Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 44


Thanks u guyzz for ur support i love u all… muuuaaahhh ????

The episode starts with twinj sharing an eyelock (sajna ve plays) twinkle breaks the eyelock she turns nd smiles recalling his words
Kunj: i… i mean u look good… acha lets go
Twinkle nods kunj takes her to the balcony twinkle is surprised
Twinkle: like this??
Kunj: yeah why?
Twinkle: we will go from the door na
kunj: wow twinkle taneja what an awesome idea u go nd if someone catches u just tell them u r going on a date with kunj ok?
Twinkle: oooo but how will i go down?
Kunj shows her the ladder twinkle looks at the height nd is scared
Kunj: u… r afraid of heights??
Twinkle: ye…yeah
Kunj smiles
Kunj: not to fear when kunj is here
Kunj goes down from the ladder nd ask her to come down twinkle stands there confused how to come down she keeps her leg on the ladder she is scared
Kunj: dont worry twinkle its not that much high even if u will fall u will break only 2 3 bones
Twinkle is standing on the ladder
Twinkle: kunjj im scared dont make me scared more
Kunj: hahaha its ok come yaar fast
Twinkle comes down
Kunj: yeah only 5 steps
Twinkle is moving down she slips kunj holds her twinkle closes her eyes in fear she opens her eyes nd finds herself in kunjs arms they share an eyelock (sajna ve plays) kunj makes her stand kunj is moving the ladder the other side twinkle just keep staring at kunj lovingly
Kunj: oye siyappa queen where r u lost?
Twinkle not in her senses

Twinkle: in u
Kunj is surprised he smiles twinkle comes in her senses
Twinkle: i… i mean u… u dont call me siyappa queen
Kunj: i will because where u go siyappas come there only dont know what god thought in making u
Twinkle: how meab u… u kharoose sarna
Kunj: im not kharoose
Twinkle: yes u r because u r always rude
Kunj: nd u have to bear me for the rest of ur life…. now come lets go
Twinkle: where??
Kunj: twinkle baby when bhagwanjii was distributing minds where were u??
Twinkle gives a death glare kunj smiles looking at this
Kunj: acha baba sorry come lets go for out night date
Twinkle smiles
Kunj: we will walk ok?
Twinkle: im perfectly ok with that
Kunj: great i love romantic walks
Twinkle smiles
Kunj: u wont ask me why?
Twinkle: oh why?
Kunj: because i dont have a car

Twinkle burst out laughing (soch na sake plays) twinkle pats on kunjs shoulder while laughing kunj smiles looking at this they walk nd twinj keep talking the song continues twinkle tells something kunj starts laughing she stares at him lovingly kunj sees pani puri stall he shows it to twinkle they run over there the song continues they eat pani puri something is left on kunjs lips twinkle shows it to kunj he doesnt understand twinkle takes her dupatta nd starts to remove it they share an eyelock kunj looks at her lovingly twinkle composes herself nd signs kunj its gone on the way kunj sees some puddles he jumps on it twinkle laughs kunj drags her there she too jumps they act like army officer nd walk like left right left then they both laugh twinj reaches some dhaba kunj asks her in sign language that is she hungry twinkle nods in no kunj asks in sign language is she thirsty she nods in yes twinj goes to the dhaba kunj orders coldrinks twinkle keeps talking kunj stares at her the song continues the coldrinks comes they both drink it they start to go back to the home kunj sees some flower stall he asks twinkle to close her eyes she does kunj quickly goes to the stall he gets some roses he asks twinkle to open her eyes twinkle does nd is happy to get roses she happily accepts it nd gives one rose to kunj he thanks her by bending down twinj head back to home the song finishes they reach the home
Kunj: so madam ur house came
twinkle is low tone: damn i wish this night didnt end
Kunj: what?
Twinkle: nothing… so yeah byee
Kunj: byee
Twinkle turns to leave kunj keeps looking at her he puts his hand in his pocket twinkle is leaving but stops she turns kunj looks on twinkle comes running nd kisses him on the cheek kunj is surprised twinkle smiles she leaves kunj keeps looking at her she goes to the ladder climbs it nd comes to her balcony she turns nd looks at kunj who waves his hand twinkle smiles she turns nd leaves kunj smiles brightly twinkle comes to the room closes her balcony’s door nd stands against it she breaths heavily nd smiles thinking about the night she rounds herself she takes the roses nd kisses it she sleeps smilingly kunj too recalls the night nd sleeps

Next scene
Mahi comes to kunjs room she sees him sleeping smilingly mahi smiles she comes to him nd sits beside him she caresses his hair kunj in sleep speaks
Kunj: twinkle u r so pretty
Mahi laughs silently
Mahi: really!?
Kunj: yes i swear the way u laugh the way u smile i just love that
Mahi: awww thank u kunj
Kunj: what happened to ur voice why does it sounds like dii??
Mahi: because it is me kunj
Kunj opens his eyes nd is shocked kunj blushes nd hugs mahi… mahi smiles
Mahi: kunj u didnt tell maa about u getting married
Kunj: she already knew that we r married so no need nd she is in london she cant come
Mahi: acha baba go nd get ready u r getting late for ur marriage
Kunj nods nd leaves

Next scene
Twinkle is getting ready on the other hand kunj is also getting ready they smile thinking about the last night avni comes to twinkle who is lost in kunjs thoughts
Avni: did u enjoy ur date night?
Twinkle: yes very much
Avni: do u like the flowers?
Twinkle: i dont like it i love it
She comes in her senses nd blushes badly
Twinkle: how did u know?
Avni: dii because i am avni
Twinkle smiles leela comes there nd hugs her she removes her kajal nd puts it behind twinkles ear uvi comes there he gets teary eyed looking at twinkle he hugs her twinkle too gets teary eyed the bacha party comes there
deepika: arey dii dont cry ur makeup will come out
Raju: yeah then u will look like a witch
Twinkle hits raju on his shoulder nd smiles

Next scene
Kunj is waiting outside the court he is wearing light blue sherwani with golden embroidery as usual looking hot…… twinkle comes there with mahi leela uvi nd the bacha party he is mesmerised by twinkles beauty who is wearing dark blue lehenga with silver embroidery with diamond earrings nd necklace kunj keeps staring at her he forwards his hand twinkle holds it nd smiles at him they all enter the court room the lawyer explains them everything about being married nd all twinj exchanges garlands they make each other wear it the last step is to sign the papers kunj signs the paper happily twinkle takes the pen nd signs it lawyer announces them husband nd wife the bacha party nd everyone greets each other kunj moves close to twinkle from side
Kunj: how r u feeling mrs twinkle kunj sarna
twinkle: nice
Kunj: because u got married to me
Twinkle: enough kunj sarna dont fly this much otherwise u will fall down
Kunj: this time im not afraid to fly because if i fall also nd get injured u r there to take care of me
(Sajna ve plays) twinkle blushes kunj holds her hand twinkle feels shy just then they hear someones scream
Everyone turns nd finds usha standing kunj is not surprised screen freezes on ushas angry face

Precape: kunj tells twinkle he will come close to her only when she allows twinkle gets teary eyed she smiles nd hugs him

Hope u all like it…..!!!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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  1. Meenat Abubakar

    so interesting sweetie

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    Lovely episode.

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  7. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Such a wonderful episode.
    It’s nice to have a date in the night.

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  8. Awsome yar keep it up dear your ff is super se uper vala ff nice one

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