Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 3


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The episode starts with twinj sharing an eyelock (sajna ve plays) avni is glad to see them like this
Avni soul talk: omg this is really a sign kunj bhaiyaa nd twinkle dii perfect for each other
She sees anita coming she gets tensed avni coughs
Twinj becomes conscious twinkle gets up kunj is still staring at her while twinkle is removing flowers from her hair twinkle notices kunj staring at her twinkle moves her hand in front of kunjs eyes he comes into his senses he gets up
Twinkle: aap theek hai? (U r fine)
Kunj: yes… umm hi myself kunj sarna naam to suna hoga?
Twinkle: no never heard of it
She bends down to pick up the flowers while kunj too joins her he picks up the flowers staring at her (sajna ve plays) twinkle sees him picking the flowers
Twinkle: u dont have to do it i will do it myself
Kunj: no its ok i can help
Twinkle: no i will do it myself thanks for the help
Avni comes there
Avni: umm kunj bhaiyya u here
Twinkle gets tensed she is having flowers in her hands she gets up the flowers fall from her hands kunj to gets up
Twinkle: k..ku..kunj im really sorry i just im really sorry im very i didnt mean to im really clumsy
She keep asking forgiveness while kunj stares at her lovingly (sajna ve plays)
Kunj: ms twinkle right??
Twinkle is surprised: how do u know my name??
Kunj: oh these people keep chanting ur name that u r soo sweet, decent nd yeah i have to agree on that u r really beautiful
Twinkle widens her eyes
Twinkle: ummm th…thank u
Kunj: no dont mention it i like praising beautiful girls
Kunj flirts with her for some minutes avni laughs silently while twinkle have no words to speak
Avni: bass kunj bhaiyya thats enough she is not that type of girl… she is not interested in boys
Twinkle excuses her self she leaves while kunj looks at her leaving
Kunj: hmmm (he is lost in twinkle)
Avni comes to him she hits kunj with her shoulder on his shoulder he comes to his senses
Avni: bhaiya something something
Kunj: what??!! Noo she is not my type
Avni: yes bhaiyya i know she is not ur type that is y u were looking at her with love
Kunj: no i was just staring at her because… umm… wo
Avni: stop lying i know there is something something
Kunj denies nd leaves
Avni self talk: i know bhaiyya there is something something nd now ms avni on the mission twinkle di nd kunj bhaiyya (she salutes herself)

Next scene
Twinkle is working in the kitchen kunj is roaming here nd there he is walking when he crosses the kitchen he comes back nd sees twinkle he glances at her while she works her hairs r tied with catcher her front hairs on her face they r flying (sajna ve plays) kunj is mesmerised by her beauty twinkle looks up kunj gets conscious nd he starts to look at the pillar knocking it nd seeing twinkle is confused
Kunj: umm the pillar is smooth isnt it?
Twinkle stares at him confused kunj feels embarassed nd leaves avni notices this
Avni goes to the room where rakesh raju paro nd deepika are sitting
Avni: guyzz i have a brilliant news
Deepika: what is it?
Avni: kunj bhaiyya is in love
Paro: WHATT!!! really?? Awesome
Avni: nd guess with whom
Raju: probably with some girl
All laugh
Avni: ha ha ha not funny… come on guyzz guess
Rakesh: umm i cant think
Avni: with twinkle dii
All r shocked nd happy the gang makes a plan to unite twinj avni tells them that this plan is between us only understand everyone agrees

