Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 39


Thank u sooo much everyone 15 comments i cant thank u guyzz enough… nd as i said before there will be a new start of twinj but they will reunite for sure… plzz do support me in my story line… love u all muuuaaaahhh ???????????????????

The episode starts with everyone tensed the doctor speaks up
Doctor: i know it is going to be very hard but u people should have patience
Uvi: what happened u just tell that
Doctor: during the accident they both have hurt their head where they had internal bleeding in the brain which caused them to forget everything that happened during the one year
Everyone is shocked dont know how to react
Mahi: but doctor u told they r fine
Doctor: i know but im sorry i cant help anymore
Usha smiles
Usha soul talk: thank god it wasnt that severe… my son has returned to me he wont even remember that he is married especially with this girl
She smiles evilly
Leela: doctor they r married will they remember this??
Doctor: im afraid no… nd it will be better not to tell them because they will have pressure nd cant handle there will be high chances of coma
Everyone gets more shocked usha smiles
Mahi: but doctor they can live like this
Doctor: i dont know maybe u all have to get them married again so they can understand
Everyone nods the doctor leaves uvi eyes twinkle from the window while mahi looks at kunh from the window uvi leaves mahi follows him uvi comes nd sits in a corner nd cries recalling twinkle nd kunjs moment together mahi comes there nd consoles him
Uvi: this is all because of me god is giving me punishment of being a bad brother nd a son i hate myself… but mahi why god is giving punishment to twinkle nd kunj
Mahi: its nothing like that we will make them together again
Uvi nods
Mahi: now u have to be strong
Uvi wipes his tears uvi goes to twinkles room nd mahi to kunjs room who have gained consciousness
Uvi: twinkle u ok?
Twinkle: what happened to me bhai?
Uvi: nothing u just had a minor accident
Twinkle: ok where r everyone
Just then leela enters twinkle gets teary eyed
Twinkle: maa
Leela: how r u feeling??
Twinkle: maa u forgived me… im telling u maa i didnt do anything
Leela looks at uvi who signs her to play along
Leela: yes beta i got to know the truth im sorry i doubted u
Twinkle hugs leela the bacha party enters they have some talk but noone lets twinkle know about her nd kunjs relationship
On the other hand samething happens with kunj mahi nd usha doesnt let him know about the one year nd the time spent with twinkle

Next scene
Doctor informs kunj nd twinkle that they r discharged twinkles room is just beside kunj (manchala plays) twinj comes to the door together while mahi nd uvi looks at each other nd shows thumbs up twinj comes out of the door nd looks at each other nd ignore kunj holds mahis hand nd twinkle holds uvis hand twinj r walking towards each other uhi looks at each other uhi makes twinj stop at a distance
Mahi: kunj i told u naa im married he is my husband uvi taneja
Twinkle: bhaii u didnt tell me about u being married
Uvi: um wo twinkle it happened so early i didnt get time… nd guess what u r going to be a chachi
Twinkle nd kunj r happy nd smiles brightly
Kunj: really dii u r going to be a mother
Mahi nods nd blushes
Mahi: arey u both didnt meet each other twinkle this is kunj my brother
Uvi: nd kunj this is my sister twinkle
Twinj handshake nd gives a smile
Kunj: nice to meet u twinkle
twinkle: nice to meet u too
The bacha party comes there
Kunj: arey avni raju rakesh paro deepika u all here how r u all… i missed u people soo much
The bacha party hugs kunj twinkle is confused
Twinkle: avni u didnt tell me kunj was ur relative
Rakesh: di… we forgot about that
Twinkle: its ok
Kunj: who r u to them??
Twinkle: i… i am….
Avni: our elder sister
Kunj: u didnt tell us about that
Deepika: arey how many questions u both should work together nd open a police station nd start intoreggating the criminals
Everyone laughs while twinj smiles awkwardly

Next scene
Kunj comes to his room nd looks at it
Kunj self talk: oh i missed my room
Telling this he goes to his cupboard opens it to his surprise he finds girls cloths nd is shocked
Kunj: dii plzz come here
Mahi comes there
Mahi: what happened kunj??
Kunj: dii whats all this? Girls stuff r these urs??
Mahi is shocked nd tensed
On the other hand taneja house twinkle doesnt find her cloths in the cupboard
Twinkle: maa plzz come here
Leela comes there nd is shocked nd tensed
Twinkle: where r my cloths maa??
Leela: beta… wo… the.. the cloths were dirty i have sent them to the laundry
Twinkle: oh ok
On the other hand kunj is standing confused
Mahi: kunj wo… actually while u were away one of my friend came to stay here so… i think she left her cloths here
Kunj: hahah i think she forgot to take her cloths i mean all of them
Mahi smiles screen freezes

Precape: its holi kunj with mahi nd usha comes to taneja house

Hope u all like it… nd plzzz support me with my story line…!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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  1. I want to ask that if this d same ff in which twinj gone for a picnic …. Nd there is aliya kunj ex gf… …… Reply*

    1. No aastha this is not the ff u r talking about…??

  2. Its hard to recall story plz add a small recap

  3. Osm epi dear loved it……

    1. Thank u soo much zikra ??

  4. Sweetie Teri ff itni sweet hai ki use padkar muje diabetes na Ho jaaye♥♥♥
    Hope it’s r8
    I am not good at hindi

    1. Thank u sooo much sanam… haha its ok i dont really mind it ???

      1. Nd yeah its absolutely correct ??

  5. Nc epi….I think now everything will be from stating…..like – Dates love> engagement > Marriage

    1. Lama hope u like more nd as i said a new start… ??

  6. Nice episode loved it

    1. Thank u soo much sam… ??

  7. nyc epi….. lykd it…..

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  8. Awesome twist…..waiting for next episode….

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  9. Awesome sweetie…u r just too good…???

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      nd where have u been??

  10. Anisha (Phycho)

    Amazing epi Sweetie…..
    As sweet as u r!!!
    Love ya..
    Update the next part soon!

  11. Muskan{News Reporter}

    Sorry for being late bt ur ff was awesome ??

  12. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Very nice ff.

  13. OK yeah…. But twinj’s love story started 3 years back na… There was a 3 year leap… Then y don’t they remember each other…

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