Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 49


Hey guyzz i just want to tell that …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

I never expected that anyone can like my story in this kind of manner twinkle and kunj, panchi, prapti, zarmeen, dheemahee, sanam, lama, manasa, aarti, ritzi, mannat, vidushi, aroohi, kna786, zikra, loveleen, aashi, twinky, roshini, aarti, aarush, rashi verma and the silent reader THANK U SOOO MUCH i cant thank u all enough i love u all nd about the story of pooja i will be doing something which u guyzz hate Lol but then u all will love it as per the comments i will be doing that… so plzzz support me in my story line I LOVE U ALL….!!!
Nd yeah one question how many of u want twinj to go on honeymoon??
Enough of my bak bak back to the episode

The episode starts with kunj shocked to know twinkle is pregnant uhi greets kunj while he is still in a shock
Mahi: what happened??
Kunj: h…how did.. she get… pregnant
Uvi: hahaa kunj what nonsense is this she is ur wife come on
Uhi laughs
Kunj: its serious me nd twinkle didnt even kiss each other
Uhi r shocked mahi thinks nd then smiles
Kunj: dii do u think this is funny… im so damn confused nd u r smiling… i never expected this from u
Mahi: chill kunj i was smiling because……

Kunj: because what dii
Mahi: before ur memory loss u nd twinkle had a relation which noone can beat maybe because of this
Kunj gets unclear flashes about someone hugging nd whispering i love u kunj controls himself nd thinks
Kunj thinks: maybe she is right what can happen now she is pregnant nd im the father i should be happy… but who will tell this to twinkle
Uvi: what happened kunj where r u lost?
Kunj: bhaii i know about this about me nd twinkle loved each other nd were married before but who will tell her she is pregnant with my child we didnt even kiss each other after the memory loss
Mahi coughs: why chotey bhai u r really waiting to kiss her
Kunj: dii this is serious
Uvi: yes mahi… maybe we should…
Kunj completes it
Kunj: tell the truth to twinkle

Uhi nods kunj takes a deep breath nd goes to twinkles room who is sleeping he comes nd sits beside her he moves his hand on her forehead
Kunj self talk: babajii plzz make twinkle fine… nothing should happen to her nd my baby i wish twinkle u will be brave after i tell u the truth… the truth of ur life our life …how did all this happen why did maa did this the accident ghossh why will any mother do this….but it was written in our fate… we were married nd loved each other how to tell u this… what will happen to u… if something happens to u i wont be able to live without because i got used to u… this looks like our next life…. i like u alot maybe i will love u in the coming days
Raabta plays
He kisses twinkle on her forehead nd checks her she is still hot kunj brings a cloth nd water he dips the cloth nd puts it on twinkle forehead he does it again nd again

Next scene
Pooja is in the market nd buying cloths usha too comes there pooja is opposite of usha while both of them r busy buying usha turns nd finds pooja in a short dress usha is shocked
Usha: twinkle??!!!
Pooja doesnt look at her usha gets a call from mahi she answers it
Mahi: hello maa… im informing u that me nd my baby is completely fine no need to worry
Usha: thank god… mahi where is kunj? (Thinking she will show twinkles/poojas real face to kunj)
Mahi: maa he is in hospital
Usha gets tensed hearing this
Usha: what??? What happened us everything fine?? Im coming right away
Mahii: maa chill he is absolutely fine just twinkle got high fever she is admit in hospital she is still unconscious
Usha is surprised

Usha: what do u mean twinkle is in hospital?? She is right infront of me
Mahi: she is not well ma that is why she is in hospital how can she be with u??
Usha thinks alot nd smirks
Usha: oh ha im sorry she is different girl
Mahi: maa u also na acha i will ttyl i have to go
Usha: yeah yeah ok byee take care
Usha hangs the phone nd goes to pooja… pooja turns usha looks at her nd smiles while pooja is confused