Next day
Mahi is buying vegetables some men comes there nd starts to tease her she runs but they follow her one of the man holds her hand nd forces her to kiss him just then someone hits the man who is none other than uvi he beats the goon nd they run away mahi comes to uvi nd thanks him
Uvi: no its fine… be safe from next time
Mahi is about to leave she gets hit by the rock nd is about to fall uvi holds her they share an eyelock (junoon tere ishq ka qubool hai tune plays) mahi breaks the eyelock uhi becomes conscious mahi thanks him again nd leaves she is walking while uvi is on the scooter mahi thinks is he following me she gets tensed she runs nd reaches the house she is in the garden she gets relieved uvi enters the house mahi screams for kunj uvi is surprised to see mahi
Mahi: kunjjj…. come here fast kunj
Kunj comes down running
Kunj: what happened dii y r u screaming
Mahi: this man saved my life but is following me plz handle him
Uvi is stunned to hear that
Kunj gets angry he comes to uvi nd holds his collar he is about to hit uvi
Kunj stops nd leaves uvi twinkle comes running to uvi nd hugs him
Twinkle: bhaii u ok
Uvi nods: umm there is a misunderstanding i came here to meet my sister
Kuhi r embarassed
Mahi: im really very very sorry i just got tensed
Uvi: its ok im ok with it
Kunj comes to him
Kunj: im really sorry bro actually im really possesive about my elder sister
Uvi: its ok… im too possesive about my young sister thats what brothers do right?
Kunj: haha yeah
They both hug each other while twhi smiles

Next scene
The guests r coming in twinkle is still running here nd there for the food nd she is not ready
Twinkle comes to one of the waiter
Twinkle: plzz serve the juice over there ok
She comes to another person
Twinkle: did u order sweets?? No then go nd order fast go
Twinkle is running she collides with kunj she is about to fall kunj holds her they share nd eyelock (sajna ve plays) kunj is ready nd is looking really hot in blue nd white suit he picks is one eyebrow up
Kunj: ms twinkle i know im handsome but plzz control urself
Twinkle stands up
Twinkle: its nothing like that im sorry
She leaves
Kunj self talk: yaar what kind of a girl is she cant she see such a handsome guy is standing nd giving his attention but noo so much attitude
That is not an attitude she is not interested in all this bhaiyya
Kunj turns nd finds avni
Kunj: she is having attitude i can see that
Deepika comes there nd tells avni that di is not ready yet go nd make her ready anita aunty is telling nd she also told that tell twinkle dii to come down with the bride fast go avni nods she leaves
Kunj self talk: y do i have to care hmph attitude girl

Next scene
Avni drags twinkle to the room nd asks her to get ready as soon as possible
Twinkle: avnii there is lot of work to do
Avni: di i will do it nd yeah plzz get ready nicely u have to go down with the bride
Twinkle: but avnii i….
Avni: no buts nd ifs just go nd get ready
she closes the door

Next scene
Kunj is talking with the guyz over there suddenly the lights go off anita panics but a spotlight opens where the bride nd twinkle r standing twinkle is looking so damn beautiful wearing blue nd white lehenga her hairs r rolled nd having a puff kunj is mesmerised to see her he opens his mouth rakesh notices this nd comes to kunj
Rakesh: bhaiyya close ur mouth otherwise mosquito will go inside
Kunj closes his mouth
Twinkle nd the bride comes down twinkle makes her sit nd goes to stand behind her kunj comes to twinkle nd stands behind the groom
Kunj: twinkle jii
Twinkle: hmm
Kunj: u r looking very pretty
Twinkle: mr kunj dont try to flirt with me
Kunj: im serious u girls r having this problem only u people always misunderstand boys
Twinkle: because boys always do some nautanki
Kunj: whatever i dont want to fight
Twinkle: when did u tell that u r saying to fight
Kunj: and when did i tell that u told that im saying to fight
Twinkle: nd when did i…..
Before she continues the photographer comes there nd asks them to stand properly as they look good twinj stands properly they click a photo twinj looks at each other angrily they go in the opposite direction
Rakesh raju paro avni noticed this
Paro: what r we gonna do with this people
Raju: we have to do something to unite them
Rakesh: ideaaa
He tells his idea to everyone avni praises him they four does hi5 screen freezes

Precape: boys nd girls dance competition where twinkle is the head of girls nd kunj is head for boys

Hope u guyzz like it…!!!
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Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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  5. SWEETIE ur FF is so sweet it’s so nice I just loved the ideas and the way u r concepting ur FF it’s just super super superly fanstansic….continue and send the episode today pls u make us so curious to find out what’s gonna happen nxt…hats off to u Sweetie..?❤️❤️?

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