Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 41

Thank u soo much for ur support… i cant thank u all nd sorry for the mistakes bear my episode… thank u…!!!

The episode starts with twinj sharing an eyelock (sajna ve plays) the bacha party nd uhi smiles just then kunj breaks the eyelock
Kunj: so ms twinkle taneja cant even handle urself why do u have to fall when ever i come
Twinkle: i just slipped nd whatever it is y do u have to come nd help me??
Kunj: because i like pretty girls
Twinkle widens her eyes (sajna ve plays)
Twinkle: r u flirting with me??
Kunj: what do u think??
Twinkle: i think yes because that is the only thing u know
Kunj: oh really i know a lot of things to do
Twinkle: really!! Nd what r they?
Kunj: ok so ik to eat drink wear cloths kiss pretty girls (winking twinkle) hugging pretty girls, praising pretty girls, loving pretty girls
Twinkle is shocked
Twinkle: enough i dont want to hear anything else
Just then bacha party comes nd giggles
Avni: dii nd bhaiyya what r u doing?
Kunj: cant u see we r fighting
Avni: like this??
Twinj look at themselves nd realizes twinkle was in his arms the whole time kunj drops twinkle she gets hurt on her bach but stands up kunj looks here nd there
Kunj: that is y i was wondering why my hands were paining
Twinkle: so u mean to say im fat
Kunj: i didnt tell anything u r only blaming urself
He gives hi5 to rakesh nd raju… avni paro nd deepika giggles twinkle is leaving angrily she listens some song it turns out to be kunj who is singing for twinkle
( Maine Jise Abhi Abhi Dekha Hai
Kaun Hai Woh Anjaani ) …(2)
Woh Hai Koi Kali Ya Koi Kiran
Ya Hai Koi Kahani
Use Jitna Dekhon Utna Sochon
Kya Use Main Keh Doon
Pretty Woman, Hey Pretty Woman
Dekho Dekho Na Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman
Dekhte Ho Na Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman
Tum Bhi Kaho Naa Pretty Woman
Ho Maine Jise … Pretty Woman


Sone Ka Rang Hai
Sheeshe Ka Ang Hai
Jo Dekhe Dang Hai Kya Kahon
Hairaan Main Bhi Hoon


Yeh Kya Andaaz Hai
Itna Kyun Naaz Hai
Ismein Kya Raaz Hain Kya Kahoon
Woh To Pal Mein Khush Hai Pal Mein Khafa
Badle Woh Rang Har Ghadi
Par Jabhi Dekhoon Roop Uskea
Lagti Hai Hai Pyaari Badi
Use Jitna Dekhon Utna Sochon
Kya Use Main Keh Doon
Pretty Woman … Tum Bhi Kaho Naa Pretty Woman

Aankhon Mein Hai Nasha
Zulfon Mein Hai Ghata
Pehle Hamne Ada Yeh Haseen
Dekhi Na Thi Kahin
Dekhi Jo Yeh Pari
Masti Dil Mein Bhari
Hai Yeh Jadogari Ya Nahi
Ho Na To Janu Kya Hain Naam Na Janu Main Pata
Par Itna Hai Maine Jana Jise Dekhle Ek Nazar Bhar Ke
Us Ko Karde Woh Diwana
Use Jitna Dekhon Utna Sochon
Kya Use Main Keh Doon
Pretty Woman … Tum Bhi Kaho Naa Pretty Woman…(2)

The bacha party smiles nd hugs kunj… kunj looks at twinkle he is staring at him angrily she comes towards him angrily while he is tensed
Kunj soul talk: i dont think she is the type of girl i thought u r dead kunj beta ” aagey khuwa peechey khayi beech mein phasey kunj bhai ”
Twinkle comes she raises her hand nd pats on his shoulder nd smiles
Twinkle: wow kunj i never thought u can sing so well
Kunj: well thank u so much
Twinkle nods nd leaves kunj relaxes himself uvi comes to him
Uvi: what happened kunj babu my sister is very different she wont come in hand so easily
Kunj: what do u mean??
Uvi: i understand everything u love her right??
Kunj is shocked
Kunj: what no no no wayz how can i love her she is very different from the girl i want she is not modern

