Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 38


Thank u sooo much everyone for ur lovely comments zikra, ritzy, jerly, dheemahee, muskan (news reporter), sam, panchi, akanksha, sonali, rupam, anisha thank uu sooooo much for ur lovely comments they mean a lot to me… nd sorry for not commenting back sorry… nd AKANKSHA waiting for ur ff really love it plzzz do post the next one as soon as possible RITZI ur episodes r just mindblowing nd adorable… SANAM where r u yaar?? I love ur ff im one of ur fan… sorry if im missing anyone nd let me tell u all something u will see a new start of twinj don’t get mad I will surely unite them till then bear my ff…. LOVE U ALL…<3 <3

The episode starts with the guests eating the lunch while twinkle is waiting nd thinking will they like her food nd will she be able to impress usha just then one of the lady finishes her food nd speaks
Lady: oh usha ur DIL cooked such an amazing food I love it
Usha is shocked but gives a fake smile twinkle is happy the bacha party smiles
Lady 2: I agree with her usha jii if twinkle wasn’t ur bahu I would have made her my bahu
Man: usha jii u should learn from ur bahu
Everyone laughs
Twinkle is delighted usha gets angry
Usha soul talk: now I have to learn from this girl… soon her last day will come I cant bear her more I don’t want to see her infront of my eyes
Twinkle comes to usha while avni pushes the wheel chair
Twinkle: mummyji… I wont let ur head down in any circumstances… I will surely win ur heart
Usha: my head is already down because u r my bahu did u see urself who r u? a girl whos parents threw her out of the house before or the girl who SLEPT WITH THE MAN
The line echoes twinkle is shocked she gets teary eyed usha leaves twinkle starts crying silently she asks avni to take her to the room avni nods

Twinj room
Twinkle reaches there with the help of avni twinkle sits on the bed nd cries avni tries to console her but is not able too just then rakesh comes there
Rakesh signs avni what happened to dii avni takes him in the corner nd narrates everything
Avni: rakesh dii is hurt
Rakesh: we have to do something
Avni: of course dumbo
Rakesh: don’t call me that anyways think
Rakesh nd avni gets into thinking rakesh gets an idea nd he speaks loudly
Rakesh: avni don’t u think dii looks like a joker when she is angry or crying
Twinkle stops crying
Avni notices this nd understands his plan
Avni: yes yaar… i know she looks like joker because her nose becomes red
Twinkle is stunned she touches her nose takes her phone opens the front camera nd looks at her nose
Twinkle: rakesh avni come here
Avni: yes dii
Twinkle: my nose is not red… nd how do i look like a joker
Rakesh: dii when did we told that u look like a joker… we just told when u cry or is angry that is the time when u look joker
Avni: yes dii u cry then see urself u completely look like a joker
Twinkle: i dont look like a joker when i cry also… i look cute nd adorable
Deepika raju nd paro comes deepika is seen tensed
Twinkle: what happened deepika y r u tensed??
Raju nd paro laughs
Twinkle: nd y u both r laughing
Raju: dii hahaha dii wo… haha deepika hahaa
Avni rakesh nd twinkle r confused
Avni: u shut up raju paro tell us
Paro laughs but controls herself
Paro: woo deepika by mistakely dropped food on one aunty nd her wig came out as deepika was running… dii she didnt have hair on her head it was a wig hahaha
Everyone laughs badly
Twinkle: hahaha haww deepika very bad hah
Deepika: dii plzz that aunty will kill me if i go infront of her
Everyone laughs deepika too starts laughing kunj enters and looks at everyone laughing he looks at twinkle lovingly nd smiles (sajna ve plays) unknown of his presence everyone starts to talk twinkle is talking (which is muted as the song is being played) nd her hair r flying kunj is just staring at twinkle
Kunj soul talk: babaji thank u soo much u brought twinkle in my life in soo thank ful how could i even return ur favor plzz dont seperate us ever
Rakesh spots kunj standing
Rakesh: jiju u came
Everyone looks at him
Kunj: im ur bhaiyya not jiju
Avni: haaww jiju then u will be twinkle dis brother
Everyone laughs
Kunj: umm im good with jiju
Twinkle laughs
Rakesh: come jiju this is ur room only
Avni: not only di also washroom alsi balcony also nd most of all the bed
Teasing kunj… twinkle looks at avni nd gives her a death glare avni looks at twinkle
Avni self talk: now u r dead miss avni
Avni: i… i have to go nd sleep byee
Everyone leaves kunjs closes the door nd sits beside twinkle
Kunj: how r u feeling now??
Twinkle: u came im feeling awesome
Kunj: very good
Twinkle: kunj im feeling to dance i dont know why
Kunj: twinkle first look at ur condition nd then ur feeling
Twinkle becomes sad kunj notices this he ons the music lifts twinkle in his arms twinkle is surprised
Kunj: my twinkle wants something nd i wont give her how is that possible
Twinkle gets happiness tears she hugs kunj (raabta plays) kunj dances with twinkle while she is in his arms he doesnt let her keep the leg down but dances
Twinkle: i love u
Kunj: hmmm
Twinkle: u wont tell anything
Kunj: what should i say
Twinkle makes some faces
Kunj: acha listen twinkle
Twinkle: what
Kunj: i love u 2
Twinkle smiles nd kisses him on the cheek

