Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 48


Hey guyzz how r u all firstly IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRRRYYYY for the delay… secondly im overwhelmed with all the comments i literally got tears in my eyes by reading the comments… thank u thank u thank u soo much everyone… i love u all from the bottom of my heart…. nd about my story plzz do support me… twinkles lookalike will have some twists but plzz u have to keep calm nd read it im sorry if u guyz dont like my story line plzz do forgive me… i love u all… ?????

The episode starts with twinkle staring at kunj but she feels awkward nd turns she looks here nd there
Twinkle soul talk: what happened to me why i was not able to control myself my heart beats increased why babajii… do i…. no how is this possible i cant fall in love with him uffff im so confused plzz babaji help me plzzz
Twinkle stands against the wall kunj looks at her
Kunj: what happened?
Twinkle: i wont tell u
Kunj: why not?
Twinkle: just like that

Kunj: tell naa
Twinkle: ok… wo… im… hungry
Kunj: wow miss twinkle sarna what will u like to eat pizza or burger
Twinkle: kunj plzzz na
Kunj: sorry… im also hungry
Twinkle: what will we do?
Kunj: we have to wait till morning
Twinkle: hmm i guess
Kunj sits down twinkle is still standing against the wall
Kunj: oh siyappa queen sit u wont get table nd chair over here
Twinkle: no im fine here
Kunj: come on sit
Twinkle: i cant sit
Kunj: why??
Twinkle: no… nothing
Kunj: u wont tell me
Twinkle: its not like that…
Kunj: then?
Twinkle: wo this dress is very small nd i cant sit in this

Kunj looks on
Kunj soul talk: wow… i never saw a girl like her she is so pure… her innocence can be seen on her face… oh how i wish i remembered how she was before
Twinkle: kunj where r u lost?
Kunj: no where… umm y dont u change ur dress
Twinkle is shocked
Twinkle: infront of u?? (Suprisingly)
Kunj: yeah… (he remembers what he told twinkle becomes shocked) no… i mean yes ufff i mean that u can change infront of me while i close my eyes
Twinkle takes a sign of relief
Twinkle: ok… so
Kunj: so??
Twinkle signs him to close his eyes he nods nd closes his eyed twinkle changed her dress while kunjs eyes r closed

Next scene
Pooja comes to her house her mother comes there (wont give her any name as she is not that imp?
Mother: pooja where were u?

Pooja: comeon mom i want to enjoy my life so plzz stop interferring in it
Mother: how can u speak to me like this whatever i know u wont change did tina told u about u going to India nd there is no way im going to change my decision pack ur bags
Pooja: really mom u think i will go to india?
Mother: yes of course if not… then (she takes the knife nd keeps it on her neck pooja gets shocked) then u will see my dead face
Pooja: mom stop it plzz… keep the knife down
Mother: u r going or no?
Pooja: mom keep it down
Mother: u r going or no tell me or else
Pooja: FINE im going ok… im going
The mother keeps the knife down pooja gets angry nd leaves for packing her stuff

Next scene
Twinkle is shown sitting nd sleeping against the wall while kunj is busy using his phone playing games nd all twinkles head slips nd she falls on kunjs chest being in a deep sleep twinkle doesnt wake up kunj looks at her peaceful face nd smiles he wraps his arms around her kisses her forehead nd sleeps

Next scene
The SK Opens the changing room to clean it he is shocked to see twinj like this nd gets angry he knocks the door loudly which makes kunj wakeup while twinkle is still sleeping hugging him kunj hurriedly gets up he explains everything to the SK he becomes calm kunj takes a sign of relief kunj tries to wake up twinkle but she doesnt he agains tries but she doesnt even open her eyes kunj gets tensed the SK brings water kunj pours water on her face but still she doesnt get up kunj checks her nd is shocked to know she is having a high fever kunj gets tensed he takes her in his arms and rushes to hospital

Next scene
Pooja reaches amritsar with tina she makes some disgusted face seeing india
Pooja: how cheap?
Tina: i know… ufff yukkk
They reach the hotel nd check in

Next scene
Kunj is waiting outside the door after a while uvi nd mahi comes there
Uvi: what happened to her?
Kunj: i dont know
Just then the doctor comes out
Kunj: how is she?? Is everything fine?? Doctor is this serious….
Doctor: relax mr kunj she is fine but u have to take care of her especially in this condition
Uhi nd kunj r confused
Uvi: what condition doctor?

Doctor: u dont know SHE IS PREGNANT
Kunj is hell shocked while the words echoes in his ears uhi is happy screen freezes

Precape: kunj takes care of twinkle

Hope u all like it… nd im sorry for the short episode…!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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