Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 47


Thank u everyone for ur lovely comments… nd plzz do comment bd tell me that u all like my story line or no… nd i love u all ???

The episode starts with twinj r going to sit in the car rakesh nd avni comes behind them
Avni: dii dii we also want to come with u
Twinkle: oh no problem come
Rakesh: thank u soo much dii
Kunj: what always dii im also over here
Twinkle: they love me more than u
Kunj: is it so… fine i wont take u people
Avni: arey no no we love both of u equally
Twinkle nd kunj makes some faces at each other

Four of them go in the car nd talk nd have some fun on the way avni ons the radio which plays romantic song
Pee lon tere neeley neeley naini sey shabnam peelu terey neelay neelay honton ki sargam
Twinj looks at each other recalling the moments between them avni nd rakesh winks at each other twinkle looks away nd smiles secretly she looks at the window nd finds kunjs reflection who is staring at her as well as driving twinkle smiles twinkle looks at kunj he turns not to be caught twinkle blushes twinkle looks at kunj who catches her staring at him she feels embarassed

Next scene
Twinj nd avsh (avni nd rakesh) r walking together avni shows thumbs up rakesh runs behind her avni pushes twinkle she falls on kunj her hair comes over his face (sajna ve plays) kunj makes her hair behind her ear nd smiles they share an eyelock avsh hi5s each other avni coughs twinj composes themselves twinkle sits kunj stands up nd gives his hand for twinkle she holds it nd stands up they just hold the hand nd starts walking avsh smiles looking at this twinkle looks at their hand nd removes hurridely kunj too is surprised they feel awkward twinkle goes to avni nd starts walking with her while rakesh nd kunj walks together
Twinkle: which shop we will go to buy the dress??

Kunj: umm probably cloths shop
Avsh nd kunj laughs
Twinkle: haahaha so funny kunj sarna i forgot to laugh… im serious nd we r getting late its already 8:50
Kunj: oh damn the mall will be closed within 1 hour we have to do everything fast come on
Avni: yes bhaiyya me nd rakesh will do shopping u nd dii do shopping ok?
Kunj: yeah ok fine
Twinkle: no… he dont have nice choice
Kunj: i have u dont realise it
Twinkle: i know this from before ok
Kunj: dont think about my choice twinkle sarna remember this u r one of my choice
Avsh burst into laughter twinkle looks here nd there nd then nods ok avsh leaves twinj starts walking
Twinkle: kunj u told ur choice is nice right?
Kunj: yes no doubt
Twinkle: then ok u choose a dress for me nd i will choose a dress for u nd u have to wear that only
Kunj: wow interesting u will wear anything u choose for un
Twinkle: ye… yeah but no stupid cloths
Kunj: that depends on me my lovely wife
Twinkle: ok u shop for me i will shop for u

Kunj: okay
Twinkle leaves for the men cloths while kunj for ladies cloths in the same shop kunj starts looking for twinkle he looks at a pretty blue gown with white embroidery nd silver designed kunj looks at it nd smiles kunj takes that on the other hand twinkle looks for kunjs cloths she finds blue valvet coat nd pant with white shirt she smiles nd takes it for kunj they took time selecting for half an hour it was almost 9:30 most of the shops were closed twinj comes to each other
Kunj: done??
Twinkle: yup
Kunj: im gonna win
Twinkle: nope me

Kunj: we will see… acha listen twinkle can u try this dress maybe it will be loose for u twinkle nods she is about to take the packet kunj moves back
Kunj: no then u will copy my style nd win
Twinkle: kunj thats females cloth
Kunj: whatever idc i will bring another dress same size wait
Kunj leaves nd brings a one piece suit which is pink nd blue twinkle takes it shockingly because it is only one piece nd till the thighs
Twinkle: u… u bought this for me?
Kunj: yeah why?
Twinkle: nothing
Kunj nods twinkle takes it nd leaves

Next scene
Usha is sitting on the couch thinking about twinkle nd fumes
Usha self talk: the day twinkle came in my house she has ruined my sleep i wished someone who eas modern stylish the way she will walk everyone will stare at her but no i have to bear her now hmpphh
On the other hand in america a girl is shown wearing a green one piece till her thighs nd walking will heels the guyz comes to her nd she start talking to them she gives her no to them nd smiles nd she kisses one of the guy on the cheek nd leaves someone calls her
POOJA she turns nd removes her sun glasses it is revealed to be twinkles look alike who looks exactly like her the girl comes to her
Girl: pooja where have u been… leave it i got a news for u
Pooja: what is it tina?