Uvis heart breaks into million pieces hearing this from kunj who is her husband nd who loved her so much but he smiles
Uvi: haha kunj u really thought i was serious i was joking yaar
Kunj: thank god
He laughs nd leaves uvi stands there with teary eyed mahi comes nd calms him

Next scene
Twinkle is playing holi but none of them is able to put color on her face she runs when someone is putting colors
The bacha party stands there exhausted kunj comes there twinkle also comes there breathing heavily
Twinkle: what happened bacha party this year also failed
Kunj: failed?
Raju: yes dii always escapes nd none of them have puted colors on her face
Kunj: wow why?? I mean this is so easy
Twinkle: it looks easy but it is not
Kunj: well i can do that but…
Deepika: but what bhaiyya
Kunj: she is not my friend
Rakesh: what she is ur friend u r speaking to her nd all
Twinkle: well okay… we will becomes officially friends ok?? So friends?? (Showing her hand)
Kunj nods nd smiles nd they shake the hand
Kunj: friends

Paro: so u both r friends now kunj bhaiyya come on put color on twinkle dis face
Kunj nods but before kunj can even step near twinkle runs away kunj chases her but is not able to he is also exhausted twinkle comes there laughing
Twinkle: what happened kunj?? U gave up??
The bacha party comes there
Rakesh: bhaiyya u lost??
Twinkle laughs but kunj smiles
Kunj: nope the deal was to put color on twinkle anywhere right??
Twinkle stops laughing nd looks at kunj
Kunj: well i did that
Deepika: bhaiyya u didnt even catch her how did u do that??
Kunj stands up nd smiles he comes to twinkle takes her hand nd shows it to everyone

Kunj takes the color in his hand when twinkle shakes her hand with kunj he puts color on her hand
Flashback ends

The bacha party cheera for kunj
Twinkle: no no this is cheating
Kunj: everything is fair in love nd war baby
He winks at her nd moves his hand on her cheeks putting color he leaves with bacha party twinkle stands there
Twinkle self talk: i wont let u win so easily mr kunj sarna i will show u who twinkle taneja is i will make u so colorful u will remember this holi in ur whole life
She smiles taking the colors in her hands screen freezes

Precape: its 2 AM deepika tells twinkle about she forgot her parents picture in the orphane house twinkle promises to bring it back now twinkle walks on the streets some goons follow her

Hope u all like it…!!

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  1. Love it

  2. awsm ff sweetie plzz TwiNj ki yadast vaps la do

  3. Its my request please bring Kunj memory back after the incident of the goons and kunj to remember everything related to twinkle and his love because I want to see Kunj serious not always flirting.
    Last time Twinkle struggle a lot for Kunj memory this time Kunj should also have to struggle plz but seriously u are one of the best writer. Keep it up dear. Hatts off to u

    1. ya i also like this suggestion ….. if possible plz implement

    2. Yup I 2 agree with her dear…. Bt osm epi loved it

    3. Thank u twinkle and kunj i will surely take ur suggestion nd apply it hope u like how i will put it in my story line… thank u ??

  4. Cute epi

  5. Dear I’ve been reading ur ffs always but can’t cmnt much nowadays as m busy with xms….but I luv it & keep writing???

  6. awesome……loved it..♥♥♥♥

  7. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice episode. Keep up nok jhoks.

  8. awesome yaar…. loved it…

  9. Awesome episode. .
    plz make twinkle modern nd make entry of twinkles childhood frnd (guy frnd)…we want to see jealous kunj
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  10. this is the 2nd tym kunj is lossing memry…plz bring back their memory n help twinkle complete her challenge to usha….i ll waiting to knw wat sweetness our sweetie has hidden…??

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    Can’t wait
    Sweetie u r sooooooooo fab! !!

  12. Awesome yaaaar

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  15. Its nice sweetie but pls bring anyone’s memory back

  16. Oh nice love this ff

  17. plz bring at least Kunj’s memory back so that he makes Twinkle’s memory come back just like Twinkle had done

  18. Anisha (phycho)

    Awesonem epi

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