Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 5


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The episode starts with kunj holding twinkles waist nd both of them r holding hands the song starts teri meri meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil twinj dance on this song smoothly kunj lifts twinkle up while twinkle coming down they share a beautiful eyelock they both r lost in each other kunj makes twinkle fall in his arms they r lost in each other eyes they dance beautifully in the end there is turn kunj makes her turn by mistakely twinkle leaves kunjs hand while coming back her leg twists she falls down the song ends avni rakesh raju paro deepika nd kunj rushes to her twinkle is not able to get up
Kunj: i told u not to leave my hand now look what happened
Twinkle: im fine nothing big
Kunj: really u cant act infront of me
Avni: dont fight now… dii u ok??
Deepika: take dii to room
Rakesh: arey idiot how will she walk nd go to the room
Paro: simple kunj bhaiyya will carry her
Twinkle is shocked
Twinkle: no i can go by myself
Avni: dii this is not the time to argue
With much difficulty twinkle stands up kunj is holding her shoulder
Twinkle: no im fine i will go by myself
Kunj: fine go we will see
He leaves her shoulder twinkle soul talk: great twinkle taneja how will u walk everytime u have to show u can do things without anyones help u r soo stupid
Twinkle steps forward she is about to fall but kunj holds her he shows his serious face ne picks her up in his arms (sajna ve plays)
Twinkle: kunj leave me i can walk… leave na… i dont…
Kunj: shut up twinkle… as a friend we have to help each other now keep quite
Twinkle feels uncomfortable in kunjs arms she looks here nd thereb
The bacha party gives hi5 to eachother while twinj leaves
Twinkle is looking here nd there kunj notices this
Kunj: u dont have to feel uncomfortable or nervous as we r friends now right
Twinkle nods nd smiles
Kunj: by the way u should eat less
Twinkle: what am i fat
Kunj: oh yes u r im holding u… u should ask my arms
Twinkle: how bad is that kunj im very thin everyone tells me to eat more
Kunj: i am the only one damn maybe their eye sight is weak
Twinkle: oh really mr kunj there r many people nd u r only one u have to check ur eyesights
Mahi witnesses all this nd smiles
They enters twinkles room which is beautifully decorated with pink nd white color the pictures of her parents uvi nd her he puts her on the bed gently while moving back twinkles necklace get stuck to kunjs shirt (merey rubaru plays) twinkles tries to remove but is not able to kunj brings his hand not knowing twinkle is trying to remove the necklace he holds her hand they share an eyelock twinkle moves her hand kunj removes the necklace nd moves back they both feel awkward
Kunj: umm my eye sights r better i can see which all girls r beautiful
Twinkle: oh really kunj sarna nd thats called flirting
Kunj: that is not cal….
Before he continues the bacha party anita nd doctor comes in doctor checks twinkle nd informa the other she is having sprain in her leg she wont be able to walk for 2 weeks he prescribes some medicines nd is giving anita but kunj takes it everyone is surprised at his behavior
Kunj: i will bring medicines nd come doctor i will leave u till outside
He leaves with anita while twinkle keeps staring at the door raju coughs twinkle looks at them
Raju: what is happening di between u nd kunj bhaiyya?
Twinkle: what do u mean ??
Rakesh: dii what is there to hide from us tell us what is going on
Twinkle: there is nothing between me nd kunj ok we r just friends nd i barely know him for like 1 day how can i fall for him
Paro: guyzz do u know what does this means… this means kunj bhaiya is gonna live here so she will start liking him
The bacha party all together say ooooooooo twinkle tries to stop them but they doesnt listen nd start talking about twinj twinkle sits there defeated