Next scene
Twinkle is brought back to sarna mansion she is conscious kunj brings her in the room while she is in his arms nd feeling weak her head is on kunjs shoulder kunj takes her nd places her gently on the bed nd covers her with the blanket twinkle eyes him lovingly
Kunj: u sleep i will just come
Twinkle nods kunj leaves usha comes back nd gets the news of twinkle being pregnant she is shocked
Usha screams for kunj while he comes down the bacha party comes there twinkle too wakes up by the noise she also comes down
Kunj: twinkle why did u come down?? U r not well
Twinkle: kunj im fine
Usha: how r u fine hah??!!! U dont have shame
Twinkle: what happened mummyji?
Usha: dont u dare call me mummyjii
Kunj: maa what is wrong with u??

Usha: u know exactly what i am talking about!!!
Rakesh: aunty what happened?
Usha: some truths r left unopen
Twinkle is confused kunj nd bacha party r tensed kunj comes to usha nd takes her in the room
Kunj: maa dont u dare tell anything to twinkle?
Usha: kunj she have the right to know the truth nd god knows whos child she is carrying
Kunj: MAA!! Plzzz dont make me do something u dont like… dont tell anything to twinkle
Usha: because of that girl u r shouting on me kunj what have she done to u hah??
Kunj: she is pure like ganga because of that
Usha: i dont care
Kunj: maa dont tell her anything im warning u
Kunj leaves from the room twinkle is standing with bacha party kunj is taking twinkle to the room by holding her hand they r about to climb the stairs
“U r pregnant twinkle” twinj turns nd the finds usha twinkle is shocked
Usha: u r pregnant twinkle kunj is hiding this from u
Kunj is tensed twinkle stands there shocked while the words echoes in her ears the bacha party r tensed too
Usha: u didnt have any relation with kunj how r u pregnant?? Or u have blackened ur face
Twinkle is hurt by her words nd she is still in a shock
Kunj: twinkle i was about to tell…..

Twinkle asks him to keep quite by showing her hand twinkle comes to usha
Usha: what else have u done before marriage u dont trust u a bit u r just ruining my kunjs life nd about the child kunj is not the father u better stay away from him or DIVORCE HIM
The words echoes in twinjs ears they both look at each other shockingly
Usha: there is no place for ur child in my home take ur child away from here
Twinkle: i wont
Usha is shocked while kunj nd bacha party r surprised by her answer
Usha: how dare u
Twinkle: how dare i?? How dare u because of u me nd kunj r seperated
Kunj is shocked the bacha party looks on
Twinkle: yes i know the truth u did the accident didnt i even think about kunj hah u have taken two lifes mummyji… mine nd kunjs ur son used to love me nd i used to love him didnt u even think about that im really disappointed by u mummyjii before i was trying to make it up to u but now i think u should do it for kunj… forget about me i will restart my life with kunj with MINE ND HIS BABY (kunj is touched by his words) u call me a raped girl which is not true i have never done anything wrong i trust myself nd MY BABY nd MY HUSBAND KUNJ (kunj looks on) (twinkle gets hyper nd screams) WHY DID U EVEN DO TH…..

Before she can complete she feels dizzy kunj holds her nd lifts her in his arms kunj looks at twinkle with confused, loved, anger many emotions twinkle too looks in his eyes nd smiles kunj is confused twinkle smiles nd faints her head is on his shoulder (saibo plays) kunj walks nd recalls the moment soent with her (after the memory loss) he keeps looking at her lovingly nd walks to the room he places her gently on the bed nd covers her with the blanket he is close to twinkle just looking at her he turns but is pulled again by twinkle who is holding his collar in unconscious position kunj keeps looking at her nd recalls how she told about the truth how she calmly took the reality of their life how she took a stand for herself the baby nd kunj he smiles nd kisses sher forehead he sits beside her while twinkle is still holding is collar screen freezes

Precape: twinj hugs each other kunj kisses her forehead twinkle smiles nd kisses his cheek

Hope u all like it…!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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  16. Woooooow Sweetie….Awesome episode…….loved it….yes I want twinj to go on honeymoon

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