Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 37


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The episode starts with kunj coming close to twinkle while she gets nervous
Twinkle: k..ku..kunj someone will come
Kunj: let them come (moving close)
Twinkle: avni will come
Kunj: let them come (moving more close)
Twinkle: k..unj someone will come from the balcony
Kunj moves back
Kunj: WHAT!!!
Funny tune plays

Kunj: twinkle u ok?? How can someone come from the balcony
Twinkle: wo i… i just told to move u back
Kunj: haha twinkle u should write a book “100 ways to ruin the romance”
Kunj moves close
Twinkle: kunj enough
Kunj doesnt listen to her nd moves close they r just millimeters away from a kiss until they r disturbed by the knock on the door
Kunj: oh god cant i romance with my wife
Twinkle hits him on the shoulder nd blushes kunj gets up nd opens the door nd finds usha standing kunj gets angry usha enters the room twinkle gets tensed
Usha: kunj im really sorry beta plzz forgive me… i will do as u say
Kunj looks at twinkle who signs him to forgive her kunj nods
Kunj: its ok maa mistakes happens with everyone
Usha: thank u soo beta

Kunj: i have some work i will be back
Kunj leaves usha nd twinkle r left in the room usha turns to twinkle
Usha: dont think i will accept u
Twinkle: im not thinking mummyji i know u will accept me someday
Usha: nd that day will never come
Twinkle: it will come soon mummyji nd when u will accept u wont even know
Usha: i know i wont accept u because i dont want u to be my kunjs wife
She turns to leaves

Twinkle: one month mummyji
Usha turns
Usha: what one month
Twinkle: in one month i will win ur heart
Usha: i will wait for that (leaves)
Twinkle self talk: u will accept me mummyji someday soon
She smiles

Next scene
Twinkle is shown sitting on the bed reading the book she makes a frustrated face
Twinkle self talk: uffff im so tired nd bored nd i dont know where they all went…… babaji help
She gets an idea nd smiles she manages to stand
Twinkle self talk: comeon twinkle u can do this
She walks nd looses her balance nd is about to fall kunj comes to her rescue they share an eyelock (sajna ve plays)
kunj breaks it nd makes her sit on the bed twinkle looks here nd there kunj is staring at her angrily

Twinkle murms: now u r dead twinkle… look how kunj is staring at u
Kunj: wht were u trying to do
Twinkle: hmm??
Kunj: what were u trying to do
Twinkle soul talk: now answer mrs twinkle kunj sarna what will u answer him
Twinkle: i… was… try…trying to walk
Kunj looks at her angrily
Kunj: before also u tried to walk right?? U wont understand i mean u dont understand others u wont listen to me… dont talk to me do whatever u want to do
Twinkle: kunjj… dont do that… i was bored
Kunh: so what should i be a joker nd dance to entertain u?
Twinkle: i dont mind… i mean if u insist

Twinkle giggles kunj shows a serious face
Kunj: really twinkle im serious… dont talk to me
He leaves again
Twinkle self talk: kunj is right u r a siyappa queen look now one more siyappa

Next scene
Twinkle is sitting on the bed kunj is sitting on the couch
Twinkle: kunj u wont sleep today
Kunj doesnt answer her
Twinkle: acha sorry na i wont do it again
Kunj turns
Kunj: u always say that but do it again
Twinkle: i will not this time… plzz in sorry
Kunj: i dont believe u… nd today i will sleep on the couch i dont want to sleep with u
Twinkle: haawww kunj dont do that im sorry na… if u will not sleep with me then i will
Kunj: u will what hah

Twinkle: i will stand nd walk… nd u will not stop me as u r angry with me right
Kunj is shocked
Kunj: ha do whatever u want… walk or dance i dont care
twinkle: okay then im standing
Twinkle stands using the help of the bed kunj looks at her from the corner of his eye
Kunh self talk: what is she doing full childish it wil hurt her more… oh babaji (he sees twinkle walking with many problems) ok fine i give up i cant see her like this
He stands up hurrudiely nd goes to twinkle nd holds her twinkle smiles he lifts her in his arms (sajna ve plays) nd places her gently on the bed he turns to leave twinkle holds his hand
Twinkle: plzz im sorry
Kunj turns nd smiles he comes to her nd kisses her forehead
Kunj: i will change nd come
Twinkle smiles brightly
Kunj comes back after changing he sits on the bed twinkle comes near nd keeps her head on his chest kunj wraps his arms around her nd sleeps

Next scene
Usha is working in the kitchen full angry on twinkle just then someone enters in the kitchen on a wheelchair who is none other than twinkle where avni is behind the wheelchair
Twinkle: i didnt back off mummyji
Usha looks angrily at her nd thinks something she talks sweetly with her
Usha: oh how r u?? If u have come i want to tell u something we r gonna have guests in our house today atleast 10 or 15 plzz prepare the food nd do the dishes
Twinkle is not shocked while avni looks on usha leaves
Avni: dii how will u prepare all this
Twinkle: avnii darling do u know about the wedding which we planned
Avni: yes di but what about that??
Twinkle: did u liked the food over there??

Avni: yes di but what about that??
Twinkle: i prepared that for the guests
Avni is shocked but then smiles
Avni: that is why u rock dii
Twinkle smiles nd starts to prepare the food sitting on the wheelchair

Next scene
The guests enters while usha smirks
Usha soul talk: im thousand percent sure she havent done that
The lunch us served usha comes to the kitchen smiling while twinkle is working
Usha: so u did everything??
Twinkle: yes mummyjii I prepared 4 dishes
Ushas smile fades away nd is shocked
Usha: what?? What r u telling?
Twinkle: why mummyji is there any problem??
Usha: no nothing… serve the food

Usha leaves twinkle smiles
Twinkle self talk: i know mummyji u thought i cant do all this especially when im on the wheel chair soon mummyji u will accept me
Twinkle smiles screen freezes

Precape: twinj meets with car accident

Hope u all like it…!!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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