Next scene
Kunj is coming towards twinkles room mahi stops him
Kunj: what happened di?
Mahi: when we were coming out from the airport u told that u wont fall for a girl who is decent nd u know very innocent type
Kunj: yes dii… but what happened why r u telling this?
Mahi: but u r falling for twinkle
Kunj is shocked that how does she know that
Kunj: umm d..dii… it..its no..nothing.. like that u r just dreaming
Mahi pulls his ears nd tells that he cant lie to her kunj asks her to leave his ears
Mahi: first tell me is this true??
Kunj: ok ok i will tell but plz leave my ear
Mahi does: now tell me
Kunj starts to walk dreaming about twinkle he starts
Kunj: dii i know i told that i wont fall for a girl who is decent nd innocent but i dont know why there is some attraction in twinkle there is something really new which i havent found in any other girl they way she smiles (he recalls her when she smiles) the way she gets angry (he recalls when twinkle scolded kunj) the way she gets tensed (he recalls how she was tensed in the party) i dont know there is something different… but no i didnt fall for her yet but with this kind of behavior of hers i will definetly fall for her
Mahi: ooo so this means my small brother is liking her… well i too like her i will be blessed if she will be my brothers wife
Kunj: wait dii… plzz full stop… stop ur car im not falling for her i just like her in a friend kind off way okay dont even think of that (he leaves to his room)
Mahi: we will see my brother we will see

Next scene
A house is shown a very big house outside is written tanejas
Uvi is sitting he gets a call
Uvi: what is she ok?? I will just come (he ends the call nd is about to leave
A lady comes there who is none other than leela
Leela: who is she uvi??
Uvi gets tensed nd thinks to himself if maa will get to know i meet twinkle nd i was talking about her she will not forgive me uvi speaks up
Uvi: maa wo.. umm… my friends wife ..umm…she .. yeah she slipped so i have to go to the hospital to meet my friend
Leela: oh acha ok go… but return soon its already late
Uvi: yes maa i will come
He leaves leela sits there
Leela self talk: thank god my one child is not lying to me my other child didnt understand my feelings she was just in her dream world i wish there will be no daughter like twinkle
She gets teary eyed nd cries

Next scene
Twinkle is sitting on the terrace on a sofa swing her leg is on the table she recalls her meet with kunj nd every moment spent with him she smiles unknowingly she notices that she is smiling for kunj she recalls what the bacha party were telling
Twinkle self talk: what is this babaji i cant fall for kunj i just know him for a day or two… but this is also correct that i never got so free with anyone what is happening babaji
Kunj comes from behind nd whispers in her ears
Kunj: missing me??
Twinkle gets scared
Twinkle: this is soo bad kunj do u have to do this everytime??
Kunj: umm nope… so u were missing me
Twinkle: how do u know?
Kunj gets surprised: so u were really missing me i mean i know im cool im like an angel to come everywhere
Twinkle: no mr kunj sarna it is like shaytaan ko yaad kiya shaytaan hazir (remembering devil nd the devil comes)
Kunj makes some faces he comes nd sit beside her
Kunj: so how is ur leg
Twinkle: pretty much fine
Kunj: so u can walk?
Twinkle: yes i can even dance (sarcastically)
Kunj: oo so thats a no… but how did u come up here
Twinkle: rakesh carried me in his arms
Kunj: wah bhai u r not able to walk but u have to come here… giving problems to other
Twinkle: its nothing like that they all know every night i come up
Kunj: nd y is that so?
Twinkle: (she smiles) i feel peace here…. look at the sky, the stars the moon the clouds give me peace nd gives me strength whenever i feel alone i look at the stars it i dont know how to tell after that i dont feel alone… they help me forget my past
Kunj: ur past??
Twinkles smiles fade away she look at kunj she gets teary eyed kunj notices this nd thinks to himself i shouldnt have asked this question he sees the shooting star
Kunj: look twinkle a shooting star wish something fast
twinkle closes her eyes nd prays plzz keep everyone in my both families safe even in kunjs family hope they live happily
Kunj glances at her while she prays he looks at the star nd prays plzz babajii removes twinkles pain nd problems i cant see her in pain
Avni who is sitting on the window watches the shooting star she prays to unite twinj screen freezes on twinkle kunj and avnis faces

Precape: everyone is sitting on the dinning table deepika im going to twinkle dis room she will feel alone mahi thinks of something nd tells why dont we all go nd eat with her

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Credit to: Sweetie

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