his shirt kunj moves his hand on her bare stomach nd opens her blouse twinkle kisses his neck nd comes to his face kunj cups her face with one hand twinkle comes close kunj licks his lips finally they share a sweet slow nd cute liplock they move back to breath nd again kiss each other they both break it nd lay down on the bed hugging each other twinkles head resting on kunjs chest they both sleep peacefully

Next scene
Everyone is sitting nd having breakfast twinj returns from outside hand in hand everyone looks at them nd smiles uhi looks at each other nd smirks
Mahi: where were u both??
Twinj leaves the hand
Twinkle: we…we…
Uvii: what my dear sister… nd what is this why is kunj blushing
twinkle looks at kunj nd asks him to stop blushing kunj becomes serious
Kunj: nothin bhaii cant i blush
Uvi: yes u can bu…..
Before he continues kunj interrupts
Kunj: yeah yeah i know we can… do u understand what does we mean… it includes u also… bhaii u also blush when mahi dii comes close to u
Uvi: wo toh haii… (he stops realizing what he told)
Mahi angrily glares at uvi while twinj nd bacha party laughs secretly
Uvi: mera matlab hai… k… what hah u both go to ur room
Twinj leaves mahi looks at uvi angrily
Uvi self talk: iss kunj ney toh puri bazi merey per hi palat dii… ab mahi mujhey kacha chaba jayegii (sorry dont know how to translate this)

Next scene
Twinj comes to the room laughing
Twinkle: hahaha kunj did u saw how mahi dii was staring at uvi omg!!!!
Kunj: hahaah i know right… they were trying to tease us but we did that to them
Twinj laughs nd sits on the bed twinkle keeps laughing kunj stops and looks at her lovingly (sajna ve plays) twinkle speaks
Twinkle: but kunj y were u blushing??
Kunj: what do u mean by y i was blushing… if this much hot wife is coming close to u then how will u feel hah
Twinkle: jhoot bolna to koi tumsey seekhey (someone should learn to lie from u)
Telling this she gets up to go but kunj pulls her nd she sits on his lap kunj holds her tightly
Twinkle: kunj leave me!!!!
Kunj: naa… how can i
Twinkle: kunjjjj
Kunj: twinkleeee
Twinkle: leave me
Kunj: ok… but first i should get something
Twinkle: what do u want??
Kunj: ummm its normal for me ok… i want….. kiss
Twinkle: haawww no kiss wiss u leave me
Kunj: fine then i wont leave u
Twinkle: yeah ok
Kunj: yeah naa ok but if someone will come nd look at us like this what will they think hah (trying to tease her) but yeah dont worry u sit like this only on “my lap”
Twinkle: kunj very bad ok… leave me
Kunj: just give me a kiss i will leave u
Twinkle: mahii dii u here??
Kunj leaves her twinkle stands kunj realizes she was just acting
Kunj: very bad i wont talk to u
He turns the other side
Twinkle: kunj!!!
Kunj ignores her twinkle comes to him nd makes him turn to her she pulls his collar nd kisses him on the lips nd pushes him kunj stands there in a shock but then smiles
Twinkle: is that ok now??
Kunj: yup better than ok… by the way i just told u to kiss i didnt tell u to kiss on my lips
Twinkle blushes
Kunj: so u too like kissing me
Twinkle: its nothing like that… i didnt know that nd yeah before telling something make everything clear
She leaves kunj smiles rubbing his hair

Next scene
7 months passes twinkle nd mahi have cute baby bumps they both r in a very good care by uvi kunj nd bacha party usha is still hating twinkle while she tries everything make it up to her twinj romance each other

Next scene
Twinj sitting in the balcony with chairs nd drinking tea
Kunj: oh god cant wait just one more month nd i will be a dad soon
Twinkle: keep calm mr husband im also waiting
Kunj holds twinkles hand
Kunj: twinkle u have no idea how much happiness u r giving i dont want anything else now… u know i had a dream i will have a house with my own money when i will return home u will be waiting for me we will have lunch together then our children will come back from school we will go out thats when my life will be completed…. when our life will be completed
Twinkle gets teary eyed
Twinkle: it will kunj it will…!!!
Twinj hugs each other twinkle gets painn
Twinkle: ooucchh
Kunj gets tensed
Kunj: what happened twinkle??!!
Twinkle controls the pain nd smiles
Twinkle: they both kicked
Kunj: really!!! I also want to feel
He keeps his hand on her stomach nd feels it again a kick comes kunj smiles brightly nd kisses twinkles stomach
Twinkle: oyee im also here
Kunj: ahan being romantic hah
They both smile kunj kisses her forehead screen freezes

Precape: twinj blessed with two baby girls nd mahi with a boy

Hope u all like it…!!!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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