Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 53

Thank u guyzz for ur comments i love u all… ??? i just want to tell that there is no love story without being seperated but not gonna seperate twinj again but if something comes in my mind im gonna apply it i hope everyone is ok with that nd A VERY BIG THANK U for suporting me i love u all ???

The episode starts with twinkle sitting in the hotel room watching tv bandages on her hands because of the bangles kunj comes in bringing food twinkle sits up straight kunj comes nd sits beside her twinkle then thinks something
Twinkle: i… im not hungry
Kunj: what??!! A while ago u told u r so what happened now??
Twinkle: nothing my mood changed
Kunj: u r stupid… i dont care i will make u eat
Twinkle: no need im not hungry i told right

Kunj: im not asking u im telling u… nd if u dont care about urself think about our baby
Twinkle nods in ok kunj takes the spoon nd feeds twinkle it gets left on twinkles lips kunj comes closer (sajna ve plays) he removes it twinkle smiles nd asks kunj to eat also he eats twinkle smiles
Twinkle: kunj i wanna tell something
Kunj: me too
Twinkle: so u tell first
Kunj: what no u say first
Twinkle: kunj u
Kunj: twinkle ladies first
Twinkle: ok fine we both will tell together ok??

Kunj: ok
Twinj: i…..(their heart beats faster) love…… (it increases more) y…..
Just then then kunjs phone rings
Twinkle soul talk: abey yaar isko abhi bajna thaa
Kunj soul talk: shit yaar i was so close phone ney puri band bajadii ab pata chala pehlein zamaney mein pyaar ka izhar jaldi kue hojata thaa
Twinkle speaks
Twinkle: kunj ur phone
Kunj: ha… ha i will just come
Kunj leaves
Twinkle: when he will come i will say the three magical words i hope its not one sided but the way he was telling the same thing i think he too wants to say this
Kunj comes back
Kunj: twinkle we r leaving
Twinkle: where?
Kunj: kia tumhey yaha zindagi bhar rehna hai? (Do u want to stay here for ur whole life?)
Twinkle: no i was just asking
Kunj: we r going back to india

Twinkle: what?? Why?? No
Kunj: twinkle i cant take risk for ur nd aashi’s
Twinkle: who is this aashi?? Tum phir kisi k saatg flirt karke aaye ho naa??
Kunj: no i didnt do that
Twinkle: then who is this aashi i wont spare u
She stands up nd goes to him nd is about to hit him but stops looking at the bandage on her hands she gets sad kunj notices this nd cups her face
Kunj: twinkle dont make this face otherwise when aashi will come i will be with her only
Twinkle: i will kill u ok… nd that witch aashi i will not leave her call her otherwise i will kill u
Kunj: ok im calling her

He sits on the bed nd keeps his hand on twinkles stomach
Kunj: aashi u there… yaar ur mother is telling u to come out but who will tell this girl that u will take time
Twinkle smiles nd blushes
Twinkle: so this is aashi but how do u know it will be girl only
Kunj: i know that u write nd keep
Twinkle: i wrote about mahi dis that it will be girl but ours i dont know
Kunj: it will be girl only anywayzz we have to leave our flight is at 8 nd its already 3 we have to leave fast
Twinkle becomes sad

Twinkle: kunjj i dont want to go
Kunj: but u have to im telling u
Twinkle: i will not talk to u
Kunj looks at her with happy face
Kunj: how r u so intelligent it will be so great… my ears were waiting for silence
Twinkle: yeah there will be silence only… have my value kunj sarna when the day i will die u will know the value
Kunj stands up nd holds her arms tightly with teary eyed

Kunj: dont u dare say that… dont u get it i cant live without u i will also die
Twinkle is touched by his words she hugs him he too hugs her back twinkle breaks the hug
Twinkle: fine… but im not going to talk to u
She acts like zipping her mouth locking it nd throws the key kunj acts like thank god twinkle goes nd sits on the bed watching the tv where the song starts khamoshiyan awaz haii tum suney to aao kabhi kunj is packing nd hears the song he looks at twinkle who is smiling nd watching the song kunj recalls the moments spent with her twinkle looks at him he turns his face otherside twinkle smiles looking at him kunj looks at her she turns her face otherside kunj starts packing again with a smile twinkle also smiles

