Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 36


Hey guyz… i know everyone will be confused about the episodes the 35th episode was 33rd episode so im just gonna write the summary to avoid confusion… hope u all forgived me for the mistake… thank u soo much for the comments…!!

Summary of 33/34 episode:
Kunj reaches the hospital as he got a call the doctor informs everyone about mahi being pregnant uvi tells the truth to twinkle how he made her sleep with the man nd the accident of RT he asks forgiveness twinkle accepts his apology kunj mahi uvi nd twinkle share some cute moments in the car kunj hesitates but tells twinkle he also want to become a father twinkle blushes on the lunch twinkle informs the bacha party that twinj will be shifting to sarna mansion the bacha party becomes sad kunj informs they too r coming along with them twinkle is packing kunj gives her a back hug twinkle questions kunj about usha will like her not kunj handles her nd then they both hug the bacha party comes nd teases them twinkle tells them to go nd pack properly they all leave kunj tries to kiss twinkle by telling that he wants to help her twinkle pushes him nd tells him to take the shoes nd put in the bag twinj r in one car the bacha party in other twinkle questions kunj about how usha is kunj gets surprised twinkle tells kunj she didnt see mummyji kunj tells her usha will love her they reach the sarna mansion usha opens the door she hugs kunj nd looks at twinkle with disgusted face nd is sad as she wanted a modern bahu she does twinkles ghrapravesh but doesnt bless twinkle in twinj room kunj starts to romance with twinkle usha enters twinkle gets shocked kunj asks usha to leave as he is married usha smiles at kunj nd leaves kunj starts to romance again but twinkle pushes him nd tell him to stop kunj leaves angrily twinkle gets teary eyes

Ok so this was the summary i hope the episode is clear to u all… sorry again for the mistake…!!!

Going back to my 36th episode… nd sorry again for the mistake…!!

The episode starts with twinkle sitting on the bed having tears in her eyes
Twinkle self talk: why i am like this… i shouted at kunj for no reason but he also na doesnt understand im in a big tension mummyjii didnt like me… nd god knows where he went he is not back till now
Just then avni comes in the room
Avni: wow dii nice room hah
Twinkle gives her a smile
Avni: what happened dii is everything ok??
Twinkle: yes everything is fine
Avni: no it is not tell me
Twinkle narrates her everything
Avni: i have an idea (which is muted)
Twinkle: no no i cant do this
Avni: i dont know i just wanted to help u
Telling this she went out twinkle thinks
Twinkle: not a bad idea

Next scene
Kunj enters the room which is fully decorated with candles flowers petals on the bed kunj smiles twinkle comes in a small dress wearing heels nd comes to kunj who smiles seeing her
Twinkle: kunj im sorry… i was tensed… im really sorry…
Kunj: sshh sshh twinkle its ok… i also got angry im sorry
Twinkle: no it was my mistake i should not have shouted at u
Kunj: twinkle its ok
He hugs her she too hugs him back kunj lifts her in his arms nd makes her lay on the bed (muskurane ki wajah tum ho plays in the background) twinkle feels shy nd turns kunj smiled he opens her blouse twinkle clutches the bed sheet kunj looks at this nd stops twinkle turns nd smiles she sits nd kisses him on the cheeks kunj smiles they both hug each other nd lay on the bed kunj moves his lips on twinkles face while she holds his neck nd moves her face kunj goes to her neck nd starts to kiss it twinkle caresses his hair kunj comes up nd kisses her on the lips they both have a passionate liplock they break the liplock nd lay on the bed hugging each other nd slept

Next scene
Twinkle wakes up its 7 she gets up hurridely nd is rushing to the washroom until her leg twists nd she falls twinkle doesnt scream as she didnt want kunj to wake up so fast
Twinkle self talk: haaye babaji its paining alot helpp… if i didnt go down today mummyjii will hate me more i have to do this for me nd for kunj… comeon twinkle u have to get up
She struggles alot but manages to stand she gets ready after getting ready she sits on the sofa nd looks at her leg which is fully swollen just then kunj wakes up twinkle hides her feet with her churidar kunj comes to her nd kisses her forehead
Kunj: good morning beautiful
Twinkle: good morning mr handsome… go nd get ready i will go to kitchen
Kunj: ok…!!
He leaves for washroom twinkle sighs she stands up nd tries to walk normally but fails she struggles alot nd reaches the kitchen just then usha comes there
Usha: wow u woke up so early it was a just like that or u woke up purposely
Twinkle: no mummyjii i always wake up this early
Usha: acha now enough work
Twinkle starts working struggling nd bearing she is controlling her pain nd working she is not even able to stand but stands for the sake of her respect in ushas eyes by mistakely she takes the sugar nd is about to pour in the curry usha stops her kunj comes there
Usha: u dont even know to put salt in the curry how will u work… didnt ur parents teach u anything… oh god how will i controll this girl she is so irresponsible… why did u even marry my son… u can not win my heart easily ok
Kunj who is listening all this is shocked twinkle cries
Twinkle: sorry mummyjii it was a mistake
Usha: ha then tomorrow give me poison nd tell it was a mistake
Twinkle cries kunj comes there
Kunj: maa what r u telling it must be a mistake… y do u have to scream so much… nd i wont bear this kind of attitude towards twinkle she is my wife u have to give her all the rights
Usha: i dont care… i just dont like her
Twinkle cries kunj looks at her nd holds her hand
Kunj: then…. i wont like u
Usha nd twinkle r shocked kunj is walking towards the exit nd twinkle is struggling to walk kunj notices this nd looks at her leg which is full swelled usha nd kunj r shocked kunj lifts twinkle in his arms while twinkle is scared of usha who will scold her again
Twinkle: kunj leave me…
Kunj: keep quite
He takes her to the room leaving usha behind
Usha self talk: now u took my son away from… now look twinkle what i will do… i wont spare u…!!

Twinj room
Kunj comes nd places twinkle gently on the bed he calls the doctor bacha party also comes there the doctor checks twinkles feet nd informs kunj she is having ankle sprain nd wont be able to walk for 2 weeks kunj nods the bacha party leaves after telling twinkle to take care of herself kunj comes nd stares at twinkle angrily
Kunj: y didnt u tell me about this?
Twinkle: a…ab… about what
Kunj: u know what im trying to ask
Twinkle: no i cannot understand
Kunj: fine let me tell u in clear words about ur leg nd about maa
Twinkle doesnt have answers
Twinkle moves with fear she gets teary eyed nd the tears starts to fall kunj feels guilty he comes to her nd cups her face
Kunj: twinkle im sorry… its just that u should have told me… atleast about maa
Twinkle: k… kunj (crying) i… didnt tell u because u will get tensed i didnt want u to get tensed
Kunj is touches by her words nd hugs her (sad sajna ve plays)
Kunj: twinkle im sorry
Twinkle: its ok… (wiping her tears) after all u r kunj sarna u always make mistakes
Kunj: how mean twinkle… trying to help u… nd u r accusing me
Twinkle: aww how cute
She pulls his cheeks
Kunj: twinkle im not a baby
Twinkle: but u r like a baby (she pulls his nose)
Kunj: no im not… nd dont do that (pulling twinkles nose)
Twinkle: ouch why did u pull mine?? (Pulling kunjs nose)
Kunj: because u pulled mine… twinkle now enough if u will pull my nose again i will….
Twinkle: what u will mr husband (pulling kunjs nose)
Kunj: oww u did it… now im gonna… kiss u
Twinkle is stunned screen freezes

Precape: twinkle challenges usha that she will win her heart in 1 month

Hope u all like it…!! Sorry again for the mistake…!!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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