Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 43


Im really really really really glad that u all liked my episodes… plzz do keep supporting me like this nd i love u all muuuaaahh ?????

The episode starts with kunj sitting on a sofa full confused while mahi is sitting beside twinkle she looks at kunj who is sitting confused
Mahi: what happened kunj y r u looking so confused??
Kunj: dii… (he stands nd goes to mahi) u told that me nd twinkle loved each other right?
Mahi: no doubt yes why?
Kunj: how did i even love this siyappa queen means she always creats problems she also gets into problems its looks like problem is her other name
Mahi burst out laughing
Mahi: kunj… u know before marriage u used to tell like this i mean u started loving her but u didnt admit it history is repeating my brother
Kunj: its nothing like that… im not gonna fall in love with this siyappa queen nd im just gonna marry her nd protect her as im married to her from before
Mahi: hmm ok but what is the plan how will she agree on marrying u??
Kunj: i know how
Kunj smiles

Next scene
Twinkle is conscious nd sitting on the bed just then leela enters nd hugs her uhi gets shocked on seeing her
Leela: my twinkles respect is gone
Twinkle: no maa im fine
Leela: u r ok i know but our respect is all gone someone gave news to the media that u r raped
Twinkle is shocked nd gets teary eyed uvi looks at kunj angrily

Next scene
Uvi pushes kunj in the hospitals corridor
Uvi: how dare u play with my sisters respect
He punches him mahi tries to stop uvi
Kunj: bhaii i did this for twinkle
Uvi punches him again
Uvi: this is what u did to save my twinkle hah
Kunj stops him nd makes him understand everything
Kunj: bhaii if leela aunty havent done that drama twinkle will never agree to marry i will show u now
They enter twinkles room leela is sitting beside her kunj signs leela she nods
Leela: my twinkles respect is all gone who will marry my daughter now
Kunj: i will
Twinkle is shocked nd dont know how to react

Next scene
Twinj r in the room twinkle is sitting angrily while kunj doesnt see her kunj speaks up
Kunj: twinkle i know u will be…..
Before he continues twinkle stands up nd pushes him
Twinkle: what do u think of urself hah u can do anything with my life did u see the happiness in my mothers eyes she was happy because she thought im going to marry u…. u just want to do what u like dont care for others feeling it is looking like im a prostitue now nd…….
Kunj shuts her up by holding her arms tightly
Kunj: dont u dare call urself that (he leaves her) nd yeah about me ik i am very bad im very selfish because u know y i care for my people about u about others im selfish yes im i dont regret it… im also not dying to marry u its that i just want to save u from other people i want to save ur respect nd thats my duty damn it
Twinkle is touched by his words
Twinkle: but why? Why do u wanna do all this for me
Kunj: because u r my wi…. my… my very good friend
He turns to leave
Twinkle: when is our marriage? U cant marry without me
Kunj turns twinkle smiles at him he too smiles back nd hugs her she too hugs him back

Next scene
Everyone is sitting in the hall preparing for twinkles wedding
Uvi: it should be grand my sisters wedding after all
Twinkle: no bhaii it should be very simple y dont we do court marriage no haldi no engagement no mehendi direct court marriage
Mahi: why twinkle u wanna marry my brother so fast
Twinkle feels embarassed she looks at kunj who is showing his cute evil smile twinkle looks away
Kunj: umm no bhaii i want time to be in prison let me enjoy my freedom
Twinkle: haaww u mean i will put u in prison
Kunj: i didnt say that
twinkle is again embarassed
Avni: uvi bhaii do as dii says court marriage is final nd that will be tomorrow
Everyone agrees on that kunj smiles at twinkle who is embarassed

Next scene
Twinkle is in her room recalling all the moments spent with kunj ns smiled she hears a knock on the balcony door she gets up nd open it to her surprise she finds kunj
Kunj: taadaa u were missing me right?
Twinkle in a low tone
Twinkle: how did he know
Kunj: what?
Twinkle: nothing nd why r u here
Kunj: will u please let me come in
Twinkle nods kunj comes in
Kunj: so tomorrow we will be married
twinkle: so
Kunj: twinkle u know i had a dream that i will take my to be wife on a night date soo…..
Twinkle: sooo
Kunj: umm soo
Twinkle: so u want me to come with u?
Kunj: wow how r u so intelligent?
Twinkle gives a fake smile
twinkle: i will just change nd come
Kunj: no need to change u look good like this only
twinkle: like this??
Kunj: yeah not only like this in every dress u look really pretty
They share an eyelock (sajna ve plays) screen freezes

Precape: twinj date night

Hope u all like it…!!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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