Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 52


Thank u guyzz for ur comments nd im sure u all r going to love this episode i guess… well keep supporting me nd i love u all ???
Nd lara my age is 16 thank u for ur compliment… ??

I hope my episode is not boring!!!

The episode starts with twinkle struggling to free herself crying vigorously watching kunj close to pooja jag soona laage plays kunj comes close to pooja nd kisses her eyes nd cheeks nd starts to kiss her neck twinkle cries she sees a nail in the corner of the room she struggles nd goes there nd cuts the ropes she runs to the window nd starts knocking it badly her bangles breaks nd hurts her but she doesnt bother about it nd knocks but to her surprise kunj doesnt even hear her knock as the mirror is sound proof kunj continues to kiss her twinkle screams

She cries vigorously recalling all the moments her happy times flashing through her eyes she holds her stomach nd cries pooja looks at the mirror nd smirks twinkle sits down crying blood rushing through her hand she closes her ears nd screams
Twinkle: KUNJJJ
The song ends
Kunj moves up nd is about to kiss pooja while she closes her eyes kunj smiles nd comes close to her a little hesitation he comes close but dont want to just then someone knocks the door kunj gets up pooja smirks looking at the mirror kunj comes out of the room nd comes in again
Kunj: twinkle i will just come
Pooja gets up nd crosses her arms around his neck

Pooja: why baby… we were so close to kiss… just one
kunj is surprised
Kunj: i will just come twinkle then i will all be urs baby
Kunj kisses pooja on her cheeks nd goes pooja comes to the mirror nd smirks she goes nd sits on the bed twinkle sits nd cries after a while someone knocks the door again pooja goes evilly thinking its kunj she opens the door she gets shocked nd moves back she finds police someone comes from behind who is none other than kunj he comes in
Kunj: what did u think pooja i will not recognize my twinkle
Pooja: kunj what r u talking about im ur twinkle
Kunj: just shut up… where is my twinkle just tell me straight
Pooja comes in her attitude
Pooja: i wont tell u
Kunj: pooja tell me
Pooja: what will u do hah?
Kunj gets angry nd slaps her pooja gets scared
Kunj: will u tell me or the police will ask u

Pooja: do whatever u want i wont tell u
Kunj: fine the choice is urs
The females inspector comes nd arrests her nd drags pooja out kunj sits on the bed crying (sad sajna ve plays)
Kunj: where r u twinkle??
On the other hand twinkle is sitting nd crying recalling how kunj was close to pooja
Kunj stands up nd goes he comes back nd looks to the mirror he recalls how pooja was looking to the mirror every single time kunj looks down nd finds twinkles ear ring he picks it up
Kunj: this means twinkle is here
He gets glad nd starts to knock the wall
Kunj: twinkle u here?? Twinkle?? R u there??

He knocks twinkle keeps crying not able to hear the knock as the wall is sound proof kunj tries to figures out how to open the wall nd is successful he opens the wall nd turns twinkle looks to kunj who is looking at her (shukar Allah plays) twinj r shocked, happy, sad, glad, many emotions mixed together twinkle stands up in slow motion kunj gets teary eyed twinkle runs to kunj nd hugs him tightly the hug gets more tighter after every second twinj breaks the hug kunj cups twinkles face nd kisses her forehead

Kunj: u ok twinkle?
Twinkle nods they both hug again twinkle remembers how kunj nd pooja were so close she pushes kunj
Twinkle: u didnt even know that was me why did u kiss her?? Hah? Do u even know how much pain i was feeling looking at u nd her so close
Kunj: im sorry twinkle i had to
Twinkle: no listen to me let me speak y did u kiss her didnt u feel it wasnt me how bad kunj if u didnt know that she wasnt me then do u even realize what must have happened y did u kis…….
Twinkle stops as she feels soft lips on her lips as kunj is making her quite by kissing her (sajna ve plays) twinkle closes her eyes they both share a passionate lip lock kunj holds her waist nd pulls her close kissing her lips twinkle realizes what they were doing nd pushes kunj
Twinkle: how dare u kiss me??

Kunj: what is wrong with u girls… if i kiss someone else u will scold me nd if i kiss my wife also she will scold me…. by the way it was necessary to keep u quite how do u talk so much
Twinkle: u could have make me quite by using another trick but no the kiss was necessary
Kunj: i dont care
He then spots twinkles bangles all over the place he looks at her hand which r bleeding he gets shocked he holds her hands
Kunj: tw…twi…twinkle wh…what happened??
Twinkle: nothing i was just knocking the window so that u will move away from her but i think it was sound proof
Kunj: WHAT THE HELL!!!! R U MAD OR SOMETHING…. twinkle do u even realize what must have happened ur nerve can cut u could die u would have taken 3 lifes
Twinkle: nothing happened right? Nd how 3 lifes?

Kunj: one urs our babies nd m…mine
Twinkle is touched by her words
Twinkle: why do i matter so much?
Kunj: because i lo…..
They r interuppted by a knock on the door of the room kunj takes twinkle with him outside it is the inspector
Inspector: mr kunj we tried to ask her for the person she us working for
Kunj: then??
Inspector: she is telling she dont know
Kunj: i will know the persons name thank u inspector
Inspector leaves
Twinkle: kunj how did u know about her
Kunj smiles

Kunj gets uvis call
Uvi: kunj where r u… u didnt take twinkle with u??

Kunj: bhaii whats wrong with u she is with me
Uvi: shut up kunj i will never forgive u for this u left my sister behind nd who is the guy she is talking to
Kunj: bhaii r u ok twinkle is in the washroom i swear nd which guy where r u??
Both unj gets confused
Uvi: r u sure kunj?? Twinkle is with u
Kunj: yes bhaii i swear i wont leave her
Uvi: then who is infront of me
Kunj: send me the picture
Uvi cuts the calls nd sends the picture of pooja kunj gets to know that there is twinkles look alike
Flashback ends

Twinkle: omg my bhaii did this i love him
Kunj: i also did this
Twinkle: whatever nd how did u know it wasnt me

Twinkle goes missing in the market kunj searches for her pooja comes there kunj hugs her but doesnt feel she is twinkle kunj moves back nd cups her face still he doesnt see the innocence in her eyes nd gets to know she is not twinkle
Flashback ends

Kunj: nd thats how i found she was not u
Twinkle smiles nd hugs him screen freezes

Precape: twinj comes to india back leela asks permission from kunj to take her for some days twinj looks at each other sadly

Hope u all like it…!!
Nd sorry for the boring episode…!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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