Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 42

Hey guyzz i read all of ur comments nd i will be trying the suggestions in my storyline its not that bad so yeah i will be doing that thank u twinkle nd kunj for ur suggestion hope u like it how i put it in my story line… thanks again everyone ur comments mean a lot to me i love u all muuuuaaaahhh ????

The episode starts with everyone playing holi including kunj twinkle looks at him nd smirks twinkle screams for kunj
Twinkle: KUNJJ
Kunj turns twinkle signs him to come to her he nods he is running nd coming until he is stop by a rope in the front he falls in the waterpool twinkle laughs badly she takes all the colors and puts them on kunj now kunj looks like a rainbow kunj stands up shocked everyone present there laughs including twinkle kunj is mesmerised by her beauty (sajna ve plays)
Twinkle: twinkle sey panga is not changa (dont know how to translate this)
Kunj: ùuuu

Kunj runs to catch her twinkle runs he stop at a distance twinkle too stops twinkle starts laughing kunj sees some food on the table he smirks he takes the pastry nd throws it on twinkle… twinkle gets shocked the bacha party comes there nd starts laughing twinkle gets angry she also take some fruits nd throws it on kunj the bacha party joins them in food fight others also join them kunj nd twinkle targets each other only leela comes there nd is shocked she is standing behind kunj
Leela: what is happening here??
Not knowing of her presence nd cant hear her because of the loud music twinkle throws the food on kunj but kunj escapes by bending down twinkle nd the bacha party gets shocked
Twinkle: ab toh margayee (now dead)
Kunj laughs
Kunj: i told u… u cant win over me easily
He sees everyone silent he turns nd finds leela covered in cake he burst out laughing but none of them laughs leela eyes him angrily
Kunj: hahahah im im hahaha im sorry aunty hahahah
Leela: what was happening here??
Kunj becomes serious
Kunj: aunty twinkle started
Twinkle: haawww maa he is lying so much
Kunj: im not lying ok
Leela: enough
She goes near twinkle angrily there is pin drop silence everyone stares at leela she comes to twinkle takes a pastry nd throws it on twinkle… everyone laughs twinkle hugs leela the music is started again everyone enjoys the holi

Next scene
Deepika is sitting nd crying twinkle is passing by her room looks at her she comes to deepika nd asks her the reason
Deepika: dii woh i forgot to bring my parents pic from anita auntys house
Twinkle: awww my baby why do u have to cry for that we will get it tomorrow now go nd sleep
Deepika: no dii i cant sleep without looking at them i wont sleep today
Twinkle looks at the time its 2 AM
Twinkle: deepika baby we cant get it right now its very late
Deepika: ik its late but i want it
Twinkle thinks something
Twinkle: ok im going to get it but dont let anyone know about my absence understood??
Deepika gets happy nd hugs her
Twinkle sneaks out of the house nd thinks standing out
Twinkle thinks: i wont get any auto from here i think i have to walk nd go

Twinkle starts walking she comes to some place where there r many men twinkle gets tensed she starts walking fastly
Twinkle thinks: i think i forgot my way which way to go
Just then she turns nd finds 4 men following her she gets highly tensed nd starts running just then on of the goon holds her
Goon 1: where r u going beautiful
Twinkle: plzz let me go plzz
Goon 2: this item is soo nice i will pay u money come with for one night
Twinkle is shocked she starts crying nd tries to free herself the goons start to take advantage of her on of the goon tears her sleeves while she cries to leave her the other goon tears her dress from back just then kunjs car passes by kunj looks at the girl nd is shocked to see twinkle in this state he gets down as fast as he can twinkle looks at kunj nd gets happy she frees herself runs to kunj nd hugs him tightly nd cries (sad sajna ve plays) kunj is shocked to see her in this condition he too gets teary eyed he hugs her back but he gets more shocked finding twinkles dress torn from back tears falls from his eyes he gets hell angry kunj removes his jacket nd makes twinkle wear it twinkle feels dizzy she gets unconscious kunj holds her in his arms nd makes her lay on the back seat kunj turns like a hero he comes to the goons nd start beating them black nd blue it looked like he is not gonna stop he is going to kill them the goons pleads to stop him but he doesnt he screams at them
The goons gets hell scared nd runs aways kunj drives the car to hospital he calls uvi nd mahi nd asks them not to inform anyone uvi nd mahi comes running there he looks at kunj who is holding twinkles hand nd is sitting beside her while she is unconscious mahi comes nd keeps her hand over his shoulder kunj turns he have tears in his eyes he hugs mahi uvi comes nd sits beside twinkle nd caresses her hair
Mahi: uvi i think its time to tell the truth to kunj
Uvi: no mahi r u out of ur mind his life can go in danger
Kunj stands there confused
Kunj: what truth??
Mahi: im sorry uvi… kunj there is on truth of ur life we hid this from u
Uvi: mahi stop
Mahi: plzz uvraj dont stop me he cares for twinkle like before
Kunj: what do u mean by before
Uvi nods to mahi to tell him the truth
Mahi: kunj twinkle is ur wife
Kunj is hell shocked mahi narrates him everything how they got married about maya about the whole one year what happened between twinj nd about the accident kunj is shocked he sits beside twinkle
Kunj: that is why i used to think that there is some connection between me nd twinkle…… dii i have a plan so that i can stay WITH MY WIFE
Mahi nd uvi gets teary eyed as the words echoes in their ears they nod nd agrees to help him every way screen freezes on kunj nd twinkle

Precape: twinkle agrees to marry kunj to save her respect

Hope u all like it…!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna


  1. Thanks dear for following my opinion and yes you are a best writer. I don’t even have words to express how much your ff gives me piece. I read your ff since the day it has started but can’t comment due to my exams. Thanks once again dear hope that you bring them together soon. Love your ff from the core of my heart and yaa thanks for mentioning my name and please post next episode soon.

  2. loveleen

    awesome blossom….thnk u sweetie u used our suggestions in ur own way n that was incredible….

  3. Aliza

    aww sweetiieee u r soooo fabbbbbb……….luv to read even wen m havin xms ……….couldnt comment in past few epi bt read dem .wer awesooooommmmmeeeeee specially holi part……….:):):):*:*:*

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