Next scene
Twinj reaches india
Kunj: finally back to home
Twinkle is sad
Twinkle soul talk: kia hojata agr thorey din aur ruk jaatey… hmph thora time bhi spend nahii kiya saath mein… ab iss saru sarna ka kon bataye bachey sey pehlein time spend karsaktey hai uske baad nahii (what should have happened if we have stayed for more days we didnt even spend time now who will tell this saru sarna that after the baby we wont be able to spend time)
Kunj: what happened twinkle??
Twinkle looks at kunj nd ignores him kunj feels bad
Kunj: twinkle im sorry it was for ur safety
Twinkle soul talk: bol to aisa raha hai k mein koi bachi hu mein apna khayal khud nahi rakhsakti (he is telling like im a child nd cant take care of my own self)
Kunj: yes im telling like this u dont know how to take care of urself u r like a child only
Twinkles mouth falls open
Twinkle soul talk: am i speaking too loud how did he know?

Kunj: wo… actually i know what u must be thinking that is why i answered
Twinkle smiles silently kunj notices this nd smiles too

Next scene
Usha is on the phone call
Usha: WHAT??!! u didnt do ur work oh god then what did i pay u for u idiot
Mahi comes there
Mahi: who u r talking to maa??
Usha hesitates
Usha: th…these employees na they dont do their work properly
Mahi: oh acha
Mahi leaves usha gets relieved avni nd rakesh notices this from behind the pillar

Next scene
Twinj comes home nd surprises everyone the bacha party uvi nd mahi hugs twinkle kunj stands there surprised
Kunj: oh bhaii im also there
Everyone laughs nd hugs him too late everyone chit nd chat in between twinj share some cute eyelocks uhi notices this nd smiles
Kunj: where is maa??
Mahi: oh maa she again went for some work
Kunj: where??
Mahi: dont know she told she will return after 3 days
Kunj: okaay
Deepika: u know i missed u soo much twinkle dii
Avni: not only u me also
Rakesh: arey we r also alive
Raju: what about me hah?

Paro: keep quite we all missed u so much twinkle dii
Twinkle: i missed u all too
Kunj: liar cock
Twinkle: im not lying
Kunj: u only told u didnt want to come back to india
Twinkle: that is because i wanted to……….
She stops
Kunj: u wanted to what?
Twinkle: i…i…i wanted….to…
Kunj: abey oo siyappa queen start ur car tell something more
Twinkle: ha to im telling na i wanted to…. amm ha i wanted to enjoy before the baby
Everyone smiles
Mahi: yes kunj twinkle is right u guyz should have enjoyed now look at me my husband is not taking me anywhere im so bored
Uvi: ahem ahem…. who took u out yesterday for the ice cream nd then after that cotton candy nd then after that the pani puri nd then after…………
Everyone laughs silently

Mahi: enough enough i was telling about like going out to another country
Kunj: tututut very bad bhaii this is not fair with my sister
Uvi: nd that was not fair with my sister y did u bring her back
Kunj: it was because of her safety
Uvi: what do u mean??
Kunj tells everything about pooja everyone gets shocked avsh look at each other with their eyes widen
Uvi: thank god my sister is safe… im so happy she is married to the right person
Uvi takes kunjs nd twinkles hand nd make them hold it

Uvi: kunj twinkle dont leave it neverr
Twinj looks at each other lovingly
Twinj: NEVER
The word echoes everyone smiles
Mahi: acha listen everyone because of ur honeymoon the reception got cancelled tomorrow is ur reception fine
Twinj nods screen freezes

Precape: twinkle is removing her jewellery kunj stares at her lovingly nd walks towards her

Hope u all like it…!!

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