Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 54


Hey guyzz first of all IM REALLYY VERYY VERYYY SOORRRRYYYY im really sorry… my school is started nd i dont get time to write the episode but i will surely try to upload them as soon as possible nd
Sanam, roshini, tara, ankanksha, random fan u guyzz r amazing the ffs u write r mind blowing nd the other ff writer im sorry if i havent mention u all but they r too amazing i love u all ????
Sorry again nd back to my episode

The episode starts with avni nd twinkle sitting on the dining table nd avni is feeding twinkle as her hands her hurt twinkle keeps talking avni smiles kunj comes there nd look at this nd twinkle smiling
Kunj self talk: just little time siyappa queen i will tell u what i feel for u… nd i also know that u also feel the same for me… by the way u look so beautiful in decent dresses that i never found in any other girl… i love u siyappa queen i love u soo much
Kunj clears his throat nd comes to the table twinkle looks at kunj nd ignores him avni notices this
Avni: is everything ok??
Twinkle: yeah….
Kunj: hmmm
Avni: then y u both r acting like stranger
Twinkle: because…. ask kunj
Kunj: what ask me… ask her its all because of her
Twinkle: how mean kunj sarna… did i tell u to bring me back?
Kunj: it was for ur own safety siyappa queen
Twinkle: first of all stop calling me siyappa queen nd second im not a kid did u get that
Twinj continues to fight avni smiles looking at this
Avni soul talk: no matter what dii nd bhaiyya ur couple will remain unique no body can beat that not even romeo juliet because ur love is more pure than the ganga i just wish that u both stay together
Avni smiles everyone comes there
Mahi: aeee bhagwan kunj and twinkle tum dono ney phir sey shuru kardiya (u both started again) im fed up of all this stop it
Uvi: haa twinkle
Twinkle: what ha twinkle look at this kharoose sarna he is also started first
Kunj: haawww kitna jhoot bolti hai siyappa queen itna to jhoot mat bol iss masoom bachey ney kia bigara hai tera (haew dont lie this much siyappa queen what have this innocent child did to u?)
Twinkle: hahahaha acha joke the mr saru sarna aik aur bolo mujhey hasney ka bohut dill chahraha hai (very good joke mr saru sarna tell one more i want to laugh)
There is pin drop silence
Mahi: listen if u both will start again i will not leave u both nd second twinkle go nd get ready today is ur muh dikhayii
Twinkle: but dii tomorrow is reception we have to prepare for that
Mahi: we will take care of that nd u kunj
Kunj: jii dii
Mahi: dont act so smart u also get ready u have to sit with twinkle
Twinkle: yeah wear sari nd hide ur face
Everyone laughs kunj angrily glares at twinkle… twinkle looks at him nf runs from there

Next scene
Twinj room
Kunj comes there nd looks at twinkle who is struggling to wear the sari as her hands her hurt nd only wearing the skirt nd blouse kunj smirks he comes nd sits infront of her twinkle looks at him
Twinkle soul talk: oh babaji what kind of husband u gave he cant see im struggling to wear the sari but no he doesnt care… oh how did i fell in love with this saru sarna… wait twinkle r u out of ur mind he will make u wear the sari no ways u should not allow him
Twinkle tries again but is not able to she screams
Twinkle: DII AVNI DEEPIKA KOI HAII?? (Is anyone there)
Kunj: umm everyone went out for shopping
Twinkle: ufff
Kunj: (teasing her) why is there any problem my dear wife
Twinkle looks at him angrily
Twinkle soul talk: bol toh aisey raha haii isko nahi pata (he is telling like he dont know anything)
Twinkle turns nd starts to struggle kunj keeps laughing nd smiling looking at her struggle twinkle gets fed up she gets teary eyed but doesnt show to kunj as she turns otherside kunj keeps smiling twinkle tries again she gets hurt
Twinkle: aahhh ouchh ouchh
Kunj gets tensed he stands nd runs to her
Kunj: twinkle u ok?? (He looks at her crying)
Kunj soul talk: oh god she cried because of me im soo sorry twinkle… i cant see u crying
Kunj wipes twinkles tears she looks at him lovingly (sajna ve plays)
Kunj holds her sari nd ask her to move her hand she does he makes the plait twinkle looks at him lovingly he tucks the plait in her skirt twinkle closes her eyes as she feels the touch kunj looks at her nd smiles he then takes the left over part nd keeps it on her shoulder pinning it slowly so that twinkle doesnt get hurt twinkle opens her eyes kunj takes the earrings nd moves her hair otherside twinkle gets goosebumps because of his touch he does the same with other ear he then takes the necklace nd moves twinkle hair on one side twinkle closes her eyes because his touch was so enjoyable it looked like she was on cloud nine kunj too felt the same kunj ties her necklace twinkle is ready wearing red sari with golden design with golden jewellery kunj looks at her full dressed nd smiles twinkle looks at him
Twinkle: thank u!!
Kunj: its ok
He turns to leave but stops he comes to twinkle nd signs her looking beautiful he turns
Twinkle: kunj!!!
Kunj looks at her
Kunj: hmm
Twinkle: im sorry
Kunj eyes widen
Twinkle: wo… i ignored… u… im so…
Before she can continue kunj keeps his finger on her lips
Kunj: dont say that again… nd its ok i didnt really mind it
Twinkle: u r the best husband ever
Twinj smiles twinkle hugs him

