Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 55


Hey guyzz thank u all soo much… even tough im posting late but u guyz never stop praising me… im blessed thank u soo much loveleen, panchi, zayb, ZOYA, sanam, callmenazu, mannat, harna, aliza, shamz and lama sorry if i missed anyone
Nd aliza u should know who is writing the ff ??? (just kidding) dont mind im sorry if u felt bad…. still thank u soo much everyone even the silent readers back to my episode

The episode starts with twinj rushing down in the hall nd is shocked to see uvi standing on the sofa nd mahi holding a broom nd is hitting him while uvi screams
Uvi: aaahhhh mahii no jaan im sorry
Mahi: what sorry hah… u had a girl friend nd u didnt tell me
Mahi hits him again the bacha comes there nd burst into laughter twinj also laugh uvi runs from the sofa nd goes to the dinning table
Uvi: jaan im sorry… mein kunj ki baaton mein aagaya thaa (i came in kunjs talk)
Mahi: achaa u both wait where is my lovely brother
Twinkle looks at kunj mahi comes to kunj
Kunj: dii how r u so pretty??
Mahi: oh really my dear brother stop buttering me
Kunj: buttering dii nd me no wayz… i wanna tell u the truth… twinkle told me to do this
Twinkle is shocked
Twinkle: WHAATT!!!
kunj signs her to keep quite twinkle looks at him angrily kunj again pleads twinkle doesnt bother
Twinkle: dii hit them both… i dont even know what they r talking about
Mahi: u r accusing my lovely sister kunj!!!!!!
Kunj runs to the dining table where uvi is mahi comes there
Mahi: i wont leave u both
Uvi: jaan… jaan ummm (he sings) oh meri zhor jami tujhko maloom nahi tu abhi tak hai haseen aur mein jawann
Mahi: it wont work on me dear husband
Mahi comes the side unj moves from there nd comes opposite
Mahi: twinkle come here… hold them both from there
Twinkle salutes her: yes maam
Twinkle comes there kunj signs her please twinkle smirks mahi comes there unj runs from there twinkle is catching kunj while mahi is catching uvi the bacha party enjoys it nd laughs twinkle is standing on the stairs nd looking for kunj he comes from behind nd scares her twinkle gets scared her leg slips she falls from the stairs kunj is shocked he gets teary eyed nd screams twinkles name
Kunj: TWINKLEE!!!!
Twinkle rolls down the stairs nd becomes unconscious kunj runs to her everyone comes there twinkles head starts bleeding
Kunj: omg twinkle… plzz wakeup twinkle…. this is all because of me twinkle plzzz wake up
Mahi: kunj there is no time to talk just take her to the hospital fast
Uvi: twinkle wake up plzz
The bacha party cries kunj lifts twinkle in his arms nd rushes to his car he makes her lay on the back seat nd drives
Kunj self talk: this is all because of me… i hope our baby is fine… (he keeps his one hand on twinkle nd other on the wheel he tries to wake her up but she doesnt get up

Next scene
Everyone is waiting outside the room while twinkle is being checked kunj eyes fills with tears the doctor comes out kunj gets scared
Kunj: do..doc..doctor…. ho..how is… she??
Doctor: umm mr kunj u r going to have a lot of responsibility
Uvi: what do u mean doctor?? Is my sister fine or no???
Mahi: plzz doctor tell us fast
Doctor: im sorry……
Before he continues kunj interrupts
Kunj: what do u mean by im sorry hah?? (He holds doctors collar) i dont want anything happen to her did u get that
Doctor: relax mr kunj… i was just telling im sorry i cant tell u anything… mrs sarna told she will tell herself
Kunj: can i meet her?
Doctor: sure
Kunj opens the door nd looks at twinkle who is sitting with bandage on her head nd blushing kunj comes to her with teary eyed nd hugs her
Kunj: twinkle im so sorry this is all because of me…. im really sorry… i should not have scared u i want to curse myse…..
Twinkle stops him
Twinkle: sssshhh dont tell like that… its good u did that warna we wont get the news
Kunj: what do u mean by news… (he gets tensed) u ok right??!!… what about our baby… is…he…f…fi..fine??
Twinkle becomes sad
Twinkle: he is not fine
Kunj gets shocked he stands up with tears falling from his eyes
Kunj: wh…what…do u…me…mean?
Twinkle: he is not alone now… nd u have a very big responsibilty
Kunj: twinkle tell me straight is he fine or no
Twinkle smiles
Twinkle: they both r more than fine
Kunj gets relieved
Kunj: thank god (he realizes what she told) both??
Twinkle blushes kunj sits beside her with happy face
Kunj: both!!!! U mean…..
Twinkle nods kunj gets hell happy nd hugs her tightly twinkle too hugs him back
Kunj: twinkle u have no idea how much happiness u gave me… thank u soo much
Twinkle: kunj i want to tell something for the past few days
Kunj breaks the hug he cups her face
Kunj: i know what u wanna tell??
Twinkle blushes nd smiles
Kunj: but u have to meet me at 6 in the blue royal hotel is that ok??
Twinkle nods bacha party nd uhi enters everyone smiling so badly
Mahi: omg twinkle im soo happy
Uvi: wow at once i became mamu twice
Twinj smiles
Everyone starts talking twinj holds hands nd smiles