Next scene
2 weeks passes by twinkle recovers from her sprain nd is continues trying to win ushas heart

Twinkle walking here nd there
Twinkle self talk: what should i do next i want to win mummyjis heart… ufff babaji help
Kunj comes out of the washroom shirtless twinkle looks at him
Twinkle: kunj give me some idea
Kunj: idea about
Twinkle: to win mummyjis heart
Kunj: hmm let me think
Twinkle looks at kunjs body nd smiles
Twinkle soul talk: what a luck twinkle, such a handsome husband u didnt even dare to look at him before but look now u r his wife everyone will be so jealous
Kunj looks at twinkle he looks at his body nd smiles naughtily
Kunj: what r u staring at??
Twinkle becomes conscious
Twinkle: no… nothing i was just wondering what should u wear
Twinkle goes to the cupboard nd is looking for kunjs shirt he comes to her twinkle feels kunj close her heart starts to beat faster (sajna ve plays) kunj holds her waist nd moves his lips on her neck twinkle closes her eyes nd holds his hand kunj makes her turn nd continues to kiss her neck twinkle caresses his hair twinkle moves her hand on his back nd accidently her nails give him some mark kunj moves back
Kunj: ouchh twinkle
Twinkle: im so sorry
Kunj: its ok… i get it u couldnt control urself as handsome man kissing u
Twinkle: its nothing like that
Kunj: then what is it
Moving close to her
Twinkle: nothing
Kunj: acha
He cups her face nd moves forward for a kiss
Twinkle: i love u
Kunj: i love u 2
They kiss each other on the lips just for some seconds they move back
twinkle: chalo mr husband get ready i have to go to gurudwarey
Kunj: i will also come with u
Twinkle nods nd goes down usha comes to her
Usha: u r going somewhere out??
Twinkle: yes mummyji me nd…
Before she continues
Usha: ok fine go… god knows when will u go away from my life
Twinkle: that day will not come mummyji
Usha: we will see
Twinkle leaves outside just then kunj comes usha is standing there
Usha: u r going somewhere kunj??
Kunj: yes maa me nd twinkle r going
Usha gets tensed
Usha: no….
Kunj: what no maa
Usha: nothing y r u going do go naa
Kunj: maa im getting late byee
Nd telling this he runs out side usha gets tensed

Next scene
Twinj r in the car nd talking the gurudwaarey comes but kunj is not able to sto the car
Twinkle: kunj gurudwaarey is behind why r u not stopping the car
Kunj: i dont know twinkle i think the brakes r failed
Twinkle gets shocked
Kunj: twinkle when i tell u to jump from the car jump
Twinkle: kunj r u out of ur mind i wont leave u
Kunj: twinkle dont be stubborn
Twinkle: i wont leave u nd thats final
Just then they both see the dead end which goes on the cliff twinj r shocked (sad sajna ve plays) they share an eyelock
Kunj: i love u siyappa queen
Twinkle: i love u kharoose sarna
They reach the cliff just then some rock hits them the car turns nd bangs into the tree twinj r shown having blood on their faces nd holding hands

Next scene
Twinj r being operated leela mahi uvi bacha party nd usha r sitting there
Usha soul talk: this is all because of me… to get rid of twinkle i have given my sons life in danger
The doctor comes out everyone goes to him
Doctor: u all r very lucky they r out of danger
Everyone is happy nd thanks god
Doctor: u all just think god has given them second life they r blessed…. but there is a bad news
Everyone is shocked nd tensed screen freezes

Precape: not decided

Hope u all like it…!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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