Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 50

Hey guyzz firstly im realllyyy very very very very sorry my school is started nd im busy with my school projects plzzz forgive me nd coperate nd thank u soooo much 18 comments i cant thank u all enough thank u soo much ???

The episode starts with twinkle waking up nd finds kunj sleeping with his head on the bed twinkle smiles nd caresses his hair she recalls the moments spent with him nd smiles (sajna ve plays) she gets teary eyed one of the tear falls on kunjs hand he wakes up by that he is surprised to see twinkle crying he cups her face
Kunj: twinkle what happened is everything ok?? Why r u crying??
Twinkle: no im fine its just nothing
Kunj: what happened twinkle now u will hids from me
Twinkle: no kunjs its seriously nothing
Kunj: fine then i wont talk to u
Twinkle: acha ok ok… i was crying because i was happy
Kunj is confused
Kunj: why r u girls so confused? U r happy nd crying wow
Twinkle: girls r very sensetive nd honest that u guyz cant be
Kunj: so u mean im not honest
Twinkle nods in no
Kunj: nd u can do everything without me
Twinkle: of course
Kunj: fine then do everything without me
Twinkle nods nd makes some faces kunj gets up nd sits on couch angrily twinkle smiles at his behavior
She stands up but feels dizzy kunj looks at her twinkle handles herself she starts to walk to the cupboard but feels dizzy her leg slips nd she falls on kunj on the couch they share an eyelock (sajna ve plays) they keep staring at each other twinkle clutches his shirt kunj notices this nd smiles he moves her hair behind her ear kunj makes twinkle stand up nd holds her by her arms
Kunj: u just keep talking
Twinkle smiles kunj becomes confused
Kunj: umm twinkle
Twinkle: hmm
Kunj: how did u know about me nd u married before nd about our child?
Twinkle thinks

Twinkle becomes conscious in the hospital nd is sitting on the bed for too long she thinks something nd starts acting to be unconscious kunj comes to her nd blabbers about his nd her life twinkle gets to know the truth
Flashback ends

Kunj: twinkle im sorry i didnt know about this
Twinkle: its ok kunj… i know the truth but im a little confused
Kunj: what is it?
Twinkle: how did i love kharoose sarna
Kunj shows her a serious face twinkle laughs nd pulls his cheeks
Twinkle: awww my handsome husband
Kunj: dont do that
Twinkle: do what?
Kunj: pulling my cheek
Twinkle: then what should i do?
Kunj thinks nd smirks
Kunj: twinkle we r married so…
Twinkle: so? Z
Kunj: so i dont mind u hugging me or kissing me
Twinkle is surprised
Twinkle: u just know to do this
Kunj: what else can i do afterall u r siyappa queen
Twinkle: whatever nd u r kharoose sarna
Twinj shows each other tongues nd looks in opposite directing crossing their arms they both look at each other from the corner of their eyes after a while they both burst into laughter they both laugh nd hugs each other tightly (sajna ve plays) they both feel peace nd secured in each others arms kunj breaks the hug nd kisses twinkles forehead where she smiles nd kisses him on the cheek
Kunj: wah bhaii u r really straight forward
Twinkle: ab kia karey mein hu hi aisi
Twinj smiles

Next scene
Uhi sitting in the hall nd planning something nd smiles after a while they go to twinjs room where twinkle is setting the cupboard nd kunj is using the laptop uvi knocks the door nd winks at mahi
Kunj: yes bhaii come in
Mahi: what is this kunj u both should spend time with ur baby
Twinkle: dii the baby didnt come till now
Mahi: thats what so enjoy before the baby comes
twinkle: what do u mean?
Uvi: we mean that y dont u guyz go on for a holiday
Kunj: bhai how can we go if something happens to the baby then??
Mahi: uffoo my possesive young brother nothing will happen look at me also im also one month pregnant did anything happen no right? So
Twinkle: i think dii is right i too want to enjoy
Kunj: twinkle u r already not well no need we wont go
Twinkle: we will go
Kunj: we will not go
Twinkle: we will
Kunj: we will not
Twinkle: we will
Kunj: we will not
Twinkle: we will not
Kunj: we will
Twinkle: haaa look u also agreed
Kunj: this is cheating
Uvi: arey stop it both of u… u r going thats final
Mahi: nd yeah think this as a honeymoon
Twinj: honeymoon
Uvi: why any problem
Twinkle: ha no… no nothing
Kunj: yeah no problem
Uvi: fine then u both r leaving tomorrow
Twinj nods uhi leaves usha is standing outside she hears all this nd smirks

Next scene
Twinj reaches new york twinkle takes a heavy breath kunj looks at her nd smiles
Kunj: u ok??
Twinkle: yeah… this place is so calm right?
Kunj: yeah
Just then a person comes there (we will give him a name as jhon) he greets them nd asks them to come with him as they r having booking in the royal palace hotel twinj goes with him
They reach the hotel twinkle looks at the room nd smiles kunj comes there completing the formalities
Twinkle: isnt the room too great?
Kunj: yes it is
Twinkle puts her hand on the stomach nd talks to the baby
Twinkle: look baby this is new york look how big our room is when u will grow up na we will come here again… ur papa will bring u here right kunj??
Kunj: of course
He comes to twinkle nd sits on the bed while twinkle stands he keeps his hand on her stomach
Kunj: when we will come here then we will trouble ur siyappa mamma alot ok??
Twinkle hits him on the shoulder
Twinkle: no baby we will trouble ur kharoose papa
Kunj: we will see
Twinkle goes to the washroom he gets a call from uvi kunj is surprised a bit he cuts the call nd thinks after a while he gets a msg he is shocked
Kunj self talk: so this means i have to take care of twinkle alot
He gets a little tensed but then smiles after wards
Kunj self talk: she can fight on her own because she is siyappa queen

Next scene
Next day
Twinkle is getting ready while kunj is already ready
Kunj: uffo siyappa queen how much time will u take??
Twinkle: only five minutes
Kunj: yeah u r telling this for the past 2 hours
Twinkle: what is ur problem cant u wait
Kunj: hmphh im going down come fast
He is about to leaves but twinkle stops him
Kunj: what??
Twinkle: kunj wo… can…. u….
Kunj: can i what?
Twinkle: can u make me wear magalsutar nd sindoor
Kunj smiles
Kunj: thats it… dont be shy from next time
He takes the mangalsutar (sajna ve plays) kunj moves twinkle hair nd comes close to make her wear it he accidently touches her neck twinkle raises her hand nd clutches his shirt kunj smiles she closes her eyes
Twinkle thinks: y do i always love ur touch kunj why… u make me feel secured u give me peace… y i am not able to live without u y? Is it because i love u??? (Twinkle opens her eyes nd smiles brightly) OMG I LOVE U… omg i love kharoose sarna again omg i love u kunj
Kunj moves back he takes the sindoor nd fills her forehead twinkle keeps looking at him lovingly after filling her forehead he is about to turn but twinkle hugs him tightly kunj is surprised by her behavior nd hugs her back screen freezes

Precape: not decided

Im really sorry for posting late i cant belive this is my 50th episode for my 2nd ff thank u soo much guyzz for ur love thank u soo much i love u all ❤❤❤

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