Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 35

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The episode starts with kunj rushing to the hospital as he got a call from someone he reaches the hospital nd asks about mahi taneja the receptionist direct the room he reaches there nd finds twinkle uvi leela nd RT he goes to them just then the doctor comes out nd informs
Doctor: there is nothing to worry about she is absolutely fine
Twinkle: but doctor the vomits nd unconsciousness
Doctor: hahaa this happens in this state
Uvi: what stage doctor??
Doctors pats uvis shoulder
Doctor: u r gonna get more responsibilities… congratulation uvi u r going to becomes a dad
Everyone gets happy uvi hugs twinkle she too hugs him back forgetting what he did then twinkle hugs kunj tightly they share a cute hug nd everyone hugs each other
Leela: acha twinkle puttar we have to go for the meeting we will meet mahi later ok??
Twinkle: ok maa
RT nd leela leaves
Twinj nd uvi goes to mahis room she lays there blushing uvi comes there there nd hugs her
Uvi: thank u soo much mahi thank u soo much
Mahi smiles
Twinkle keeps staring at uvi thinking why did he do this with his own sister she looks at kunj who is looking at uhi
Twinkle: bhaii i want to ask u something
Uvi: twinkle before u speak i have a lot of things to say
He stands up while mahi signs him not to tell her
Uvi: no mahi i cant live with this burden
Twinkle: what is it?
Twinj looks at each other confused
Uvi: twinkle do u remember that day when u woke in the arms of some man i did that… nd i asked one of my man to do thr accident of papa because i wanted the propert…. im sorry for this… im really sorry when papa met with the accident i felt something is not good then i shared this with mahi who told me i didnt do right but she is with me always nd not to tell the truth to u i always wanted to tell u but couldnt i have no idea why i became so selfish im really sorry… if i want to give any punishment i will happily accept it anything twinkle anything…. if u want my life also i will give it if it makes u happy
Twinkle nd mahi r in teary eyes nd kunj is touched by his words
Uvi: plzz give me some punishment
Twinkle comes to uvi
Twinkle: u did all this nd i should give u punishment… nd ur punishment is that……
All three waits for her answer
Twinkle: ur punishment is that i will keep ur girls name
Everyone gets happy
Uvi: ha pakka
Twinkle nd uvi hugs kunj goes to mahi sits beside her nd hugs her they four share some cute moments

Next scene
Twinj in the car
Kunj: twinkle how do u know if it is a girl or a boy?
Twinkle: i know i sensed it
Kunj burst into laughter
Kunj: u sensed it… what a common senses
Nd laughs
Twinkle: haaww… how mean u have to see it will be a girl only
Kunj: what if its not a girl
Twinkle: hmm if it us not a girl then… ummm i will do whatever u tell me
Kunj: oh man… i will win but the thing is i cant wait for 9 months
Twinkle: what do u mean
Kunj: the thing which is in my mind i can do whenever i want but it needs ur permission nd i cant wait for that
Twinkle: do u want me to understand what u r telling?
Kunj: yes of course
Twinkle: then y r u making me confuse?? Tell me straight
Kunj: twinkle woo
Twinkle: what kunj??
Kunj: twinkle i also
Twinkle: ufff start ur car nd tell
Kunj: i also want to become a father
Twinkle blushes badly nd turns the otherside kunj smiles

Next scene
The bacha party nd twinj r sitting on the dining table having dinner twinkle stands up nd speaks
Twinkle: umm everyone listen…. ummm me nd kunj decided… to umm live in sarna mansion as it is my in laws house
Everyone gets shocked but then smiles
Deepika: good… but im telling i will take the biggest room
Raju: why r u a princess u will take the biggest room
Twinkle: wait wait wait…. the thing is only me nd kunj r shifting
Everyone is shocked nd stands up
Avni: dii u will leave us nd go
Kunj: wait… i thought about this but guess what in my house there r many rooms u all can fit in
Everyone smiles nd hugs kunj twinkle looks at kunj lovingly

Next scene
Twinkle is packing kunj comes nd gives her a back hug
twinkle: kunj move someone will come
Kunj: let them come… u r my legally wedded wife sweetheart
Twinkle smiles
Twinkle: kunj..
Kunj: hmm
Twinkle: will mummyjii like me??
Kunj makes her turn towards him
Kunj: of course merii jaan why do u think that??
Twinkle: i dont know i just felt like that
Kunj: she wont like u… she will love u because i love u
Twinkle: i love u 2
They both hug screen freezes

Precape: usha looks at twinkle nd makes a disgusting face

Hope u all like it…!!!

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  1. i thnk it is episode 33 ryt …… by d way nyc episode …. bt quite confused ..

  2. Anisha (Phycho)

    Sweetie i’m confused…..
    Like umm epi 35 is taking us backwards….
    Ok no prob….i got it maybe some mistake!!!!
    But both the epis were FAB…
    Argh this USHA…hate her yaar…

  3. Sweetie u r fab as always
    Waiting for the next 😀

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