Tina: u r going to india in sorry i tried to convince ur parents but they didnt listen
Pooja fumes at this
Pooja: there is no way that im going to india
She looks angrily

Next scene
The shop is almost closed the lights r off the shop keeper comes to kunj
SK: plzz hurry up i have to close the shop
Kunj: just two minutes my wife is in the changing room
SK: plzz do fast
He leaves outside kunj comes to the changing room nd knocks the door
Kunj: abey oh siyappa queen what happened?
Twinkle: kunj… wo this dress is very small
Kunj: siyappa queen i just want to see the fitting
Twinkle: i wont come out wearing this
Kunj: fine then open the door nd let me in
Twinkle: what r u stupid?? No nd u go the fitting is perfect
Kunj: twinkle i need to see
Twinkle: no kunj plzz
Kunj: fine then stay here im going
Just then kunj gets a call from avni he takes the call
Avni: bhaiyya me nd rakesh went home u two come by urself
Kunj: but how did u?
Avni: wo we just went u both hurryup
Kunj: fine ok
Kunj knocks the door again

Kunj: r u letting me in or i will go
twinkle: no no acha come but close ur eyes
Kunj: r u mad how will i see u when i close my eyes?
Twinkle: oh sorry
Twinkle opens the lock nd enters nd again locks the door just then SK comes there
SK self talk: i think they both left oh god i got late
He starts to lock the door nd locks twinjs room also nd closes the shop nd leave
Kunj turns nd find twinkle standing covering herself with her dupatta
Kunj: will u please remove ur dupatta so that i can see how is ur fitting
Twinkle: i told u its ok
Kunj: then let me see it
Twinkle nods nd hesitates to remove her dupatta but starts to remove it kunj looks here nd there as she is taking alot of time twinkle removes the dupatta just then kunj sees her she is looking like an angel in the dress in the pink nd white dress he is mesmerised by her beauty (sajna ve plays) he is lost in her while twinkle tries to hide herself with her hands the innocence on her face makes her look more beautiful
Kunj: u r looking very pretty

Twinkle: now plzz can u leave
Kunj comes in his senses he turns nd tries to open the door but it doesnt
twinkle: what happened?
Kunj: i think the door is locked from out
Twinkle: WHAATT!!!
She tries to open the door while kunj tries to call someone but there is no signal
Kunj: shitt man what r we going to do?
Twinkle: this is all because of u if u didnt come in then we will be out
Kunj: what i did all this for u not for me ok?
Twinkle thinks
Twinkle: im sorry
Kunj: its ok… i think we have to spent the night here
Twinkle: over here in this small room oh babajii… i want to change my dress its too short
Kunj looks at her just then the lights go off twinkle gets shocked nd holds kunj tightly nd closes her eyes
Kunj: what happened twinkle?
Twinkle: i… i am afraid of darkness
Kunj: dont worry twinkle im with u

Kunj looks here nd there nd finds a small window upside which can only be open for air kunj looks at it nd is leaving twinkle she holds his collar again
Twinkle: plzz kunj dont leave me
Kunj: im not going anywhere
Twinkle: u were going now
Kunj: i was trying to open the window… fine i wont leave un

He pulls twinkle by keeping his hand on her waist nd opens the window from where a little light comes twinkle opens her eyes nd finds herself so close to kunj who is looking at the window just then kunj looks at twinkle they r really close twinkle holding kunjs collar nd he holding her waist they share an eyelock (raabta plays) kunj moves back holding her waist still sharing an eyelock he comes nd stops till the wall twinkle doesnt recall anything of the incident she just loose her control nd keeps her one hand on his face they both moves forward for a kiss kunj comes close to her they can feel each others breathing kunj passes by her lips nd kisses her on the cheeks twinkle closes her eyes kunj kisses again twinkle smiles kunj moves down nd kisses her neck twinkle caresses his hair kunj kisses her neck again nd keeps kissing it just then kunj gets a msg twinj becomes conscious nd composes themselves they both feel awkward but happy from the heart kunj starts to check his phone while twinkle stands there looking at kunj lovingly screen freezes

Precape: in the changing room twinkle slips from the wall nd her head lands on kunjs chest as she is sleeping kunj smiles nd kisses her forehead

Hope u all like it…!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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