Next scene
The ritual starts everyone comes nd sees twinkles face nd gives her gift kunj is sitting beside her nd smiling uvi comes there
Uvi: bas kar bhaii kitna ghoorey ga
Kunj composes himself
Kunj: she is my wife i can do whatever i want
Uvi: yeah but she is my sister… soo
Kunj: soo….
Uvi: so did u tell her u love her??
Kunj gets surprised
Uvi: arey dont be surprised… i know infact everyone knows nd maybe twinkle also know
Kunj: if she know then y is she not telling me
Mahi comes nd stands behind uvi nd kunj
Uvi: arey these girls r like this only… until we tell them we love them they wont accept it… now look at my scene only mahi loved me but she didnt express that she loved me so i was the one who told first these girls i tell u
Kunj: yes u r right bhaii these girls dont value our love… btw how did u love dii
Uvi: well it just happen… before i loved this girl called alisha she was too hot
Mahi gets surprised
Kunj: haaww bhaii u r betraying my sister
Uvi: no im not i didnt tell her about this
Kunj: what bhaii… anywayzz i never thought someone can like my sister (he stands nd turns nd is shocked to see mahi who is fuming in anger)
Uvi: yeah u r right…. when i first met her i felt like that
Kunj: ab…wo… i… yeah u r right i never thought anyone can like her but they can love her
Uvi: arey kunj what happened why is ur car stopping
Kunj: bhaii agr aap abhi chup nahi hue na to aapki gari hameesha k liyeh ruk jayegii
Uvi: arey what r u saying
Kunj signs uvi to look back he turns nd is shocked to see mahi
Mahi: oh… so alisha hah??
Uvi: jaan i was just joking
Kunj: i…. have to go to washroom byee
He runs away mahi comes to uvi nd holds his ear
Uvi: oucchhh mahii… stop it yaar oucchh after our baby comes oucchh nd u will do like this what will he think hah??
Mahi: i dont care
She turns his ear full red nd leaves angrily

Next scene
Doctor comes nd removes twinkles bandage twinkle gets relieved kunj smiles
Doctor: take care
He leaves
Twinkle: finallyy!!!!
Kunj: why r u so happy??
Twinkle: i can do everything by my own
Kunj smiles nd sits on the couch twinkle stands infront of the mirror nd starts removing her jewellery kunj looks at her nd is memerised again
Kunj soul talk: u never felt so pretty siyappa queen… god i got the unique thing nd thats u i love u… today i will tell
Twinkle soul talk: kunj i love u soo much… maybe now is the time i should tell u how much i love u
Kunj stands nd walks towards twinkle he looks at him from the mirror nd her heart starts beating fast kunj comes nd back hugs her twinkle close her eyes nd smiles kunj notices this
Kunj: twinkle!!
Twinkle: hmmm
Kunj: u r the most amazing thing ever happened to me
Twinkle: for me too
Kunj: i wanna tell u something
Twinkle: me too kunj
Kunj gets eager he takes his hand nd keeps it on twinkle stomach nd moves it around twinkle closes her eyes tightly as she feels his touch kunj then moves her hair otherside nd kisses her neck gently twinkle feels shy she turns nd hugs him tight
twinkle: then tell
Kunj: i wanna tell that….
Twinkle: that…??
Kunj moves his hand on her back nd comes to her blouse
Kunj: that i…..
Twinkle: i….??
Kunj: love…….
He is about to tell you but before that he opens her blouse which makes twinkle uncomfortable
Twinkle: kunj!!!
Kunj understands he ties it again twinkle smiles still hugging him
Twinkle: continue
Kunj: i love…….
Just then they hear someone screaming in the hall twinj moves back they rushes down nd is shocked screen freezes

Precape: love confession

Hope u all like it…!!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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