Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 46


Soo… how r u all… thank u for ur comments nd let me clear one thing if u all r confused only IF so twinj r not in love till now they just have a thing called LIKE FEELING so thats it between them… thank u for ur comments nd i love u all ???

The episode starts with twinkle waking up nd finds herself in kunjs arms she smiles a bit recalling kunj promised her not to come close to her until she gives permission she smiles
Twinkle thinks: thank u babaji u brought kunj in my life… i know i dont love him but maybe soon i will… thank u soo much babajii
Twinkle tries to get up kunj moves nd wraps her in his arms twinkle is shocked just then she hears the knock on the door
Twinkle: oh babaji if mummyji will be there she will hate me more… kunj get up
She hits kunj but he doesnt get up twinkle thinks what to do twinkle was close to his neck nd cant even move herself as kunj is holding her tightly twinkle looks up
Twinkle: babaji im sorry ha maaf karna
She bites kunjs neck he gets up screaming nd leaves twinkle
Kunj: oucchh twinklee tu pagal haii kiaa?? (R u mad twinkle)
Twinkle: u were not leaving me i didnt have any choice
Kunj: i will not sleep with u from today
Twinkle: why
Kunj: when sun will go down u will become vampire nd drink my blood look how badly u have bite me
Twinkle: ha ha ha hasna thaa kia? (Do we have to laugh?)
Kunj: did i tell that
Twinkle: whatever
Just then the knock comes again twinj together opens the door nd finds mahi avni nd rakesh

Avni: why did u people open the door late
Rakesh hits avni on her head
Rakesh: they might have slept late night naa
Avni: ooo
Mahi giggles twinj feels shy mahi notices the bite mark on kunjs neck
Mahi: i think the night was very wonderful
Avni: why dii
Mahi signs them to kunjs neck they giggle twinj feels embarassed
Kunj: dii…what…what u people r thinking is not correct
Mahi: acha the what is correct
Rakesh: arey dii dont tease them tell them why we came here
Mahi: yes u forgot so… maa asked twinkle to prepare todays lunch… nd yeah reception ur reception will be held after 5 days buy the dress u both have to go for shopping today ok?
Twinj nods everyone leaves kunj closes the door
Kunj: because of u we have to feel so awkward
Twinkle: what because of me… why do u have to sleep so deeply
Kunj: so.. unm.. everyone sleeps ok
Twinkle: whatever
Kunj: i will also take revenge
Twinkle: how??
Kunj: by bitting ur neck
Twinkle is shocked her heart beats increases
Twinkle: u cant do this
Kunj: why not u also did
Twinkle: that was to wake u up u cant do tht for no reason
Kunj: yes i can
He moves forward twinkle pushes him nd runs to the washroom kunj smiles

Next scene
Twinkle is working in kitchen with usha who looks at her angrily nd makes a disgusted face kunj comes there
Kunj: twinkle where is my wallet?
Twinkle: its on the table only
Kunj: no twinkle it is not there
Twinkle: u dont have eyes u go i will come
Kunj nods nd leaves twinkle is leaving usha calls her back
Usha: twinke is this the way to talk with ur husband
Twinkle nods in no
Usha: then do whatever kunj wants u to do nd dont u dare argue with him understood
Twinkle nods nd leaves

Next scene
Twinjs room
Twinkle comes to the room looks at the table nd finds the wallet she hands it over to him
Kunj: arey wah what a sweet wife… chalo make me wear my shoes (joking with twinkle)
twinkle nods she brings his shoes nd starts to make him wear it kunj is surprised kunj stops her
Kunj: twinkle can u plzz bring that book
Twinkle brings the book
Kunj: keep it back
Twinkle does
Kunj: do 3 ups nd downs holding ur ear
Twinkle does
Kunj: climb the bed
Twinkle does
Kunj holds her hand nd makes her come down he cups her face
Kunj: twinkle what happened
Twinkle doesnt speak anything
Kunj: twinkle plzz tell me what happened y r u behaving like this
Twinkle: nothing just like that
She starts to leave kunj holds her nd pulls her close
Kunj: u cant lie to me
Twinkle: i…im… im not lying
Kunj: yes u r tell me what us wrong
Twinkle: first u promise not to tell anything to mummyji
Kunj: promise
Twinkle narrates him everything kunj gets angry he starts to leave twinkle holds his hand
Twinkle: u promised
Kunj feels useless he cups her face
Kunj: twinkle u dont have to do this for me… i like u the way u r the way u tease me the way u fight with me i want u like that
Twinkle smiles nd hugs him mahi comes there nd coughs twinj composes themselves
Mahi: if ur romance is over can we go nd have breakfast
Twinj nods

Next scene
Twinj comes for the breakfast everyone is sitting there the bacha party mahi nd usha kunj sits twinkle is about to sit usha stops her
Usha: serve everyone then sit
Twinkle nods kunj fumes twinkle starts to serve everyone kunj too stands up nd starts serving everyone avni nd rakesh smiles mahi ignores it as she is not aware of the truth usha gets angry twinkle looks at kunj who signs her to smile twinkle smiles

Next scene
Kunj comes out from the washroom he sees twinkle setting her hair who is lookint extremely beautiful her simplicity makes her more pure kunj smiles he comes to her nd whispers in her ear softly
Kunj: twinkle….
Twinkle: hmm
Kunj: standing infront of the mirror wont make u more beautiful
Twinkle hits him with her elbow nd smiles kunj too smiles back
Kunj: lets go we have to be back before 10
Twinkle nods
They leaves
Usha looks at them nd fumes screen freezes

Precape: twinj gets locked in the changing room

Hope u all like it…!!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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