Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 51


Hey guyzz…. im overwhelmed with all the comments thank u for ur love nd support… this looks like a dream to me so many people loving my story thank u soo much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Well how much i thank u guyzz its not enough… now crossing my half century thank u i love u all ???

The episode starts with twinj hugging each other kunj breaks the hug
Kunj: what happened??
Twinkle: nothing i just wanted to hug u
Kunj becomes confused
Kunj: u r getting weird nowadays
Twinkle: think whatever u want nd btw u r my husband i can do whatever i want with u
Kunj: oh so in this case u r my wife right?
Twinkle: yeah so
Kunj: then i can do whatever i want
Twinkle: yeaah
Kunj smirks naughtily twinkle realizes what she told kunj starts moving forward twinkle breaths heavily nd moves back until she is stopped by a wall kunj keeps one hand on the walls nd other hand on twinkles waist pulling her closer (sajna ve plays)
twinkle: ku…kunjj
Kunj: ssshhh
Twinkle closes her eyes looking at kunj moving forward to kiss her twinkle clutches his shirt tightly like never before twinkle part her lips kunj comes close to her they can feel each othere breath kunj passes nd kisses her cheek nd leaves smilingly twinkle opens her eyes to find him gone nd smiles
Twinkle self talk: i cant wait to tell u how much i love u

Next scene
Twinkle comes down nd finds kunj flirting with the girls twinkle gets jealous nd just keep looking at him in anger one girl is passing by kunj speaks
Kunj: ooohhhoo beauty queen
Girl laughs cutely
Kunj: why dont u take my number
The girl forwards her hand just then someone keeps hand on kunjs shoulder
“Y dont u also give me ur number”
Kunj: yeah yeah why not just let me finish writing number on her hand
Kunj finishes nd turns
Kunj: yeah give m……..
He is shocked to see twinkle standing angrily
Twinkle: what happened janu give me also
Kunj: wo…mein…. tw…twinkle she… ha she wanted to go to the biggest hospital in india so i gave her my number so that she can come to our hospital
Twinkle: oh really kunj sarna r u forgetting something
Kunj: what??
Twinkle: we dont own a hospital
Kunj is embarassed nd hits his head with his palm twinkle leaves angrily
Kunj self talk: wah kunj what did u do… kunj bhaii ab to sudhar ja bacha honey waala hai tera… siyappa queen
He runs behind twinkle she ignores him kunj tries to talk to her but she again ignores him kunj sings the song mera mann kehna laga nd tries to make it up to her he brings flowers twinkle throws it he brings chocolates twinkle looks at it nd controls herself she also throws the chocolate kunj brings heart shape balloon twinkle blasts it away too twinkle goes nd sits in thr restaurant the waiter comes nd gives her the teddy bear twinkle happily smiles nd takes it she finds a card which is written im sorry twinkle smiles looking at this she then looks at kunj who is standing near the table holding his ears nd making a puppy face (just imagine ?) twinkle smiles nd goes to him he moves his lips telling im sorry twinkle nods its ok she smiles nd hugs him kunj too hugs her back everyone claps present there twinj breaks the hug
Kunj: so chaley??
Twinkle nods twinj goes nd starts to look at the places nd enjoy they click photos twinkle asks kunj to bring cotton candy he brings it twinkle eats kunj keeps looking at her lovingly twinkle talks kunj smiles
Kunj soul talk: y r u soi sweet twinkle… i cant live without u now u will die if u will leave me but y is that so y cant i see pain in ur eyes y do i get scared thinking that u will leave me someday why??
“Listen to ur heart”
Kunj turns nd finds his lookalike who is his heart nd wearing white shirt
Kunj: what?
Heart: listen to ur heart… y do u feel that
Kunj looks at twinkle
Kunj: i dont know
Heart: then close ur eyes nd remember the one u love alot
Kunj nods he closes his eyes nd tries to concentrate he sees a girl walking towards him her back is shown she is rounding nd playing with kids she turns to his surprise she is twinkle kunj opens his eyes nd finds the heart gone he smiles brightly nd looks at twinkle who is still talking
kunj soul talk: wow… this is the best feeling ever i cant wait to tell u how much i love u thank u for coming in my life twinkle thank u soo much i love u soo much thank u babajii
Twinkle snaps her fingers as kunj is lost in her he comes back to his senses
Twinkle: where r u lost?
Kunj: n..no…nowhere
Twinkle: acha kunj we will go nd buy stuffs for bhaii mahii dii avni rakesh nd everyone
Kunj: yeah come lets go
Twinj r leaving someone keeps eye on them everywhere they go someone is following them twinj looks for dresses kunj leaves the other side nd looks for wallets nd everything kunj comes back nd finds twinkle gone he gets tensed he screams for twinkle
Kunj: twinklee??
But no response he searches for her everywhere he gets teary eyed nd starts to look here nd there asking for her just then he collides with someone it turns out to be twinkle kunj gets glad to see her he hugs her tightly
Kunj: where did u went hah? Didnt even think about me u know i got so scared
Twinkle: i was here only kunj
Kunj breaks the hug nd cups her face
Kunj: dont u dare leave me again i will not spare u
Twinkle hugs him he too hugs her back she smiles
Twinkle: kunj i want to tell u something
Kunj breaks the hug
Kunj: i also want to tell u something
Twinkle: but not like this
Kunj: what do u mean?
Twinkle: come with me
Kunj nods

Next scene
Twinkle brings kunj in one hotel nd asks him to wait she will just come kunj nods nd sits in the lobby twinkle comes to the room she looks in the mirror which is opposite of the bed nd smiles nd goes to the washroom she comes out changing one piece white dress she comes out nd adores herself in the mirror nd smirks she unlocks the hidden door in the wall which cannot be seen nd goes inside she smirks evilly a girl is shown tied on a chair but conscious it is revealed to be twinkles lookalike who is actually twinkle
Pooja: Awww poor baby im sorry i hurted ur mother but what to do i can do anything for money
Twinkle: u wont get away with this pooja my husband will be coming to save me my kunj will come
Pooja: aww how sweet but guess what my darling today kunj wont save u… as he will become mine today
Twinkle: what do u mean?
Pooja: well he is pretty handsome nd today me nd him will become one nd that too infront of ur eyes
Twinkle: dont u dare do that
Pooja: i will darling btw is the scene clear from here
She goes to some window kind of thing which is a mirror inside the room but a window inside captive place where twinkle is it shows the bed clearly twinkle cries
Twinkle: for god sake dont do that
Pooja: im sorry darling i have to
Twinkle: plzzzz noo plzzzz
Pooja: sshhh sshh twinkle dont cry it will not be good for ur baby
Twinkle stops crying pooja smirks evilly nd leaves closing the door twinkle cries pooja looks at the mirror nd passes flying kiss to twinkle… twinkle feels defeated
Twinkle self talk: if my love is true kunj will know that is not me… i have full trust on kunj

Next scene
Kunj comes to the room as pooja called him he enters nd finds the lights off the bed decorated he smiles pooja comes there nd hugs him twinkle witnesses all this through the window kunj hugs her back pooja tries to become like twinkle
Pooja: kunj i want to tell u that….
Kunj stops her by keeping finger on her lips
Kunj: today no talking
Pooja smiles kunj lifts pooja in his arms nd takes her to the bed twinkle feels shattered
Twinkle: no kunj no… plzz no kunj
She tries to free herself by breaking the rope screen freezes

Precape: twinkle frees herself nd goes to the window nd starts to knocking it badly but due to the wall being sound proof the voice doesnt go in the room

Hope u all like it…..!!!!
Sorry for posting late nd thank u all for being a part of my happiness

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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