Next scene
Twinkle gets ready with blue nd pink sari her hair rolled with matching jewellery looking adorable as usual… twinkle drives the car blushing nd smiling she reaches the place which is full dark twinkle gets scared just then the spotlight comes a man’s back is shown who is wearing black suit nd sings

Tujhse hi to mili hai rahat
Tu hi to meri hai chahat
Tujhse hi to judi zindagi


Teri yaadein hain kuch adhoori
Saans aadhi hai kuch hai poori
Aankhon mein hai kaisi ye nami
Mera mann, kehne laga
Paas aake na tu door jaa
Chhoone de, honth tere
Zara saanson mein apni basa aa…


Tujhe apna bana loon
Tujhe tujh se chura loon
Tujhe khud mein chhupa loon, Sahiba!
Ik mujh pe karam ho
Tu hi mera sanam ho
Teri mujh pe nazar ho, Sahiba!
Hmmm… aa aa…
Mar main jaaunga, reh na paaun
Gham judai ka seh na paaun
Aye tujhe pyaar ka vaasta
Teri yaadein hai kuchh adhoori
Saans aadhi hai kuch hai poori
Aankhon mein hai kaisi ye nami
Raat ke chaand tale
Aagosh mein meri tu aa
Baahon mein le lo mujhe
Zara sapno mein apne basa
Mera mann, kehne laga
Paas aake na tu door jaa
Chhoone de, honth tere
Zara saanson mein apni basaa…

Twinkle smiles nd hugs him he too hugs her back (sajna ve plays) the lights comes the room is decorated with table, heart shaped balloons, A BED with flower petals…!!!
Kunj breaks the hug
Kunj: so how did u like it??!!
Twinkle: i never thought u can sing so well
Kunj holds his shirt up as prasing himself twinkle smiles kunj takes him phone nd puts it on silent
Kunj: twinkle give me ur phone
Twinkle: why??!!
Kunj: i dont want any disturbance today
Twinkle blushes nd gives the phone to kunj
He puts her phone on silent twinkle smiles he then sits on his knees twinkle is surprised kunj looks at her straight to her eyes kunj speaks up
Kunj: twinkle… i never knew i will be falling for u so badly the way u handle me the way u fight the way u make me smiles the way u sleep i cant live without that now… this is like our second life before we promised we will be together for ever maybe this is what god wants this is our second life twinkle nd he wants us to stay together we have felt each others pain we have stayed with each other during the worst stage of life… i just dont want to know anything now about how we was before i just know that I LOVE YOU NOW…!!!! (twinkle gets teary eyed) I WONT LEAVE U EVER we may fight but i wont let u go (he stands) mrs twinkle kunj sarna… will u accept ur kharoose sarna nd bear him forever…. because he loves u very much… I LOVE U SIYAPPA QUEEN (the words echoes)
Twinkle gets happiness tears nd speaks
Twinkle: i mrs twinkle kunj sarna accepts my kharoose sarna nd will bear him for the rest of my life because I TOO LOVE HIM (it echoes)
Kunj smiles they both hug each other tightly like never before twinkle whispers
Twinkle: i love u kunj
Kunj: i love u twinkle
The hugs gets tight screen freezes

Precape: romance of twinj

Hope u all like it… sorry for any mistake….!!!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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