Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 31


Sorry guyzz for the delay nd i hope u r liking my episodes… nd about the truth thats suspense it will be revealed sabar ka phal meetha hota haii… thank u guyzz i love u soo much ??????

The episode starts with twinkle getting teary eyed after seeing leela nd RT on the door she runs to them nd hugs them leela gets teary eyed nd hugs her back tightly the bacha party is confused kunj smiles
Twinkle: maa i didnt do something like that maa trust me
Leela: no puttar i got to know y didnt do anything like that
Twinkle confused
Twinkle: how??
Leela nd RT looks at kunj

Kunj comes to taneja house greets leela as he is mahis brother he goes to the room nd followed by leela
Kunj: aunty twinkle didnt do anything wrong
Just then RT gets conscious nd tells twinkles name kunj holds him leela gets happy
RT: what were u telling about twinkle??
Kunj: i was telling that twinkle didnt do anything (he tells them everything which is muted)
Leela: omg i cant believe this how can someone do this with his own family
Kunj: aunty i know this is shocking but plzz u should not talk about this to anyone plzzz
Leela: ok puttar we will not tell to anyone
Kunj: aunty nd uncle i want to tell u one more thing
RT: go on
Kunj: that tomorrow is twinkles birthday nd i will be great ful to u if u come there nd forgive her plz
Leela: im so happy twinkle got such an amazing life partner we will surely come
Kunj smiles
Flashback ends

Kunj signs leela not to tell her anything twinkle gets confused nd looks at kunj nd smiles brightly
Twinkle thinks: omg kunj convinced them i didnt do anything like that… thank u babaji u brough kunj in my life
Twinkle: maa nd papa thank u soo much for forgiving me… nd if u have come where is my gift
RT: we r sorry beta we didnt brought any gift
Twinkle: why do i need gift when i got u both
They three hug
Twinkle makes them meet the bacha party kunj goes in the corner nd picks up the wine bottle
Kunj thinks: i have to tell twinkle about the truth nd it is good i wont be in my senses so i will not see her tears or see her being hurt im sorry twinkle but u have all right to know the truth
Kunj gets drunk he comes to twinkle while she is chatting with RT leela nd the bacha party
Kunj: oye siyappa queen
Everyone gets shocked on seeing him full drunk twinkle comes to him nd holds him
Twinkle: kunj why did u get drunk
Kunj: siyappa queen i… i want to tell u something very important
Twinkle: kunj what is it??
Leela come there
Leela: twinkle take him to the room
Twinkle: but maa
Leela: twinkle we will talk afterwards plzz take him to the room his condition is very bad
Twinkle nods nd is taking to the room
Kunj: no twinkle i have to tell u this… u know
Twinkle: keep quite kunj u r weak
Twinkle keeps him on the bed
Kunj: twinkle listen to me its the truth about….
Twinkle shuts him by keeping her finger on his lips
Twinkle: keep quite… what was the need to drink this much
Kunj doesnt answer her
Twinkle: i asked u something
Kunj still doesnt answer
Twinkle: why r u not answering me damn it
Kunj gets afraid nd speaks like a baby
Kunj: u only told not to speak
Twinkle looks at his childish face nd smiles
Twinkle: ok sorry now tell me
Kunj: i dont want to talk to u… u screamed at me
Twinkle: im sorry naa… u r good boy plzz forgive me
Kunj: ok i forgive u because im a good boy but i wont talk to u
Twinkle: but why
Kunj makes her sit on the bed
Kunj: i want something from u
Twinkle: what
Kunj mimics kiss twinkle is shocked nd blushes twinkle talks to herself
Twinkle self talk: he drank but his mind is in all this only
Twinkle: kunj u were telling me something about the truth
Kunj: oh yes i was telling u the truth… twinkle do u know that everything happened that night with u nd the man was not true it was planned
It was planned echoes in twinkles ears
Twinkle: what r u telling kunj??
Kunj: im saying the truth nd uk uncle jii was in coma this all was planned by one man
Twinkle is hell shocked screen freezes

Precape: kunj wakes up nd feels headache nd finds lemonade on his table

Hope u all like…. !!!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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