Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 4


Ok so my exams r started nd i will try to update the episode as soon as possible but till then forgive me if i get time i will post the episode… i hope this is clear… nd yeah thank u guyzz for liking my ff love u all ???

The episode starts with anita calling twinkle
Anita: twinkle the gifts plzz keep it over there in the hall
Twinkle nods she leaves the gifts are on table in the room she comes nd starts to pick up the gifts one by one some on says booo from behind twinkle gets scared nd screams she turns her eyes r closed she doesnt see kunj but she keep screaming
Kunj: ssshhhh…. sshhhhh
Twinkle: bhooottt aaaaahhhhh
Kunj closes her mouth by keeping his hand nd the other hand on her head he is holding it from behind
Kunj: ssshhh why do u have to scream
Twinkle opens her eyes
Twinkle: mmmmmmm…mmmm
Kunj: what?
Twinkle signs kunj to remove his hand
Kunj: ohh… sorry (he removes)
Twinkle: what do u think of urself hah… u can do whatever u want… i know u perfectly u just want to flirt with everyone u dont have shame i have never seen a person like this… why do u keep following me hah… u just want to take advantage of me i know that but listen mr im not the type of a girl u think… u shameless man
Kunj is hurt by her words he holds her from her shoulder angrily
Kunj: listen to me very carefully i have no interest in following u… nd u… u think i dont respect girls well then u r wrong i respect girls with all my heart but u wont get it as ur mind only dirt is there… nd about me i came here as raju told me to put the gifts in the different room i dont even want to talk to u
He leaves her angrily nd leaves
Twinkle self talk: babaji what did i do… oh what is wrong with me y cant i stop fighting with him i should tell him sorry
She runs behind kunj while he is leaving angrily she stops kunj by holding his hand kunj turns
Kunj: i dont want to talk to u
Twinkle: listen kunj im sorry i dont want to hurt anyone its just that i misunderstood plzz im sorry
Kunj: i dont want to talk to u leave my hand
Twinkle: im really very sorry
She gets teary eyes kunj notices this nd is surprised he thinks y is she crying for small thing
Kunj: ok ok i forgive u
Twinkle smiles she wipes her tears
Twinkle: pakka??
Kunj: pakka
Twinkle: thank u soo much… ummm friends? (She forwards her hand)
Kunj is happy but doesnt want to show he is feeling laddoos in his stomach he too forwards his hand nd they both shake
Twinkle: umm kunj this is really new for me
Kunj: dont worry i wont let u complain so that now we r friends can i help u with the gifts
Twinkle: oh damn the gifts i completely forgot
They leave while the bacha party comes there they gives hi5 to each other
Paro: so our plan is being successful
Raju: now plan B
They all forwards there hand nd raise them like a team

Next scene
Rakesh nd avni comes on the stage
Avni: good evening ladies nd gentlemen
Rakesh: we r here to entertain u umm avni continue the line
Avni: ufff these boys na cant do anything without us
Rakesh: wait when did that happen the truth is u girls cant do anything without us
Avni: girls r more better than boys so keep quite
Rakesh: no boys r more better
Avni: no girls r more better
Rakesh: is this so… why dont we have a competition
The crowd cheers in yes while twinj r standing there nd clapping
Avni: done… so this competition will be dance competition
Rakesh: which will decide whether girls r more better or boys nd if the boys team win the girls will do exactly what the boys tell
Avni: done but if the girls team won they will do what girls tell… but wait who will be our captain
Rakesh: nd what about us??
Avni: i know one
She goes down nd start to search in the crowd she comes to twinkle
Avni: i found mine
Twinkle is shocked while kunj cheers up for her
Twinkle: avni this is not possible i cant do this…. i wont do this… i dont know to dance
Avni: dii i dont know anything
She drags twinkle to the stage nd tells rakesh she found her captain what about u
Rakesh goes to kunj nd tells avni he found his captain kunj is shocked but agrees thinking twinkle is also there
Twinkle: avnii plzz i cant do this i dont know to dance
Kunj interrupts: so plz give up nd let boys win u guyz clearly know boys r more better
Twinkle: never mr kunj sarna i will show u girls r more better
They both smile at each other with attitude
Avni makes anita as the judge

Next scene
There r 5 girls nd 5 boys including twinj the first dance is of rakesh he dances on wah wah ramji jori kia banayi bhaiyya aur bhabhi ko badhayi ho badhayi after that avni continues but she falls down
The boys get one point where the girls have zero point
The next dance is of some girl from twinkles team she dances on mein lovely hogayii yaar naam tera parhke she completes the dance smoothly
The next dance is of some boy from kunjs team he dances on blue eyes hypnotyese but he couldnt do further so the girls team gets 1 point the dance r started but the scores r equal for both girls nd boys with 4
Twinkles turn she goes nervously to the stage she sees kunj he gives her thumps up wishing her good luck
She starts to dance on bole chudiya bole kangana hayee mein hogayii teri sajana terey bin jiyou nahi u lagta mein margayiaa kunj joins here in the boys part they both dance happily there dance is full of fun rakesh nd avni gives each other hi5 as there plan is going ahead the dance ends but still the scores r same
Anita: well the scores r same so one more dance nd i will devide who wins but this is couple dance but only of the captains
twinj r shocked
They both comes to the stage twinkle whispers to kunj
Twinkle: kunj… i dont know couple dance
Kunj: what it is so easy
Twinkle: but i dont know
Kunj: ok relaxe just dont leave my hand ok?
Twinkle: ok i wont
They hold the hands kunj puts his hand on twinkles wraist she feels butterflies
Twinkle soul talk: what is this happening why i am feeling butterflies in my stomach this feeling is not common oh babaji help
Kunj pulls twinkle close they share an eyelock (sajna ve plays) screen freezes

Precape: twinkle is on the terrace with sprain in her leg thinking about kunj

Hope u guyzz like it… love u all ???

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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