Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 32

Sorry for the short episodes guyzz… nd plzz do comment…!!! I love u guyzz…!!!

The episode starts with twinkle being shocked nd stands up ignoring kunj… he too stands up nd makes twinkle to face him
Kunj: twinkle uk how did all this happened

When twinkle was in taneja mansion 8 years back she went to sleep a man came to her nd made her unconscious he brought the other man nd made him sleep with her when twinkle opened her she found herself with the man just then leela nd rt comes in nd throws her out of the house
Flashback ends

Twinkle: i know kunj i didnt do anything… my parents did trust me but who did that
Kunj: i know u wont believe me
Twinkle: tell me kunj (holding his collar)
Kunj: it was….
Twinkle: who
Kunj: Uvii
Twinkle is hell shocked she leaves his collar nd moves nd gets angry on kunj nd slaps him hard
Twinkle: dont u ever speak ill about my brother understand
Kunj: twinkle im not lying
Twinkle: yes i know u r lying u r not even in ur senses that is y u r speaking all this
Kunj: what will i get to accuse uvi bhaii
Twinkle: i dont know… but what ever u r doing kunj i hate u for that i really hate u
Kunj is shocked to hear that nd grabs twinkle by her arms
Kunj: why will i lie to u… dont tell this plzz i will die twinkle
Twinkle: dont accuse my brother for this
Kunj sits down on the bed thinking

Kunj follows uvi when they were in the village he heard uvi speaking
Uvi: i know i did that to my small sister but what to do… what u dont know what i did… i made her to sleep with the man nd everyone thought she slept with man in real… did u heard about my father??… no dude what u heard yaar… so about my father he still loved twinkle i made him write the will about transferring the property to me nd i made him meet with an accident… he went in coma… i didnt want anything just the property
Kunj gets shocked
Flashback ends

Kunj: no twinkle u have to agree to the truth ur uvi bhaii did all this
Twinkle turns to him nd makes him stand nd cups his face
Twinkle: kunj plzz i love u dont lie to me… why would my brother ever do that to me
Kunj narrates her everything about him finding uvi in the village nd what he told twinkle is shocked she feels dizzy kunj holds her nd makes her sit
Twinkle: no bhaii cant do this… with his own sister he was the only one who used to talk to me when my parents did understand me he cant do this
Kunj cups her face
Kunj: twinkle im not lying… if im lying to u then i will accept any punishment from u i swear
Twinkle: what if i asked for divorce if u r wrong
Kunj gets shocked divorce echoes in his ears he stands up nd speaks with teary eyed
Kunj: then… nothing i will die
Twinkle gets teary eyed nd hugs kunj… he hugs her back (sad sajna ve plays)
Kunj: dont leave me siyappa queen if i did any mistake i will die
Twinkle: i wont leave u… i promise
They break the hug kunj cups her face
Kunj: so do u belive me in uvi bhaiis thing
Twinkle: i trust u with all my heart… we cant just accuse him we have to find the truth nd proof first
Kunj: im always with u siyappa queen
Twinkle smiles nd hugs him back kunj feels dizzy nd falls unconscious on the bed twinkle makes him lay down properly she covers him with the blanket twinkle goes nd sits on the couch staring at kunj
Twinkle self talk: i have to find the truth why did bhaii do that… just because he wants the property or something big
She keeps thinking nd looks at kunj she comes to the bed nd kisses him on the forhead she hugs him nd sleeps

Next scene
Kunj wakes up nd feels headache he holds his head nd screams for twinkle
Kunj: twinklee… yaar my head is paining alot… plzz bring my coffee
Getting no answer he screams again
Kunj: twinklee where r u
He sits nd looks here nd there nd finds lemonade with the note he takes the note which us written
Kunj im going to maas house will be late a bit nd plzz drink the lemonade u will feel good byee love u kharoose sarna
Kunj smiles he drinks the lemonade nd feels a bit relaxed he gets to think he gets a call he is shocked screen freezes

Precape: not decided

Hope u all like it….!!!

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