Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 45

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The episode starts with usha screaming kunjs name kunj is not at all surprise but is angry
Kunj thinks: if maa did something today i wont forgive her
He looks at avni nd rakesh they ask him to calm down

Kunj nd everyone were sitting in the hall when avni nd rakesh called him in the corner
Avni: bhaiyya we have very important thing to talk about
Kunj: what is it… u didnt buy ur dress
He laughs
Rakesh: bhaiyya its about usha aunty
Kunj becomes serious
Kunj: what??
Avni: yes bhaiyya i know u wont believe us but….
Kunj: but what?
Rakesh: u nd twinkle dii had accident right?
Kunj: yeah so?
Avni: it… it was planned by usha aunty
Kunj is shocked
Kunj: do u people even know what u r talking about?
Rakesh: i know u wouldnt believe us that is why we got proofs
They show kunj one video in which usha is standing infront of the mandir nd accepting that she didnt like twinkle that is why she failed the breaks nd cries to give her son back
Kunj shatters he breaks down in tears
Rakesh: bhaiyya plzz dont speak about this infront of usha aunty nd dont hate her plzz
Avni: yes bhaiyya we just wanted to know what happened plzz bhaiyya
Kunj: because of her i lost my memory how will i even know how much i loved twinkle… but now i dont know if i love her or not
Avni nd rakesh calms him down
Flashback ends

Usha comes to kunj she looks at twinkle angrily who is confused
Usha: why did u marry her?
Kunj: maa i had to
Usha: u got only this girl hah dont u know anything this girl is being raped nd u married her did u even thought about ur respect or mine
Twinkle cries silently
Kunj: maa enough it wasnt her fault u better not speak about this
Leela: what happened usha ji u dont like my daughter
Usha: yes i dont like ur daughter i wanted my bahu to be modern not behenji type
Twinkle is not able to stop her tears nd is continuosly crying kunj sees this he fumes
Kunj: ENOUGH MAA u cant do anything about this now im married nd she is ur bahu nd u have to give her every right or else……
Usha: or else kunj or else u r telling this to ur mother for this raped girl
Kunj screams
Kunj: MAAA ENOUGHH NOT A WORD AGAINST HER NOW… nd if u do i will forget u r my mother
Twinkle usha nd everyone r shocked
Mahi: kunj what r u saying?
Kunj: im sorry dii i had to
Usha leaves angrily
Kunj soul talk: y did u do this maa y did u… these r ur sins maa ur son will go away from u because u tried to seperate me from twinkle… i wish i could remember how i loved twinkle so that i can give her a perfect life
Twinkle: kunj u shouldnt have spoke like that
Kunj: im sorry but now i think we should go

Next scene
Twinkle nd kunj reaches the sarna mansion where mahi nd bacha party r waiting with rice kalaash nd aarti she does twinkles aarti twinkle comes in by kicking the kalaash they r going in mahi stops them
Mahi: kunj dont u remember something?
Twinj looks on confused then kunj remembers he smiles while twinkle is still confused he lifts her in his arms nd smiles at her while she blushes mahi nd bacha party claps

Next scene
Twinj room
Kunj reaches the room with twinkle in his arms he makes her stand twinkle looks around the room which is decorated twinkles heart beat increases as she looks at kunj he smiles at her
Twinkle: i will change nd come
She leaves kunj smiles standing arms crossed

Next scene
Twinkle comes out wearing her night shalwar kameez she looks at kunj who has already changed nd is sitting on the couch reading book kunj looks at her they share awkward eyelock kunj keeps the book he starts walking towards twinkle her heart beats increases she moves back until she is stopped by a wall kunj comes close to her…. kunj comes really close to her they can feel each others breath he makes her hair behind her ear twinkle closes her eyes nd feels his touch he bends down for a kiss he moves his other hand on her waist to pull her because of this she recalls her incident in which she is being raped she gets scared nd opens her eyes twinkle pushes kunj who gets shocked twinkle shakes due to fear her eyes gets teary she looks here nd there
Kunj: what happened twinkle??
Twinkle is speechless she dont know what to do her eyes gets teary she just runs nd hugs kunj tightly who hugs her back but is still surprised twinkle speaks while hugging
twinkle: im… im… sorry ku…kunj i thought u… were the ….go…goons im sorry
She hugs him nd cries kunj feels bad he breaks the hugs nd cups her face
Kunj: twinkle look at me this is ur husband…. noone is there…. forget it like a bad dream
Twinkle is still scared but nods kunj wipes her tears
Kunj: aur kisi ki itni himmat nahi hogi jo kunj sarna ki biwi ko haath lagaye (nd noone is brave enough to touch kunj sarnas wife)
Twinkle smiles a bit
Kunj: twinkle nd i promise i wont come close to u until u give me the permission
Twinkle is touched by his words nd gets teary eyed she hugs him tightly kunj hugs her back kunj breaks the hug lifts her in his arms nd takes her to the bed he makes her lay nd starts to leave twinkle holds his hand
Twinkle: plzz dont leave me
Kunj: i will be back i just have to finish one work
Twinkle: plzz kunj dont go naa
Kunj: twinkle im coming bac….
Twinkle: plzz
He looks at her teary eyed nd nods in yes kunj comes on the bed nd lays down twinkle hugs him nd keeps her head on his chest kunj wraps his arms around her twinkle sleeps
Kunj thinks: i wish twinkle maa havent done this then i would have given u all the happiness u deserved i hope i can love u back like before… i kinda like u now
He too sleeps

Next scene
Leela is sitting in tension RT comes there nd asks her the reason
Leela: dont know how my daughter is bearing usha
RT: my daughter is very nice she will win ushas heart i know that
Leela: i know but how will she fave everything alone
Uvi comes there
Uvi: because she is a fighter maa
Leela smiles
Leela: of course she is
Leela smiles but is tensed a bit screen freezes

Precape: usha asks twinkle to respect kunj nd dont argue with him twinkle does what she says kunj who is unaware of this is confused at her behavior

Hope u all like it… !!!

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